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    Can anybody suggest an anime series that is similar to Akira, Ghost in the shell / in style & age. I'm trying to get back into anime, but I just can't seem to get any show to hold my interest any more.
  2. JohnDeer

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I actually enjoyed watching desperate housewives with my girlfriend.
  3. JohnDeer

    [GAME] To which movie/series belongs the image/gif above?

    Black Hawk Down - One of my favourite movies
  4. In my job (Garden Centre) I don't really have a choice but to "suffer" every day from Mid October onwards. I work in my office upstairs, however anytime I need to get to the shop floor, I'm surrounded by all festive things, it gets boring quick.......... There is only so much tinsel you can see year on year....
  5. Enjoy your stay, I'm also a returning member. So hopefully I meet you on good terms within the server. Good luck with your accent!
  6. I will hop on TS tomorrow evening, as I have work. Thank you all for your help.
  7. I have recently just been speaking to a comunity helper, who has over looked my NLR and my KOS. He seems pretty happy with it, however we both agreed it would be worth some more eyes, as it is my last attempt. Any feedback would be great. -snip-
  8. Revised. -snip // And thank you for all your help guys, this community seems so helpful, just hope I can be accepted. This is my second failed attempt so I need to make this one count. That's why I'm being cautious.
  9. Hello, I have failed my application twice now. I would just like some feedback on the rights sharing, in terms of what they want from me. -snip-
  10. Mr Moon, Chow & Syndicate. They just seem to effortlessly get into some weird situations, some of the funniest streams I have watched in a long time.
  11. Thank you Buster, So excited to get playing, going to start recording from day 1. Hope for some good times and new friendships. You all seem very friendly and helpful!
  12. JohnDeer

    Trying to decide on a high quality headset..

    In my opinion it's worth spending out decent money once rather than buying 10 headsets over 10 years (I learnt the hard way). I have used various Steel Series, Razer headsets however I now own a pair of Astro A40's(£240) with a preamp. This has been by far my favorite headset due to a heavy build, it feels indestructible. The surround sound helps with immersion. However I do not use the inbuilt mic, for that I have a blue yeti (£95), the quality of this mic is more than I could ever need.
  13. Hello everyone! mechanic & fellow big game hunter here. Hope too meet you all soon, you will probably meet me in a bush/tree line tracking a deer, or boar. Need any mechanical advice for your truck/car I'm your man!
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