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  1. Charity Shepard

    Charity, daughter of James Shepard and Julie Shepard, sister to Grace Shepard. Her father was a pastor and their mother being a stay at home mom, you would assume their household was very calm and a place of good faith, however, their Father was incredibly abusive. He often hurt his children and beat his wife very often. Christianity was practically beaten into the children on an hourly basis every day. They were home-schooled. So the children knew of nothing else, and television and internet was entirely out of the question. The children were very brain-washed to believe in whatever their Father had deemed fit, this primarily consisted of Christian extremism. After forcing the whole family to do charity work in Chernarus, the father booked them tickets onto the next plain, where they proceeded to stay in the hotel down in Cherno.
  2. Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    Sacrifices must be made for the greater good! Rawr.
  3. Cara Brown

    Cara Brown, formally known as Cara Dickman, was always a aspiring white female rapper. Though the game was hard, she was able to transform herself into something that all of the millennials would want; a phat ass. Several butt injections later, Cara was at the top of her game along side her partner in crime, Erika Cox. Together, they had finally reached over 20,000 subscribers on youtube and was able to put out a new hit single, "All I Want For Christmas Is Dat Ass." Though the song and music video had only reached 2000 views, it was her best yet! After looking at the feature on youtube that allows the owner of a video to see what type of market their videos tend to attract, Cara had realized that an abnormal amount of Chernarussians were watching her videos. After a few requests from dedicated fans, her and Erika were on a plane to Chernarus. Ready to make a big break in South Zagoria. Everything was turning out so well when they jumped on stage during Karaoke night and begin rapping their hit single. The locals loved it, they were throwing tomatoes and beer bottles, the two could tell that that they were clearly making the crowd excited. They were ready for anything...
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