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  1. I am so sad this is happening already ? I'm gonna miss you.
  2. So happy to be here :D!
  3. We've got big things planned, and this group is something this server needs. I'm having a lot of fun, and @Couch112 is a top notch leader. Loremasters, please communicate with us so we know what needs to be done in order for us to get approved. I think Couch pretty much summed up everything that has been done in the past, and what is being done now to make this an outstanding group.
  4. Great idea man! Making threats on a different character makes no sense because you don't receive repercussions. However, it's definitely hard to tell exactly when someone was on what character when they posted the radio chatter. Unless they change things up to tell when someone recently changed their character, there will be no way to actually enforce the rule. Otherwise it would just all be about assumptions. Not to mention we take into account several other factors such as playing with friends or having a group character where that character is the only thing that connects you to each other. And then playing that character for a couple days before going back. Especially in my case... Made a few threatening radio chatters that my character would respond to while that character was my active, then switched to another one a few hours later so I could actually play with my friends. Unfortunately I have to wait two days but it makes sense considering how my character would be hiding in the forest for 2 days.
  5. Coreena


    I await your response Louie. Contact via my private radio frequency. 99.9
  6. Ah... Mr.Black good to hear from you again. I currently have your payment from the time we've recently spent together. I was unfortunately shot repeatedly by some dumb cunt and I was unable to do anything for a while in order to attend to my wounds. I see a little birdie thought she could attempt to pull a fast one on me. As per usual, she has failed and will continue to do so. I have extra payment for you as well that is especially worth your while. In exchange for the extra payment, I would like to pay off your current mission. Both payments, as well as the very important item is currently buried six feet under, if anything happens to me... All will be lost.
  7. *She would finish dumping cleaning alcohol on her wounds, screaming in pain before hearing the man speak on the radio.* *She would grit her teeth as she speaks.* I am willing to hear your offer... I never deny someone an opportunity to be heard. Give me your private radio frequency before we speak of anything.
  8. *She would speak with a southern accent.* Not sure if you heard the radio broadcast or not but Calandra openly admitted on all frequencies that she was a cannibal and wears a clown mask. Just a hunch... Also, did you find a bright green armband among the other things? Her people took an armband of that color from one of her own barrels that had some suspicious "meat" in it, in an attempt to get me killed.
  9. Coreena


    I can meet with you Louie, but it'll be on my terms considering how Austin has been lying to me. Even though I've done nothing but give you guys everything you've ever asked of me. I find it concerning that you would rather meet in person than have a conversation with me over the radio. Calandra, those that matter, know the truth. Your lies, and the lie you told Lupe about those barrels being mine that started this whole mess is unforgivable. I would threaten you, but considering how malnourished you are, the first time you and Boris actually have sex, he'll break you in two. You are no threat to me.
  10. Coreena


    *She would clench her side, where her wounds lay, before speaking.* *She would speak with a southern american accent, sounding clearly in a lot of pain.* My name is Destiny Galloway, and I am not a cannibal. So... hop off my dick. For one, I never actually hurt Lupe. I only forcefully questioned her about why she was trying to murder me. Oh and ... *She would address Lupe* I'm burning the bible you filthy, lying cunt. Calandra, don't forget to mention the part where Lupe is the one who actually gets the human meat for you. Considering how you're finally putting the truth out there. Anyone wonder why she's so thin and crispy? It's cause the meat, is all she eats! Also, to Robbie... Why don't you go back to sniffing sharpies' you pathetic twelve year old. I really hope your people finally learn to shoot, for your sake. *She groan in pain before releasing the PTT.*
  11. Thanks @G19RP, @CaliforniaRP, and @UndeadRP for the RP today! Was definitely the highlight of my day haha.
  12. I'm a big fan, can I get an autograph and a picture with you?

    1. Leo Wong

      Leo Wong

      @CoreenaYou and Ricky Steel are literally my favorite people to rp with :3

    2. Leo Wong

      Leo Wong

      @CoreenaHere ya go, I expect one back ?


  13. *Her voice is yet again distorted to the point where you cannot recognize it* Don't know who that guy is but he doesn't sound like he's actually Chernarussian.... Anyways... FREE STUFF AT GREEN MOUNTAIN LOCATED INSIDE THE COMPOUND, THROUGH THE GATE!!!! ONLY TWO MORE DAYS LEFT! Also, F.O.B. stands for fuck outta-here boy. Learn how to use proper acronyms. Pffffft.
  14. *Kara would distort her voice quite a bit and you could hear her sounding moderately Russian to the point where she cannot be recognized* Hello South Zagoria! I've decided to give back to all of you by offering up some of my personal belongings located in a few tents in the Green Mountain compound. You are free to take whatever you need! I will be bringing vehicles as well which you can have providing you have a spark plug and a battery. They should be located either in Zelenogorsk or the Green Mountain compound. Also, do not take any of the tents.
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