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  1. I'm a big fan, can I get an autograph and a picture with you?

    1. Leo Wong

      Leo Wong

      @CoreenaYou and Ricky Steel are literally my favorite people to rp with :3

    2. Leo Wong

      Leo Wong

      @CoreenaHere ya go, I expect one back ?


  2. I think the good samaritan rule should be a thing again. Imagine bandit groups getting shot at by a town of civilians. Or someone who isn't in your dynamic, coming to your rescue. 

    1. Zero


      It seems like a good idea but in all honesty anytime that a rule is put in place that puts bandits at a disadvantage they just bitch about it until it gets removed and that's coming from someone who plays a bandit/hostile character 99% of the time. Same thing happened with settlement rules, good things came from the rules but it was removed after people complained too much about them.

    2. UncleB


      I could honestly agree with this, if you witness something, you should have full right to aid without having to walk up and go, "hey, don't do that" then initiate, makes people, and bandits think twice about who might be around, and committing their actions. 


    3. Wolffe


      Admins figured it out that it was way too difficult to make sure that people killed others for rightful reasons. I personally would love the rule to be back, but it definitely needs some changes :(

    4. Seiceps


      Nah then the Good Samaritans bitch for gettign rekt son

    5. Zero


      But then again if the rule was in place people would probably use it just to get kills or what if they start shooting at someone who is justified in initiating on a person? Like if they stole something from them and they are trying to get it back or if it's like a revenge type situation.

    6. Coreena


      Yeah but like we didn't have issues like that regarding the whole faction thing where if someone was giving you issues you could just gat them if they were in your territory. 

      I feel like if necessary changes to the rule were put in place, we could see a better outcome. 

    7. Wolffe


      Back in 2014, 2013 and 2012, people weren't as idiotic as we see these days. That's the main problem. On those days everyone was simply chill, and there weren't this many PvPers, Memers, etc... Everyone was mixed up, so the toxic behavior we see today wasn't a thing

      If we just put the rule back in, we gonna have a bunch of trouble coming from these new types of players

    8. Coreena


      I don't think they are new players. 

    9. UncleB


      this stuff is always difficult to regulate in games, seeing as people tend to not react with normal means of rule of judgment, in the terms of say some one stealing something and you see someone chasing them, in real life you wont just gun em down, you'll probably trip them or try and halt them, in games people are too gun at the ready, as zero said.
      But lets say you see some people escorting someone, and they're tied up, in a real life situation, you and your buddy might make an ambush to save a poor fellow.
      I still think it would be nice to see the whole good Samaritan thing, its is really hard to regulate though, and honestly its all player dependent on good judgment and honest thinking. 


    10. APositiveElmo


      I concur

    11. Infamous


      As a filthy bandit, I think they should bring it back. I would also like them to change the execution rule though. 

    12. Coreena
    13. ShanePVP


      ez more people to kill

  3. I miss the good ol' days where The Family, The Clowns, and Blackwood were around. Back then, roleplay was probably as good as it gets. I just feel bad all the newbies around didn't get a chance to see any of that. 

    1. FalkRP


      My first day on the server playing with @Infamous and got held up by cold water and got to meet the lovely cannibal @Lyca and coldwater. I would like to see more of these groups around but maybe soon 

    2. Mexi


      Not a sniff in that happening, OOC mindsets and hatred control the majority of RP now. Just get a good group of people and enjoy what you can.

    3. Chibi



      Couldn't agree more. The last two times I've tried to get in and roleplay it has been just...I don't even have words to describe it but I have video to prove it. From being told they can't talk to me because they are "afraid of people", being ignored, randomly shot at, and hearing the only roleplay going on being "Hey do you need gear?" It has really made me miss the old days. 

    4. Coreena


      It's a shame, but all we see is basic mercenary and survival groups because everyone gets memed on and criticized based on their character pages or their group's lore. I feel like, the community itself is preventing anything actually interesting from happening because of people thinking others are "cringey". Being cringey is what made things interesting. 

      Praising the maker was cringey as all hell, but hello, it was fucking great RP. 

    5. Squillium


      Take me back to New Moon ?


      Also, Roleplay is inherently cringey. I’d rather have a decent group that tries to be edgy and try new things then god-tier RPers that don’t actually do anything of consequence.

    6. Aisling


      All of the people here on this post I know are good rpers, and Id love to RP with all of you. I hope to see you guys in game.

  4. When you become a campfire RPer after months of hostile RP...


    Image result for im a monster gif

  5. 9MhurtA.png


    1. APositiveElmo



      I'm alive tho

    2. Coreena


      Never forget. o7

    3. APositiveElmo


      They'll get me one day, but not today :x

  6. Do you fuck with the war?

    1. Brady


      No I dont fuck with the war

    2. Harvey


      Don't know how to react to the forces, I should've just thanked you of course

    3. Levy


      I don't fuck with this community.

    4. Brady


      Get the fuck out then

  7. "If a girl gives a blow job, and she swallows... Does that make her a cannibal?" 

    1. UndeadRP



    2. Oliv


      nah, sperm aren't children, just potential children

    3. Bauglir2011


      Yeah, and by eating so much sperm, you commit a genocide! Monster!

  8. Whoever made this video is a monster!


    1. Brady



    2. Saradomin


      omg no

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