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  1. Alex Vaughn POV: I logged in around Serverograd, there I met @Roach on his Eddy character. I explained how I needed an escort to the Bounty Hunter's compound in Novaya, and he was happy to oblige. About 3/4 of the way there, I spotted a man running almost parallel to Eddy and I. I look directly at him, and he almost immediately ducks for cover. My character then freaks out and starts chasing after him, for which Eddy follows. I notice that he has a a ghillied m4, a hunting bag, and what I thought was a boonie hat. Turns out, while I was chasing him, he changed outfits. So when I gave a description of @Cody Husky, it was a mix between the outfit you see him wearing in the video, and another outfit which you can see them mentioning when they are looking through his backpack. I arrive and spot some bounty hunters talking to Cody, where he gives the name Dustin. Cody is pretty care free during the experience, making me and other bounty hunters assume that he had friends. Eventually the BH's threaten Cody by saying, "You need to get out of here or else something bad will happen." After some arguing, Cody left, only turn return to the actual school in Novaya with a different set of clothing with the same voice. I recognize his outfit immediately as he shows up and mention that he was the one following me. I get a bit confused and thought that I might have been accidentally metagaming, so I tried to reverse what I had said, thinking I had fucked up. I realized that he was wearing the outfit previously whist following me, so I went with it again. The Bounty Hunters start asking him a few questions about his associations, group, and friends. They eventually start telling Cody that he has to leave immediately and be escorted from the area. There is silence from the initiating parties for a solid few seconds before I heard a "3,2,1, GO." The only thing that was heard regarding the possibility of an initiation was the countdown. He complies and gives implications that he may be with the Muslim Extremist group. I continuously insisted that he be released considering how the BH's were so insistent upon moving as soon as possible due to people knowing their location. I knew that the longer he stayed here, the higher the possibility that a gun fight might happen. My request for his release was ignored, so I did the best I could to make sure no harm came to him, considering how at that point, all he did to us was follow me to their location. He eventually admitted to having killed two Bounty Hunters and taking the whole town of Serverograd hostage. My character finally starts to be less on edge about them torturing him. After the server crash, Cody is eventually released. He immediately finds a radio on the ground. After seeing he did so, the BH's insisted that we take up positions. Me and a few others to refuge in the gym... Almost everyone besides me began taking up arms for the bounty hunters and pointing their weapons at the door, as well as instructing everyone to join the frequency that the BH's are on. They decided that they wanted to get me out of there as well as anyone who didn't want to be a part of the firefight. We all got on the first floor of the school near the backdoor. We were all instructed to put away our weapons when we are about to run so that we will, "run faster." Some did and some didn't. Eventually Cody runs up to the door behind us and guns almost everyone down. I survived and was barely able to escape out the back door.
  2. Alex Vaughn

