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  1. There wasn't much to do right now, so she sat in front of window just staring outside with empty eyes. Her thoughts were a mess inside her head and she couldn't really catch any of them. She closed her eyes for a moment... "How long it has been already... 3 months?" She was mumbling to her self as she pulled the sleeves of her jumper to cover her hands. "So fucking cold all the time" she said out loud and continued to stare outside. 3 months of this nightmare and she was pretty sure it was not gonna end anytime soon. She started to think about the day they arrived here, in Chernarus. She and her two friends, fresh from the train and full of ideas how to spend those 2 weeks they were supposed to stay here. She shrugged lazily and mumbled "That was 3 months ago..." She grabbed her little teddy bear from the other chair and poked it's nose "We better go outside and find some food, right Teddy?" she said playfully and stood up. Picked up her backbag and jacket, placed Teddy in the bag and went to the door looking behind her in the small room "I'll be back soon... hopefully" she whispered while opening the door and stepping out.
  2. Gina

    Conan Exiles

    Yep it looks fun, at least for now. Its early access so who knows how it ends up but hopefully they keep updating it. Will hit you with a PM Valk <3
  3. Gina

    RDM? Really?

    Solution for those both scenarios is pretty simple. First thing what you do with your hostage is, take the freaking radio away from them and move away from the area where you captured them. Then, if their friends shows up, you can still have your report on them if necessary.
  4. Gina

    RDM? Really?

    I don't know. It seems like everytime someone mentions roleplay over ruleplay you get screamed at with "safespacerp" or whatever. But that is not what it is. Roleplaying has nothing to do with being safe all the time. You can do amazing scary and hostile RP if you so wish, without being trigger happy or thinking about rules and how you can use them on your advantage the whole time. Roleplay over ruleplay does NOT equal with campfireRP
  5. Gina

    RDM? Really?

    I must admit, I didn't read all the 10 pages of this thread, but I will still ask; Where did the whole Roleplay over ruleplay attitude went? That is what makes our community stand out... or so I thought.
  6. Gina

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

  7. Gina

    Health update

    Awww Josh <3 I wish you all the best and that everything will be better soon *hugs*
  8. Gina

    Nervousnelly sneaking in.

    Ushie! Finally <3 Tervetuloa hullujenhuoneeseen
  9. Gina

    Server lost

    Yes, you broke the server. On a serious note, seems like S1 is down
  10. Gina


  11. Gina

    I think I have found my home...

    Don't you worry good Sir, you will be found sooner or later Welcome to DayZRP, please enjoy your stay <3
  12. Gina

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Well of course I am not the one who have created this group, but I still want to ask if this feedback and the fact that you or other staff doesn't fully understand what this group is about, something what will keep us from going official? Because letting people to figure out them selves what we are and what this group is about, is the whole point. We do not want to announce it all here OOCly. Besides it can be figured out from the thread also, just open your mind For those who don't get it, we are just bunch of survivors who like to stick together as so many others in this damned land.
  13. Gina

    Problems With People Griefing Camps

    I think he already made it clear that raiding is not a problem, but the fact that people are dragging items out for no reason and then pitching the tent for it to despawn (aka griefing because they can).
  14. Gina

    Killing Your Hostage

    This is very good attempt to get new players attention, but I am afraid that those who didn't really bother to read the rules or Newcomer guide, won't bother to read this either Everything what is said in this thread is already said in Rules and in Newcomers Guide
  15. Gina

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Was lovely to meet Andrei finally! <3 And I... I mean we are not kinky! much...