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  1. I understood the question it wasn't about that, it was about the logic behind the question. Because the correct answer, was breaking the rules but another answer covered the specifics of the question better and I was just trying to understand the logic behind it.
  2. How is this wrong? //Don't post white lits questions on the forums
  3. Thanks guys, yeah he died of bleed out from the foot but it was within 10 seconds of the shot so I didn't have time to get him to bandage. The burlap bug has been noted.
  4. So I just wanted your guises opinion on how this played out. At 2300 (UTC - 8:00) I killed a player in the church of Elektrozavodsk. I held him up at gunpoint and he ran half way to the door then surrendered (he had a gun and later it turned out to be loaded). I told him to "put on the mask"(a burlap sack) (I continued to move it in front of him) witch he refused to do. He demanded to be informed of what my plans were and he said "calm down I'm not resisting" I assume this was to remind me of the rules. I told him two or three more times to "put the mask on" and each time he would talk back and refuse. I counted down out loud asking him again to put the mask on at the 5, 3, and 2 marks again he said no. He broke rule "1. Role Playing" by "Act[ing] in a way that indicates no value for your characters survival". So I shot him in the foot, witch seemed to be the best option at that point; it disables him, shows him I mean business, shows him his character is in danger if he doesn't comply, allows me to keep my gun out so he cannot pull his out, and is easily fixable and in most cases non-life-threatening. I believe noncompliance to that extent is a " good in character reason to execute their victim(s)" not that that is what I was going for. I simply wanted to injure him. "The victim(s) may only be executed by the bandits if they do not comply with demands or if they pose a direct threat to them". He did not comply with my demands even after I told him almost 8 times to put the burlap sack on his head and counted down to the point where I shot his foot and he bled out. I think I was in the right but do you?
  5. One of the guys was complaining that his thirst and hunger were in the critical every time he logged in. Then I had to relog to get rid of the missing arm thing and when I came back I was starving and dehydrated as well. A little while after one of them played doctor and said it could be cholera and tried to treat him for it. Right after that I pulled out my gun and started to get very upset about the fact that they might of gave me cholera (I don't know what the symptoms for that are) I started asking why they wouldn't warn me that they had cholera and I got pissed because I was going to die (I ate all my food; rice, 5-7 peppers, pumpkin and was still starving) after starting my little fit over the fact I was dyeing one of them said something along the lines of "let's just kill this guy" so I shot the guy who said he wanted to kill me in the foot and I ran for it, when I reached the edge of the town I hid in a bush and a few seconds later they all ran my way weapons drawn and when they got to close I fired 2 shots at them and ran away, they continued to follow and shoot at me breaking my legs so I rolled next to a house and one of the guys lined up a shot at me from 20 meters while the other one gave directions to flank me. I fired at them twice more clicked to put my gun away (I was bleeding out and knew I lost) as I rolled closer to the house and while I was putting the gun away it said I died. I was hoping it would turn more into them convincing me that I was going to live and them not just going right to murder.
  6. Yeah the water makes it look good but doesn't this stand out more: That looks great! Indeed the white is nice but, what do you think of this: Oh man that actually looks pretty darn good instead of the square... Would you be okay if i stole that? I'm not realy that good at photoshop and a streamviewer of mine made that picture for me, so the more i can use it the better! Use it if you want its yours! yeah I love the look of circles!
  7. Yeah the water makes it look good but doesn't this stand out more: That looks great! Indeed the white is nice but, what do you think of this:
  8. Hey guys, I've seen some great profile picks on the forums, but there is nothing, besides CoD kiddies, that I hate more than a square plain profile pick with a wrong background color. lets take this pick here for example: Now it looks good but stands out as a square under your name because of all the white. Lets try and make it feel more unique. I'll use this website to edit it (http://apps.pixlr.com/editor/) but you can use any program that allows for transparency. Make a new image with the same dimensions as the last one and make sure its transparent. Then copy it over and remove the background color with a wand tool. Now since black doesn't show up on dark grey very well lets change it to something lighter. then save it as a .PNG So now your pic looks different than the rest of the square one and even looks made for the site! If you don't like having your character out of his background try cutting it into a circle, diamond or even just round the edges! Here are a few cool one I've seen around:
  9. Well, I normally don't play mentally ill but if I decide to ill be sure to remember this.
  10. Did you know, you get sick of reading "Did you know" after about 4 "Did you know"s. Otherwise this was really cool