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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to answer this. The rules state that all events leading up to my characters death would be forgotten. This intrinsically removes any ability my character would have to take revenge on his killer or group of killers. If we didn't like each other before, we'd still not like each other, but I'd have no knowledge of any events leading to my death, so I'd have no RP reason to kill him or her or them until a new situation presents itself, and said situation cannot be entered with any bias from previous information. This includes information about hostile interactions before or leading up to my character's death. Furthermore, none if this information can be passed along to other parties after my characters death. I feel the spirit of this rule is to keep cohesive RP functioning be essentially nullifying the RP problems death and rebirth would cause within the game. As far as my character is concerned he hasn't ever died. So, the short answer, is no, I cannot take revenge on my killer or killers. Not for causing my death, and not for anything they did leading up to it. All those memories ended when I became a corpse. Again, thanks for the opportunity, I do hope this elaboration is what you are looking for.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://i.imgur.com/42NJGCf.jpg Why the verdict is not fair: Hello, I was denied for white-list for a third time, and I'm unsure what to do... On my second attempt I was told the reasons it was denied, and then I appended information to correct those reasons, and my then was denied for another independent reason. My last denial was for "You have failed to or incorrectly explained the NLR rule about taking revenge on your killers. ", whereas in my first and second applications my explanation didn't seem to be a problem? If I was given a full accurate list of what I'd gotten wrong the first go I'd have made my best attempt to correct them. Obviously, I've done something wrong in my explaining things, so I'm not trying to blame anyone else, but boy I'd sure like another try. A good friend of mine plays, and we've played different role playing games (digital and otherwise) for 20 years together. He has been super excited to see me get in, and I guess I'm not sure I i know what i'm doing wrong at this point. I feel as if I know the rules, and I'd like to post below another revised version of my NLR interpretation. I had my friend (goochborg steamname) look it over and he's not sure why it got denied either, as my NLR explanation seemed to suffice to him. (and compared to his seemed legit). I'm not a troll, and I'm absolutely looking to play under the rules. Both goochborg and myself have donated and we both wish to be constructive members of the community. But right now goochborg (Ray Jackson in game) is a lonely penguin It is my hope that you will please work with me on this, and I've posted my interpretation of NLR below for your consideration again. I've looked over that specific rule again and again and I'm unsure how to explain it better but I hope someone can enlighten me. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: New Life Rule: When you die you lose all memories surrounding the event. You are not allowed to return to your body after you are killed. You are not allowed to disturb your body or any those of the attackers in the area. You must not return to the area after at least 90 mins have passed and must remain 1km away from the area. Server restarts do not affect this timer. Since you lose all memory of the event that lead to your death you are not allowed to take revenge on those who killed you. You can not give your friends details on what happened. As your character does not recall the events. You do remember your group status and friends and enemies before the event leading to your death occurred. I can also not take revenge for hostile actions committed against me if I died for some other independent reason. Example: A group of bandits captures me and demands I tell them information about my group. I refuse to tell and I am killed. I am not allowed to tell my friends what happened. I must stay at least 1KM away from the area it happened in for a min of 90 mins. I cannot go take revenge for the actions that lead to my death. This includes not only the killers but their group members as well. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Game with you guys and be a part of the community. Have fun with my gaming partner. What could you have done better?: I feel like I made an honest effort, but in retrospect I should have added more detail to my application about NLR.