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  1. I hate to split the hair here but the difference between Matt Stone and Clark Kent is that one is a real life, physical person while the other is a fictional creation of human imagination. The fact is it is very possible for his charracter to be named Clark Kent. In fact I have met 2 people in my life time with exact name. Did I make a joke to them about being superman? Yes. Did they find it funny? no. The fact is regardless of what name you choose as long as you make it clear you are RPing a character not the person then it should be fine. Matt Stone is probably a fairly common name, as long as he isn't going around using the Cartman voice then its fine. I honestly didn't even make that connection when I first saw the name Matt Stone until someone pointed it out. I also would like to point out that Clark Kent was not famous, Superman was.
  2. if this is true the guy who named his character Marcus Fenix (a character well known to be from the Gears of War franchise) would have to change his character name. Honestly if he wants to name his character Clark Kent, he should be able to, however he may not RP as Clark Kent from Metropolis, aka Superman.
  3. I mean as soon as people don't need to worry about survival, they start doing everything they can to create conflicts, in other words the RP becomes contrived high school drama. And what's the point of RPing in a survival game, if you get rid of the survival aspect of it? I do have to agree with that. I used to play Takistan Life for a while with some friends, a few years back. All we ever did, since we didnt have to worry about survival, was go around, try to earn enough money to buy guns and then go rob the bank so we would be allowed to start a firefight with the cops without getting into trouble. Im not saying that everybody is necessarily behaving the same way here. Just saying that the lack of survival will probably drive alot of people close to "aight, im bored. lets go get some action" sorta stuff. If you gotta worry about food and zombies every step you take, youre more concerned about your survival and about the chances of teamwork(among other things) you might miss if you rob somebody. Take that survival aspect away and it becomes a "look for big group, start shit with them" for alot of people. i agree
  4. Promithes

    S2 and S4

  5. My character has 2 major inspirations The first is the Arma 2 Lore where it states that in Chernarus there is rumored to be a sasquatch or sasquatches that roam the northern forest. the second is Swamp Thing. So my character's whole reason for being in Chernarus is he was contracted to track and hunt the Chernarus Sasquatch which he did not believe to be real (or any sasquatch for that matter) before he was shown proof, a live sasquatch right in front of his eyes. The man who showed him the creature was a third party representative of his client and contracted him to hunt and track a sasquatch in Chernarus. Bill wasn't interested in the money, he had no real use for it, he was interested in the challenge of hunting a beast that he believed to be a myth. When he did finally encounter the Chernarus sasquatch he had spent a full 2 months alone in the bush, the outbreak was already ravaging the countryside and he was completely oblivious. When he finally did encounter the sasquatch it spoke two words to him, "Run Away". This is where the Swamp Thing inspiration comes from,he was changed by that experience and it made him reconsider hunting for sport. He had been taught the value of life by his father but he had forgotten it as he got older. Raised to be a druid he had been told to respect nature but in his quest to be the best hunter he had forgotten that. As he was wrestling with that conflict he decided that he needed to return to resupply only to find that as he hunted in the bush, civilization burned around him and all that was left were ashes ad the infected. He has come to see the apocalypse as a way to start a new, to live a life in harmony with nature rather than in conflict with it. PS sorry if this Wall O' Text hits you in face, I promise I'm not initiating.
  6. Promithes

    [S3] The Refuge [Currently CLOSED]

    Got there on S3, i know its like 6am in the UK but no one was there, I'm going to try S2, hopefully there will be people. (don't worry I'm not RPing a Wizard, im not just going to appear out of thin air)
  7. I also like the rotation idea. I get the best connection on S2, but night time all the time is not my thing. I like a little sunshine on my skin. due to server crashes the day/night cycle gets screwed up and so the time must be set to night
  8. In the end i think I would re-apply, Rolle is trying to find a way to meet the demand of the whitelist queue while not letting the people who dont make the cut in. It will also makes sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of the rules annd how they are to be applied.
  9. I think they would need to have tanning first as a pelt by itself is not the ideal material, it may attract unwanted attention from local fauna. from what i see in the latest one year we will be getting a lot more animals and an update to their AI as well as predators and eventually animal companions (i'm guessing along the lines of stray dogs and cats)
  10. And this was what I was trying to get at, that robberies are all fine and dandy but if you are robbing for a slightly better gun or a vest with more slots than yours than you are metagaming. Personally my character is a hunter/farmer who has never shot an automatic weapon in his life, as he is Canadian and automatic rifles arebanned from being sold to civilians. Being a hunter and guide in the Boreal region of the Canadian Shield he is most familiar with spring loaded and bolt action riffles, and shotguns. He has a little experience with pistols from before the outbreak but most of it has come from surviving in the apocalypse. When people ask to trade for "AKM ammo" IG it breaks immersion, especially with the super solider mentality. If someone is this super awesome super solider with military training they would refer to the ammo by caliber not by what gun it is used for.
  11. how do I change my forum signature? haven't been able to find it in User CP
  12. And tbh it would be a lot more realistic to find tarps at construction sites, factories and farms. When we do get persistence it will make setting up a farm much easier as it will become necessary for some players to do so in order to survive. I hope the DayZ devs see this video and decide just to implement it as mods can be bog a server down and create unforeseen issues where as if it is implemented by the developers it gets written into the game's code and it is likely to create a crash or bug. (However I am not saying that it wont bug/glitch)