    Alex, the daughter of Jack Vaughn and Jessie Vaughn, grew up as a spoiled brat. Her parents did the best they could, but it was to no avail. As time progressed, Alex seemed to show signs of improvement regarding her social skills. Thankfully, this allowed Alex to finally show her true potential. She had big dreams of becoming a police officer, even planned on majoring in criminal justice. Not only until she started taking classes in that particular major did she realize that she wasn't really helping out people as much as what she expected. After taking a break from school for a while, Alex came to the conclusion that her best option was to become a doctor if she truly wanted to help people. Doctors are the real heroes, this she believed strongly. She excelled in medical school. Most certainly not at the top of her class, but she definitely got by pretty well. After finishing school and finally getting her medical degree, Alex was finally able to put all of her hard work into action. After a couple years of practicing medicine, she needed a well deserved break. That's how she ended up in Chernarus... You know the rest.
  3. POV: My character knew Dalton Lowe since before the apocalypse and they had kept in contact for a long time, according to our lore. Yesterday, Dalton contacted Andy on the radio explaining to her the circumstance that happened regarding the battle plan made in the dirt. Where the people of Serverograd wrongly took Dalton's friend hostage over such ordeal and then proceeded to torture him. Dalton explained that the Queen owned the town and she was the staple of all of the people who inhabited it. Andy asked Shelby for more information regarding the Queen. She explained that all she does is run around with a really short dress with no pants, constantly gets captured and tortured, risks the lives of her people several times daily at her own expense, and is all around unfit to lead all of these people. My character came to the conclusion that if she has been captured as much as she has and has gotten as many people killed as she has, and still hasn't been removed from her position... then she had to die. Not to mention, the acts of her people were unforgivable on her good friend Dalton. Me and my dynamic decided to initiate on the Queen and some other people who participated in the acts against Dalton and his friend. We carefully waited for the DDOS lag to stop, by that point, so many people had entered the town that we had no choice but to initiate on everyone, not knowing who was with who. We couldn't let the opportunity go to waste to be able to capture her and the other perpetrators. The initiation was does via VOIP and I believe text as well (not done at all by me), no one died, and everyone complied. Boston directed them towards the circle of benches. I only initiated on a couple people in the whole situation, and those were known friends of Quinn, and a random naked dude. Eventually Taryn's character shows up, and I decided not to initiate on her even though she was the main instigator during the whole sand castle ordeal. She seemed to comfortable with the situation, so I figured she had friends in the area. I allowed her to watch the ordeal, in an attempt to set an example. She crashed a few times, and appeared to be lagging so I didn't think anything of it when she wasn't standing in the position I left her in. I was very particular to stand next to her to make sure she didn't relay any information to anyone. Apparently, among the crashes, she had escaped and notified the Bounty Hunters of the situation, hence why one of our boys got initiated on, giving Taryn KOS rights to shoot me in the back. After Taryn's character had showed up, Shelby was instructed to take the Queen out of the area and "deal" with her for a little while. I made the decision that I should join Shelby because my character wanted to rough her up a bit. Boston explained to me oocly how he didn't know what to do next. I came up with a great idea to try and get the queen to make a decision to sacrifice herself for her people and actually do something someone who is in position should do. I came up with what I thought was a great RP idea to make sure that everyone stays engaged in the roleplay. I lied and said that we planned to execute all of the people, but if she were to sacrifice herself, no one would be harmed. She didn't believe we were telling the truth at first, so I made it as convincing as I possibly could. She eventually said that she wanted to say her goodbyes first... So we took her down and that's where you see MatthewFC's video. I brought her in front of everyone and put on a show, making it sound like I was demanding her to kill herself or else everyone will die. You can see in the chat logs, around here, I had requested to permadeath Quinn, unfortunately you do not see it in the logs oddly enough, but if you watch matthewfc's video you will see it. (The logs are incorrect.) [SEE EDIT] She did say that she will if everyone is protected, and everyone was going to be protected. Technically, she did agree to permadeath. Correct me if I'm wrong. However, when Quinn didn't give a definitive yes, I decided to do the right thing and not actually have her kill herself, so that everyone was happy. I stuck with the RP so that it wasn't choppy as how usual permadeath denial situations are when you have a plan... My plan was to wait until she either a) had the knife to her throat, or b) prepared to stab herself. I mostly continued with this as a fear tactic and to keep everyone engaged, hoping I offered some good roleplay. Obviously she didn't know this, but at the time, I didn't think this was necessary. So I gave a half-hearted reply by saying she didn't have to accept, meaning, she didn't have to kill herself/permadeath. That was a fail at communication on my part. The plan was never to kill anyone besides Quinn and even that changed over time. The decision to say that everyone was going to be executed and attempt to get the Queen to allow us to permadeath her was entirely my decision. I acted alone in that. In fact, one of my guys even told me not to, so I lied to him ICly. Clearly the rule that I am being accused of breaking wasn't clarified enough otherwise Rolle wouldn't have edited the rule explanations right after the report was made. EDIT: Sorry I'm dumb, I guess I never asked for permission to permadeath, I just thought I did :(. I was getting pretty stressed at the time regarding the ooc accusations of black mail and rulebreak so my memory is slightly cloudy. I asked some of my dynamic if I had asked and they said yes, so I thought for sure that the logs must have been off due to the ddoss and constant crashing. I guess I thought about asking but I forgot to actually post it because LadyInblue was already mentioning permadeath. Hence why I thought I had posted it where I said that I thought I posted it.
  4. Minor rule changes - 2017-10-12

    Even if the hostage takers were only doing it as a fear tactic because rights were denied and to keep the roleplay going? Realistically, you can always stop them from actually committing harm to themselves at the very last second.
  5. Andy Archer

