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  1. Find some players whose RP you enjoy and continue to play with them frequently. Remember great RP is contagious. If you surround yourself with great RPers you will soon develop some interesting RP of your own.
  2. husshh

    s2 bad rp / impersonation

    Yea my pov is a short one. We were in msta jack said he was gonna itnitiate on a guy me and lane told him not to but he did it anyway so me and lane stayed out of it. I continued to loot msta with lane and we minded our own business I didn't say a word to Matty.
  3. husshh

    Invalid Execution/Killing compliant hostage

    Hi im the guy who owns the pub Cillian Shelby. yes some of what Jackson said is true. We were at the pub his brother got rowdy and we told him to leave. after about 45 mins we all decided to leave so we went to staroye. before we left to go there tho we heard on radio that both jackson and fredrick were at dolina so they didnt follow us to staroye. we arrived there and i spotted them both. he came down and talked to two from our group. nothing but lies came from his mouth. we asked "wheres your friend?" "who are you with?" he kept saying he was alone then a shot flew by no initiation nothing just a shot then Markus tells jackson to get on the ground "he says im going to cuff you to get you inside ok its for your own safety" the man doesnt respond and then markus gets shot and is unconscious. Then Ronald shot him cuz jackson pulled out a gun and then Marty finished him off. we then go to look for fredrick. after searching for a while our friend victor raines walks into a house that fredrick was in and was killed the second he opened the door he was gunned down. it didnt look like fredrick was trying to identify his target because anyone couldve opened that door. we then head to that building and Ronald and him trade kills. End POV
  4. husshh

    Mis ID KOS

    i dont think you read my last post. im not talking about the people you killed. im talking about two others who showed up later after you killed those two. You told them to leave as they were looting then you shot around them saying leave. They went back there not 5 mins later and then you logged.
  5. husshh

    Mis ID KOS

    im talking about a different person my friend Sam and Vickie i was told you initiated on them after everything happened then they said not 5 mins later they went up there to claim revenge and you logged
  6. husshh

    Mis ID KOS

    First off not the leader of blackwood not by a long shot i was just there with one guy same rank and a recruit. Second we said we would throw nades up there (obviously a bluff) if you didnt come down. I asked if i could come up there and talk to you, you allowed me we had a few laughs and i assured you'd be safe we went down and the rest is here in the report.
  7. husshh

    Mis ID KOS

    ok my pov on this i was at gm when all this happened and two random people were initiating on two other guys completely unrelated to this but it is what started all the shooting. Jack Woods was in the tower before all this went on i went up there to talk to him about a unrelated issue. After that the men showed up and did there shooting my friend Eli Smith was shot by jack. Jack was still in the tower then he shot Darion no initiation was given nothing just straight shot for both of my friends two reports will be going up about this one from darion ovbiously and one from eli. You never gave a order or anything simply shooting him. You had no allies down there at all so there was no reason for you to shoot anyone since not a single person shot at you. I told you you would be safe but after that you decided to shoot my friends not cool. Also afterwards 4 other friends went up there and he threatened them saying leave or ill shoot you he started to shoot at them aswell telling them to leave after that they wanted to go back and kill him. But he logged out i know in the rules after you initiate on someone you must wait 15 mins before leaving that was not 15 at all.
  8. husshh

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    Yea I'm afraid I'll have to agree with the majority here. re doing a whitelist application again will be very tedious especially for people who just got white listed a month or two ago having to go through the whole process again so soon would be rather annoying. And for all the veterans who have been here along time I'm sure they will be annoyed by the whole thing too. Especially those who haven't broke any rules.
  9. MY POV: My IGN is Oliver Crowster. As we were walking towards Stary we heard gun shots. So we ran to investigate. We saw you standing alone next to a dead zombie. We approached you and i asked if you were ok. I instantly engaged in RP asking if you needed any thing and my friend Markus asked if you had spray paint. In which you replied ''no sorry i don't''. Names were then exchanged and yes everyone had a fake name. Again we didnt know who you were if you had people with you or if you had friends on a radio that woulda wanted to do us harm. We were separated from our bigger group so we still wanted be sure. Whether or not you liked the names given isn't important. People have strange names Louie1 and Louie2 for example, you never met someone with the same name as you and in order not to confuse each other you assign a number to it? Moving on after all that you didnt need anything and didnt have what my friend was looking for so we carried on. You chose to follow. Shortly after that we met up with the other members of our group. For our own reasons we went into the church. Now here's where it gets strange i know. Now before i get started Luna you state to drake here in the report ''You were not praising God, please do not insult my actual religion in saying so'' he said A GOD not god just a god have you not heard of Hinduism they have over 50 gods related to the most simple things. People can worship a false god if they want i dont see anywhere in the rules where this isnt aloud. We didnt mean to offend your OOC religion if we did i am truly sorry. Now in other strange religions or cults people will do strange things may it be singing, dancing, chanting or even fighting its apart of what there religion does and those people and our selves dont expect anyone else to understand. We literally pray where we can the middle of a field or a barn or in this case a random orthodox church. You state bad Rp and you didnt know what was going on. But when we ask you and everyone else to join us you didnt sit down. You think maybe just maybe if you sat down you may have learned a few things about our religion? Who/what the anomaly is? how does the anomaly effect us? Or why we believe in it. We offered you to join hoping you would ask those questions after you didnt we started are creepy chanting to try and scare you off. Bad RP doesnt seem to be the case here since everyone says it was pretty good or interesting RP. This whole thing is starting to seem a bit personal if we offended our OOC religion again i do really apologize this was not our intents what so ever. Not everyone is gonna enjoy everyones RP someone will always hate the way someone talks or acts. Oh almost forgot to add the partb about the OOC laughter i cant speak for that person whoever it was but when we are trying to scare some people away and it seems to be working it may be funny to that person. People are aloud to laugh IC or OOC right? Anyway again we didnt mean to offend you in anyway shape or form and if you were im deeply sorry and would like to extend my apologies to you. And if we meet again in game perhaps we can have a different experience one that you may enjoy. Just know everyone you meet in game isnt gonna be your cliche Soldiers,traders,medics,and hunters There are crazy people out there in this world and in the virtual world and people are aloud to be crazy Thank you
  10. Um the only guy who Markus lane (one of the guys in the tower) killed was dima aka Luca who in fact was an aggressor so this hasn't concluded anything yet.
  11. Im just introducing myself to this site hoping to play with alot of you real soon and get into some crazy adventures Thanks