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  1. No I tried 3 times, I explained the KoS rule to perfection and still didn't get in. Everything else was fine. Just the pesky KoS rule. I'm unsure if they are even accepting applications now as the servers are so full.
  2. how about this Russian attack bike Even better. Add some plaiting on the side and you've got yourself s homemade tank.
  3. Mosin for me, always gets the job done.
  4. I hope to meet many a bunch of people in this community, I just wanted to say greetings!
  5. My character Richard Profit, traveled from Vybor to Zelonogorsk as of hearing news of a survivor outpost in the city. When he arrived it was just packed with zombies and no civilized life. A poster on a community bill board indicated another survivor camp at the prison off the coast of Balota. He believed there to be people as the prison was lit up with an orange tint. He wondered if maybe it was all a set up to lure people for supplies. It was already too late for Richard he was three quarters of the way to the island. There was no going back now. Almost immediately after stepping foot on land he heard people screaming at him to get on the ground. Richard turned to run, there was no going back now.
  6. This is exactly why I applied to the server, hopefully I get accepted. I'd love to be able to play RP without worrying about hackers or KoS.
  7. Mmmmm, I love me some bad RP bandits.
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