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  1. Also there is no evidence ? You admitted in a steam message which is already on this thread. Just because i said i have cheated, you still have nothing that shows any game or any time i said i cheated
  2. I do indeed eat vegetables... and I like it.
  3. that needs a success kid meme. Ivan is proud of you
  4. It's just his opinion, in his opinion. It is your opinion, right Reece? opinion I lol'd. Anyway, I was just sharing my opinion on his opinion. Well I would like to share my opinion on your opinion on his opinion that it was useless and didn't bring an argument just as much as my comment. But that is just my opinion
  5. The Makarov SD that is currently in game actually has the silencer built into the barrel. As such, we'll actually be removing the ability to add a silencer to the Makarov; as well as it being unremovable from the SD variant. As for fixing this, it'll be in the next patch, don't worry. I haven't solved it yet because I've been working on other stuff well you are incorrect, the threading is not the most known one but as you can see in these picture it has a custom slide but you can remove the suppressor just wanted to enlighten you
  6. I´m not scary sounds like enough proof to me
  7. It's a very nice song to listen with soundproof earphones while your mother is screaming at you 10/10 would do it again
  8. I only logged back once to check and the stuff was still there so it seems to be fixed
  9. Kakan these days we ain't going to be asking for luxury ! If it got 2 wings, wheels, a joystick and a damn back tail you love it ! Anything in addition to these is pure LUXURY !! I tried going downhill with my rusty bike once, ONCE! never again, the poor bastard lost a wheel.
  10. Damn. That one fine ass hobo <3 Oh bb, plezzz. Stahppp. nevah
  11. ah the plane look like rubbish but its close to my heart, was flying with captain Stas boyko and the famous airplane that took out the russian militia in a coup against them. (plez don't hrt me)
  12. Im talking about over the past few months ive worn it, some see black, some see chainmail. Oh right, in the Teamspeak you made it sound much like it was a client side thing, perhaps that is exactly what it is. who knows at this point? I would guess its either that it has two versions of the texture, and it will render one of two for the clients. Or that there is something wrong with the normal mapping.
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