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  1. .58 Experimental!

    Oh lord, 1,2 gb download
  2. What's your funniest moment in DayZ

    Drove a truck along the road. I saw a gang of armed people aproaching towards me. I turn the truck around to dodge any contact, ended up crashing straight into a stone fence infront of them. Got stuck... Really stuck! Like truck pointing upwards. they surrounded me. I had to roleplay injured and defenseless >
  3. .56 update

    One thing is sure... People without weapons on test servers are cattle to be eaten for armed people! I constantly get slain because people tell me ''I need your meat''
  4. Central loot

    For anybody who want it easier; it's not gonna be easy to survive when it's done.
  5. Goggles. Real steampunk goggles!
  6. On the other hand though some may actually want to use the ''woke up on the beach'' story thing, and not because they are lazy. Should their characters story be dictated by what others think?
  7. I'm playing EU when nobody are online, but I play on US when I should, and latency hasnt been a problem at all yet.
  8. Official DayZRP Standalone Media Thread

    Not really roleplay, but I'm really not impressed by the zombies in the game so far [video=youtube]
  9. Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I dislike small rat-like dogs that people carry in their bags and treat like their unborn child. Useless and inbred.
  10. Gas masks = bad guy, but why ?

    Amen. Been running uphill laps with mask and full kit. Painful. Its like breathing 15 kgs with your lungs
  11. Gas masks = bad guy, but why ?

    What puzzles me is how people are able to jog kilometers with gas masks! Ever tried to jog with a gas mask? It's a damn good simulation of astma! On topic I think the concealment of face is yes a bad character thing, and also the gas mask has odd and unnatural porportions, like large eyes and a long chin with O's pimping out of it. Alien of shape.
  12. Hey guys check out my new video!

    Remember to not sidestep like a counter strike robot when you shoot RP videos
  13. What do you get on your pizza?

    I want my pizza to say MOOO. Minced meat, lotsa sauce, bacon and cheese
  14. [s4] BAD RP, poisoned with gasoline

    No i didnt remember to collect evidence, even forgot i got shadowplay maybe theres nothing to be done, but i decided to make a report just in case anyone else experience the same thing or the guy reads this and explains what happened