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  1. o7

    You'll be back in a couple weeks, let's be real here. Don't go <3.
  2. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *Shakes her head in disbelief at what she is hearing.* The people who live at that summer-camp are not VDV spies. It's pretty obvious that they have been bullied into submission and are being forced to pay a fee to live where they do. Surely, VDV put Capella there because they knew that those people wouldn't dare do something to fuck over the VDV otherwise shit would happen. Hence why they were beaten and tortured after the VDV found out you "rescued" Capella. So yes, anything these individuals are doing for the VDV are not of their own free will.
  3. A Broadcast From Lt. Rodriguez On All Frequencies

    I can assure you, the United Nations will not be doing anything to fix Chernarus' current issue at hand. Their current missions are to provide refugee camps, give food, water, and shelter... and cure the infection. I can guarantee you that the UN is going to be kissing a lot of ass in order to stay in Chernarus. That is something I'm just not willing to do.
  4. This is Lt. Rodriguez making an announcement on all frequencies. As you all may have noticed lots and I mean lots of rumors have been recently brought to light regarding the UN as well as myself. Let's be real here, we all know they are absolute bullshit and simply an attempt to weaken the people's connection with the United Nations. It is easy to start rumors about the UN when they lay on their sides and take it. *She Pauses.* I will not stand by and allow the people to be walked all over so I will be leaving the United Nations, there will be those that follow blindly, but there will also be those that will follow in secret. All of those who want to lay on their sides no longer, you will always have a home with me. This will not be the last broadcast you will hear from me.
  5. Nahh... I understand the other stuff. It's just the fact that Major said that one of the reasons was because Matt never responded to Chief in the radio thread. That I was asking clarification for because it didn't make any sense. Realistically you guys shouldn't even know about that... If I misheard what Major said then I'm sorry. Just asking for clarification
  6. Lul, none of that is true. Either a) someone in our group is deadset on doing everything in their power to do the EXACT opposite of what our group has been doing or b) all of this is bs. We have zero reason to burn your uniform. One of our fucking IC goals is to keep the Chernarussian state in tact. The only time we have ever given civilians weapons is if they go into our tents, or we are trading. It's highly unlikely we would give them any automatic weapons for any reason. (I assume those are the arms you speak of). It is totally fine, its ic though. EITHER WAY, the main reason Major presented to my group was the fact that my leader did not respond to the radio thread, which he did not know he had to do. Look, if there has been some shady shit going on in our group and most of us don't know about it then so be it. Again, it's all IC. I was just clarifying that those things were never brought to us in order to explain ourselves. A fight was rushed. Again, IC. Just clarifying. I am however genuinely concerned about this whole radio thread thing. I don't think that was right.
  7. and.... Everything was taken out of context and your commanding officers never brought it to anyone's attention to have us explain ourselves.
  8. On that note... Can you please explain why the CDF and the VDV initiated on us? Your explanation in the teamspeak was that because Matt (our leader) never technically contacted miroslavl in the radio thread with Chief. He clearly was not told that he had to do that in order to make it "ok" that the United Nations was acting in Chernarus, or else he would have done it. I've seen him RP out multiple times contacting command and its not like as if he was contacting nothing. He roleplayed it out. All someone had to do was tell him oocly but that was never done. A lot of people, including myself feel as if you had taken advantage of the fact that Matt never responded to the radio thread so that you had a reason to attack us (this goes for the vdv as well). The other reasons for going after us were obviously bullshit that never happened, but whatever, that's ic... But the whole thing where you decided to take something like that and use it to your advantage was just plain wrong. Any of you, including the VDV could have said something. That's just not okay. I will update this post with the radio thread between Matt and Chief later. Here... As you can see, Matt didn't reply because he didn't know that he had to in order to not have the UN be considered insubordinate and not following orders. Not only until MAJOR talked to us oocly in a teamspeak did he explain that he had to do that. About an hour ago he responded because of the "news" that was brought to him. This is so uncool. If you think I'm salty, then so be it. We have a right to be salty.
  9. This is Lt. Rodriguez here with the United Nations, making a public announcement on all frequencies. The United Nations will be increasing its humanitarian efforts. Our base of operations will also be a refugee camp in itself for any and all civilians. There will be food, water, supplies, and doctors who will be able to help you if you are in need of medical assistance. We have relocated ourselves in Chapaevsk, a group of apartments west of Chernogorsk. We do not plan on relocating for a while. After moving three times, I believe we have come to a conclusion that Chapaevsk is the best location for our base of operations.
  10. Refugee Camp and The UN [96.6]

    Our current camp will be a camp to last. Its location will be announced tomorrow.
  11. *Lt. Rodriguez pulls up her radio to her mouth and begins to hold down the PTT.* This is Lt. Rodriguez with the United Nations. This is a public transmission to all radio frequencies. Command has told us to set up our base of operations in the North East Air Field, so we did. VDV showed up to have a meeting with us... They made it clear that if the UN were to remain in their current base of operations , there will be bloodshed. In an attempt to avoid said bloodshed, the United Nations will be relocating the refugee camp and the base of operations tomorrow. The new UN base of operations and the refugee camp will be disclosed on Monday. All civilians located in the North, I would highly suggest you leave, and all civilians planning to go north, I would suggest you absolutely do not do so. The VDV got their orders from their superiors to kill anyone who refuses to leave the North, including any other military personel. I repeat, anyone going or already in the North, stay out! Anything above the North West Airfield is what is considered North. *She releases her thumb and places the radio in her back pocket.*
  12. Refugee Camp and The UN [96.6]

    Due to our location being leaked before public announcement, the Refugee Camp is now open to the civilians.
  13. Public message from the UN at Romeo Foxtrot

    Respectfully sir, we did not abandon the people, only the location. We thought it would be better to relocate it. If we were more organized with the move, things would've been seen differently.
  14. Public message from the UN at Romeo Foxtrot

    The safe zone is only being moved to a different location where less traffic will be held. The United Nations plans to continue said safe zone at a much more secure location. We hope that other military organizations would assist in a refugee camp, for the people and the people alone. Like I've said in previous transmissions, the UN plans to give out the location as earliest as tomorrow if everything goes smoothly with securing it.
  15. Refugee Camp and The UN [96.6]

    *She pulls up her radio once again.* I can personally make sure that the camp will be set up completely by late tomorrow, hopefully earlier than that. I will keep everyone updated.