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  1. Daniel was born in New York and raised in the countryside moving around a lot as a child. He quickly found a passion for hunting and fishing, really anything to do outdoors. In school, other places interested him greatly and he found languages to be one of his strengths. Growing older he traveled around the United States and wanted to see more of the world. He found work as a wilderness guide and Hunting expedition leader all over the U.S. This eventually led him to explore the world in search of big game and wild places to explore. One of the places happened to be Chernarus, during this trip he became trapped during the outbreak and found refuge using his wilderness training to survive. He continues to use them now as he struggles to survive to new Chernarus.
  2. Artyom was born in Moscow, Russia in the winter of 1992. Early on he showed signs of leadership and strength. The military life seemed a natural role as he joined at the age of 18. He traveled all over Russia and the world. He quickly made a name for himself and rose higher up. He had heard of Chernaurs as a kid but had never been himself until after his first tour with the Russian military. He decided to take a vacation to Chernarus in early 2017. This lead to disaster as the outbreak started soon after stranding him in the country. With no ideas, he must rely on his training if he has any chance of survival.
  3. Hello everyone I really want to start playing DayZRP it looks like a lot of fun.
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