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  1. Xiphos

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Cannot wait till this comes out.. Any one have a ETA?
  2. Xiphos

    New whitelist system now live

    Whooo! thank jebus I don't have to go through that again. The steam login worked perfectly, thanks rolle
  3. Xiphos

    Bugs YOU spotted in 0.57

    Confirmed. Zeds are definitely clipping though walls in .57, this to me is the worst bug by far. It's astonishing that a bug like this can come back around, it makes me wonder if this game will ever be "stable" :l
  4. Rolle just reset the persistence on the server or something of that sort so you should be able to find some loot around
  5. Wait for the hot fixes would be your best bet, but who knows how long that will be
  6. Some lite jazz for your easy listening needs [video=youtube]
  7. *walk into a town* *see 3 guys* *get all excited about my first DayZRP experience* (Whoohoo) *guy asks for my name* *tell guy my RP name* *5 seconds later, kicked from game message appears* *thinking to myself* ..WTF, did a admin just kick me for no reason? *look at (non-RP) in-game name..* *facepalm*
  8. Xiphos

    [GAME] Suggest a theme song or gif that you think describes the person above you!

  9. S4 was so good for me.. Dat ping doe
  10. This is a sort of rough draft of some character development notes I have created for my RP character. I'm relatively new to DayZRP, so let me know if you have any suggestions or tips to make my character as believable as possible. Again, this is partially random thoughts, part story/lore. Also, I know military type characters are extremely overdone so this may only be temporary. Name: mickey rey Voice type: clint eastwood Age: 45 (april 19th 1970) Birth place: fort defiance, az Nationality: American, native American Former career: ex-police officer, mercenary/arms dealer (private security contractor) Flaws: ptsd (pow), battle wounds, anger issues -Background- Mother died at birth (1969) Grew up at fort defiance, az. (Navajo reservation) Mickey’s father resented him and blamed mickey for the death thru his childhood Taught to hunt by tribes men at early age & fend for himself Mickey was taught after a kill to eat the heart of the Animal (to honor its spirit) and to never waste the remains Father died of alcoholism (age 10) Through his devastation and unhappiness he found the only way to take his mind of the negativity was hunting & fishing and began to acquire a vast knowledge of fire arms and rifles With mickey extensive knowledge of guns, at age 16 he started working at a local gun store which only feed his obsession After graduating high school he wanted to move on from fire arm retail so he joined the Arizona law enforcement academy in phoenix After 2 years of training at the academy mickey graduated and joined the phoenix police department age 20 (1989) Mickey loved his job protecting the town and found a new friendship with his partner officer randy rivera and the two became inseparable. Soon mickey and randy were moving up the ranks of the department and detective positions where looking promising for the 2 young officers. One night, responding to a domestic disturbance.. mick and randy approached the door of a small urban home. Following protocol they knocked on the door but received no answer. Randy noticed some movement from the window but still no response.. after calling for backup they realized they had to gain access to the home to see if someone might be in danger. They looked at each other and gave the nod. Each at opposite sides of the door way. Randy told mickey that he had this one, which meant he’d be the one to kick the door in. “on three” he said. “one, two..” shots rang out from inside the house and before he knew it mickey was in a fire fight. By this time the other squad cars just begin to show up, but it was too late for randy. While the officers swarmed the building mickey was in utter shock that his best friend was lying on the porch motionless and dying. Despite the commotion & chaos coming from the house mickey was oblivious to what was going on around him and only cared for his partner. Randy was pronounced dead at the scene due to multiple gun shots to the abdomen and chest. Randy was the only family mickey had left and now he had no one. Mickey left the force due to depression (1999 age 30). despite the medication and recommendations from doctors mickey never took the prescriptions due to the fact that he knew he would fall into a deeper hole than he already was. Mickey was lost and fell deep into his depression until the dreadful day of September 11th 2001. Despite mickeys native American upbringing and mentality to hate the “white man” mickey loved his country and considered it his own. His patriotism and heroism fueled his anger for the abomination of man that conducted these acts of terrorism on his country. He knew he was much too old to join the military so he knew the next best thing was mercenary work. With his extensive knowledge of fire arms and tactics not to mention the fact that mickey had no one TO CALL FAMILY and nothing to lose, this would be the best ALTERNATIVE for him CONSIDERING HE WASN’T READY to go back to CIVILIAN LIFE. Mickey was accepted to Blackwater world wide (pmc) 9 months after 9-11. He was sent to Iraq 3 months later. He was first deployed as ground forces but soon, mickey showed off his abilities and strengths and saw himself climbing the ladder up the blackwater ranks. despite his willingness to stay in the field and fight in the Iraq war, Mickey became the superior official of all external arms relations. As an arms dealer mickey began traveling all over the world to set up deals with other military contractors. This was not only very profitable but helped keep mickey alive and stress free for the time being. Mickey received an order from hq to pack up a shipment of arms and fly them to the South Zagoria Russia to aid in the pro-russian movement against Ukraine. Mickey began his shipping route from where he was stationed at in Afghanistan up through Kazakhstan to South Zagoria, then east to Ukraine. But it was in south zagoria where mickey notice strange things happening from the news broadcast and publications of cities nearby, Mickey and his men planned on moving east to Volgograd when suddenly they were unable to move forward with their shipment from an epidemic of some kind that was currently infecting few in the area resulting in the Russian military quarantining all surrounding areas and set up roadblocks on all bordering countries. Mickey was FURIOUS the shipment wouldn’t meet the deadline and the order would be cancelled. But there was little he could do without expressing his disdain and perhaps PUTTING HIMSELF OR HIS MEN IN DANGER with the Russian guarded ROAD BLOCKS. Days went by and it seemed like all hope was lost. By this time morale was down and everyone seemed on edge. No word from hq and rations were low. Soon many of Mickey’s MEN WOULD LEAVE IN SEARCH for animals to hunt or leftover FOOD/supplies. BUT none would ever COME BACK. MICKEY FIGURED THEY MAYBE TRIED TO SNEAK OUT OF THE Country WHICH HE understood and KNEW HE COULDN’T BLAME THEM for. WEEKS LATER HE HAD A MEETING WITH HIS security OUTFIT AND SUGGESTED THEY TAKE THE REMAINDER OF THE WEAPONS THEY HAD AND SPLIT-UP TO FIND A WAY OUT OF THE quarantined areas. MICKEY SAID GOODBYE TO HIS CREW AND MOVED SOUTH ALONG THE EASTERN SHORE LINE. WHILE looking out to the ocean he noticed a small boat filled with about 8 people rowing towards the Russian ships. To his complete and utter astonishment he saw the soldiers on the battleship open fire on the small group of people. Mick couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The destruction of innocent lives. Mickey knew death but not like this.. IT’S AT THIS TIME MICKEY REALIZED THERE WAS NO WAY OUT OF Chernarus AND THAT THE ONLY WAY OUT WAS DEATH.
  11. Very useful information LJ, will help me tremendously with my cow hunting. Not to mention it's a Cherno tutorial RIP StreakTheFox