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  1. its cold out there! i wear a purple polka dot balaclava so i don't think i look menacing at all. plus i have a pink raincoat at the moment so no one takes anything i say seriously!
  2. mouse: corsair m65 keyboard: corsair k70 RGB headset: astro a40 microphone: blue snowball
  3. i call them zombies, but only because my IG character was told they were zombies by a nice guy called jessie when he first landed in this hell hole!
  4. cTayX

    PSA: Loot cycling

    whenever i see backpacks full up mainly at gm i always empty them out, will this help or not?
  5. if you are unsure on keybinds do what i did, got some little arrow shaped post it notes and stuck them to the keyboard above the corresponding F button!
  6. i am also very new to dayz in general, not knowing the map helps me rp about having no clue where i am perfect!
  7. cTayX

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    juggling balls... i could entertain to death?
  8. cTayX

    Favorite weapon?

    weapon?? i have never shot any. i will have to go with the broom, can keep the streets clean and take out zombies at the same time!
  9. good luck jack, have tons of fun!
  10. peaches peaches and more peaches. cant get enough of them and will protect them with my life!
  11. Me kill someone! I wobuld never do such a thing, I'm such a kind soul!
  12. Sorry terra I'm useless in forums! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Hello hatch, Timmy could possibly have a new friend incoming, so play nice!
  13. hey guys, not been here long and was just whitelisted. any tips for me will be greatly appreciated! i hope to see you all out in the servers and make some great friends and maybe some better enemies!
  14. thank you very much teas, looking forward to my time here!