    Andy grew up in South Carolina with her family. She was a typical farm girl, but the only thing different is the fact that her family treated her like shit. She had constant abuse her whole life. Eventually she had enough, and ran away when she was 17, eventually ending up in Texas. There she met Shelby Jackson. They clicked instantly, and had many... and I mean many... things in common. They became the best of friends. Shelby, Andy, and a few others went on a camping trip to Chernarus. This was probably the biggest mistake of their lives... The two stuck together closely, staying away from people, until they met a familiar face who had some very interesting friends.
  6. Nikita Savin

    Living an incredibly chaotic and negative environment growing up; Nikita found herself signing up for the military the day she turned 16. It became obvious once she actually started that she was a natural born soldier. Time passed and she finally felt at home, making friends, even a best friend, named Anastasia. During battle with Ukraine, Nikita lost her best friend due to gun shot wounds. The only available combat medic in the immediate area got there just a little bit too late, otherwise, Anastasia probably could have been saved. From that moment on, Nikita vowed her free time into studying medicine. Eventually, becoming a combat medic for the Russian Armed Forces. Years passed, it had seemed like Nikita had perfected her trade. Eventually the Aegis Corporation took notice of this and decided to recruit her... She worked her way up to CDS
  7. Do you fuck with the war?

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  8. "If a girl gives a blow job, and she swallows... Does that make her a cannibal?" 

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      nah, sperm aren't children, just potential children

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      Yeah, and by eating so much sperm, you commit a genocide! Monster!

  9. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Last time these guys tried to make a hostile group after the VDV, everyone shit on it... so they made an even more hostile dynamic that actually did initiate very often. TBH I really don't, and I don't think anyone else wants to deal with getting gatted all the time. So let's let these boys do their thing for now and see how it goes.
  10. In-Game Name: Jessica Dailey Allies: @LewellynMoss @Darion @Enigma @Honeybee @Cocomii POV: A white supremacist rolls into town with a small group of people, and one of the pub's guys starts explaining how this guy has said some racist shit in the past. Darion strolls up to him and tells him not to be racist or else he can get out of town. The white supremacist guy says some racist slander so Darion starts screaming at him. Eventually, Darion gets called a "Coon" by him, right before Darion knocks his ass out. The guy gets up and starts walking out of town with little to no words. Me and Rylin talk to him a little bit, but he seemed insistent upon leaving town, which is what we wanted, so no complaints there. Time passes and we see them getting positions, assuming they are going to plan an initiation or they assumed that we were going to initiate. We caught one of them spying on us, so we called them out and started shit talking the spies as well. Eventually when Darion was standing in a crowd full of people who weren't even all in our dynamic, he is shot a couple times before going down. I give a shout out over the radio that D is down, and telling my boys to shoot them (I didn't necessarily mean estrogirl or the other unarmed dude)... Galaxy responded by saying that we should initiate on them, I agreed. Unfortunately, Rylin didn't hear that, so he decided to shoot Estrogirl, and the other gentlemen. Eventually I died inside of the pub... Summary: So a white supremacist walks into a few light-skins, starts explaining how he's racist and has committed racist acts.... Gets punched after saying some racist stuff to Darion's face... Doesn't lose any of his gear... Walks off with little to no RP on his part and gets a position where no one can see him... Waits until Darion is completely standing still, shoots and hits, but fails to kill him. You can see by the timing of my video, that it took over 10 minutes before Darion was actually shot... You can also match it to the logs...
  11. No we didn't. We planned to, but I made a mistake by saying shoot them in the video. I didn't specifically mean those two. We were surprised they died, at first, I thought they had shot their own boys. In lewellyn's defense, they were a threat by feeding information...
  12. Jessica Dailey

    Character song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80nTsZ54Kq8 Jessica was born a stone cold bitch to those that rubbed her the wrong way. When she started to get older, she would always have to deal with those that fucked with her family by any means necessary. Family is utmost important to her, and always will be. Jessica is not always particularly level headed, she has a habit of having emotional outbursts due to her bipolar disorder. However, when her disorder is not causing issues in her mind, she is a force not to be reckoned with... One wrong move and she might bite off your head. Also, she's probably fucked more bitches than you have.
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