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  1. Ask an administrator to close it, or just not come back? So long though
  2. I wiped my brow as I checked my zeroing: 800 meters. I was lying on the hill north of the Eastern Airfield overlooking the paved runway with my trusty hunting rifle, watching a group of six men loot the hangars. These were the monsters who had brutally murdered my long-time partner only hours ago. Anger coursed through my veins as the one who had pulled the trigger came into my view. I set the center of my scope on my chest, and held my breath. I wrapped my finger around the and trigger, but hesitated for a brief moment. Could I really do it? Could I really kill a man? A tear crept down my cheek as I thought about my dead friend. I pulled the trigger. In the half a second it took to end to a man's life, I caught the sight of an enormous explosion rising into the air above Klen Mountain. Distracted, my bullet missed it's target by a millimeter, only grazing the man's face. He fell backwards unconscious, but was still very much alive. What the hell had just happened? I has heard rumors of a survivor camp that had been established at the peak of Klen but had never had the chance to venture all the way up the mountain. A low rumbling grew louder as I saw three specks in the distance. Looking through my scope I discovered them to be American A10 bombers. They were getting closer! I threw my rifle aside and whipped out my revolver, aiming, firing, and hitting one of the A10 pilots as they zoomed by overhead and out of my sight. Perhaps I had killed him, perhaps not. But the six men at the hangars were running my way, and it was now my time to leave. //tl;dr: took down a10 with revolver //Rolle: how about... no?
  3. The enfield with a faster rate of fire would need to have it's damage nerfed a bit Other than that, all of those would be great. Maybe a few more custom bolt action rifles kar98k?
  4. There'll always be another chance. Take the time until the next Whitelist opening to work on your app some more
  5. The answer to your question lies deep within the rules. Only the purest of the pure can find it.
  6. //Logged in for first time, met up with two cool guys in Elektro, spent 2-3 hours scavenging, I find soldier clothing, my one comrade logs off, I get robbed by my other friend and his pal who had been hiding up in the woods for my soldier clothing Haven't been robbed since then.
  7. Whos says that he is? You think I was directing my post at him? I'm merely saying that if I were in Rolle's shoes and there were a strict set of "Guidelines" or prerequisites one must meet in order to become a CM, I would chose those who didn't change the way they act in order to become one.
  8. The way I see it is that you shouldn't try to change how you act to fit the "community helper image."
  9. Jamie, please please please add more bolt action rifles
  10. I usually find Alice packs right after restarts in supermarkets
  11. That would actually be really cool. Maybe even an entire new city with destroyed buildings? As if a nuke hit it
  12. I hope it does, as I was going to buy the civ pilot, and the only difference between that and the guerrilla pilot is a balaclava.
  13. The correct way to handle this is when they come up behind you, turn around and tell them not to get so close to you with your back turned, if they do it again, move again and give them a final warning. If they so it a third time, put them down. As much as want to avoid killing in TP, we don't have much tolerance for this sort of stupidity. Perhaps we could have a trial for offenders, and then they can be sentenced to a firing squad which would take place right outside of the TP
  14. Am I allowed to shoot if someone's rummaging through my backpack without consent?