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  1. I miss the good ol' days where The Family, The Clowns, and Blackwood were around. Back then, roleplay was probably as good as it gets. I just feel bad all the newbies around didn't get a chance to see any of that. 

    1. FalkRP


      My first day on the server playing with @Infamous and got held up by cold water and got to meet the lovely cannibal @Lyca and coldwater. I would like to see more of these groups around but maybe soon 

    2. Mexi


      Not a sniff in that happening, OOC mindsets and hatred control the majority of RP now. Just get a good group of people and enjoy what you can.

    3. Chibi



      Couldn't agree more. The last two times I've tried to get in and roleplay it has been just...I don't even have words to describe it but I have video to prove it. From being told they can't talk to me because they are "afraid of people", being ignored, randomly shot at, and hearing the only roleplay going on being "Hey do you need gear?" It has really made me miss the old days. 

    4. Coreena


      It's a shame, but all we see is basic mercenary and survival groups because everyone gets memed on and criticized based on their character pages or their group's lore. I feel like, the community itself is preventing anything actually interesting from happening because of people thinking others are "cringey". Being cringey is what made things interesting. 

      Praising the maker was cringey as all hell, but hello, it was fucking great RP. 

    5. Squillium


      Take me back to New Moon ?


      Also, Roleplay is inherently cringey. I’d rather have a decent group that tries to be edgy and try new things then god-tier RPers that don’t actually do anything of consequence.

    6. Aisling


      All of the people here on this post I know are good rpers, and Id love to RP with all of you. I hope to see you guys in game.

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