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  1. [Game] Rate the In-Game name above you

    Rolls of the tongue nicely. Generic last name, though 9/10
  2. Edgy, but very nicely put together. Background could be extended some. 8/10
  3. *nods a hello*

    *stares menacingly in Russian*
  4. BeanZ WAR

    You cannot shoo me! I am unshooable! 90!
  5. BeanZ WAR

    0 0 9 0 0
  6. Longer Nights?

    I miss wandering around in the dark and spotting a campfire lighting up a house in some random small town. +1
  7. *Krieger sits down on a chair with a tired grunt and lightly throws his backpack on the ground beside him. He presses the PTT as he takes out the radio out of his pocket and raises it up to his mouth. His slight Slavic accent can be heard* "South Zaogiran contigent, this is Doctor Krieger. This frequency was given to me for use upon my leaving Miroslavl'. I was told it is secure, but for the sake of caution I will remain laconic and mildly cryptic. I have delivered what was required and met up with a small detachment of ACS. My instructions as to what further steps are to be undertaken in this operation end with that... Thus far, I have provided minor medical assistance to the team and observed the local.. demographic environment. Though, if that is what I was supposed to be doing here, they could've sent some hot-headed paramedic with the same result. Therefore, if any authority figure can enlighten me with further instructions or contact Miroslavl' with the same purpose, so I can get to work, I would be very grateful. Krieger out." *He releases the PTT, puts the radio down on the table next to him and reaches for his flask*
  8. BeanZ WAR

    Never gonna give you up, m9(1) ... ... 91
  9. BeanZ WAR

    91 pls
  10. BeanZ WAR

    NEIN! (-ty one) 91
  11. BeanZ WAR

  12. BeanZ WAR

    88, @derNils
  13. BeanZ WAR

    That's a weird way to spell 8 6
  14. BeanZ WAR

    Pretty sure, I said 86.
  15. BeanZ WAR

    8 6