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  1. Credidred


    Jackfish has the best. captures the atmosphere. hopefully by next year we'll have a snowing mod.
  2. Credidred

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

  3. A soldier in the cavaliers Gerald is a gentleman from the upper upper class family the 'Harrods''; owners of Harrods shopping corporation in London. Born in Hong Kong the harrods family left China for Britain when he was seven. They bought a bath stone manor house in the peak district and settled, Gerald is cambridge educated and well traveled, he enjoys painting, croquet and after a skiing incident in Verbier, Gerald joined her majesty's cavallers, After the outbreak the cavaliers found themselves stranded in Chenaras. Gerald the group were chased by horde, been kicked from his horse and narrowly avoiding being eaten be the ever growing undead, Gerald regrouped will the remainder of his men ,they currently roam the wastes looking for pockets of civilisation.
  4. Rob is an engineer who works for a mysterious company he never likes to talk about. hs recent assignment has been on a expedition around Chernarus. Rob is a nice guy whos mostly interested in the the infrastructure of the the land. He takes notes and reference wherever he goes. for reasons why he won't say and regards as confidential. He will usually stick out in the landscape as he wears an orange uniform he claim to be his work clothes and gear, and is under strict instructions not to change clothing. Rob keeps his cards close to his chest as the world has become a dangerous place, through some who are knowledgeable about ascents with see he has a light scouse twang found in the northwest of england. He talks about his time working for north sea oil when he was working on oil rigs and is good with tools.
  5. John worked for a paper company that were breaking into the copying machine market. .After the war, he traveled to Chernarus to open up a new factory were the goods be manufactured more cheaply. However he could not escape the virus and sought refuge in a UN camp, There john helped all he could, he worked in the camps medical unit learning up on his first aid and various medical procedures . But as the camp was overrun he fled with other survivors into to a deep chernarussian forest west of the black mountains. eventually his group whittled down to a smaller circle as he hid out in a cabin deep in the woods until the group ran out of food. John went out to hurt but when he returned the house house had been raided by bandits, the both men and women raped and tortured to death. John took off and is currently still as practicing medical help where he can.
  6. Credidred

    367.1 USMC Encrypted Frequency [Secure]

    Gerald Harrod holds the crumpled piece of paper he just got from his superior. reading the frequency of the paper with glazed eyes he tunes in the radio and clicks down. 'Sir come in...come in....anyone there?... please respond....This is Gerrald Harrod of the Cavaliers'. : talking in a wavering voice 'I...I errr apologies if i come across rather off....I'm calling about Lord Ashford...He was very dear to us all..his recent loss has been devastating to the men'. Gerald wipes the tears from his eyes. He would of wanted a proper christian burial.....wh....(sighs) where do we retrieve his body? Gerald clicks off watching the grey sea role and crash on the shore.
  7. Credidred

    GOD SAVE THE QUEEN [Open Freq/Cavaliers]

    Gerald Harrod is replacing panels his boat when he stops to hear the news coming from the radio. At first he refuses to believe it then drops his hammer as the other members of the Cavaliers speak in turn. completely in shock he puts the radio to his face. No.....no (he whispers) Captain....i...should of been there. Harrod slumps sitting on the boat while wiping his face and frozen in shock. after a short while he speaks into the radio again. Sir with the deep American voice i know not who you are but i'll contact you about........abou...about retrieving the body. Harrod clicks off the radio and starts sobbing uncontrollably.
  8. Episode 25 was probably some of my best RP. So? are you finishing the family chapters there with us getting shot at the end or will it be the other endings? etc
  9. Apologies for the lateness of this post as this was yesterday's RP @Tony Thank you so much for letting me take part in the closing chapter of your character. Your RP was fantastic, hands down a class act and top respect as well. Even though ive been in this community for a while now, i've learnt a lot from you. Like i said i'm sorry to see the character go, but looking forward to the future I'll most definitely be taking interest in your plans for the coming months. We will be working together again. @Galaxy Great work as always shredder, your RP was great, you had me in stitches at certain points you made my night. Top Respect @2Eazy Thank you for having me along for the ride at the spare of the moment. Wow what can I say your character is off the hook, absolutely terrifying, i will be changing to my brown pants if i see the purple polka-dotted gang down the road anytime soon. I'm leaving my card by door and if the fires ever dim or you find the wolves encircling the house, call your Uncle jack. @Lyca I didn't see you die but it was a good run you had. I don't know what happened but i hope it was quick, You're an Awesome RP'r ever since 'The Family' hats off to you for taking the plunge as all of us before. Looking forward to your new character, x All the best Credidred,
  10. You speak too early my friend. I agree. but I reckon that'll get fixed in time.
  11. Why have a tent when you can have a caravan. I know we could make some awesome RP bases with this...
  12. Hello There. During the incident i was playing the character who initiated on Haikey Shirrad and another. the player fully cooperated to all of my demands. So I was going to play a game to make their RP a worthwhile experience, asking both players a set of questions and punch one them if they got the wrong answer. There was no intent on killing OOC even though there were threats of death IC, Unfortunately Haikey Shirred gave the wrong reply to my first question so I hit him but on doing so it killed him instantly. IC I stressed to his partner that I didn't mean to kill him and let him go shortly afterwards. I see this as an accident on my behalf . I'm very sorry it ended up the way it did.
  13. Credidred

    Falken [Recruiting]

    Best of luck. I'm expecting big things.
  14. Credidred

    The Roamers 117.2

    After listening to everyone speak on the on the radio, John click back the radio. Stradic.....NO FUCKING WAY am I meeting you at that place man...WHY? so you can take me up to Mr Mitchell and Nils so they can lock me away in a compartment, I'll be sitting there with the walls closing in again. my head wound is still healing from getting worked over. No Way man that shit just ain't happening. Hey Adrian pleease talk to stradic for me man, he's still angry. Listen maan! look stradics gonna let ya know so i'll just tell ya. your friend john's a junkie dog....yeah.. Junkie Dog John. ha ha ha ha ohhh' starts whimpering. 'in a hard place right now Adrian. yeah i've come back with some bad habits that i just couldn't hide no more. but forget about it wheres Conner. CONNER CONNER! fuck! what the hell happened? tell me where you are? look Stradic look after conner tell me where you're at right now. John clicks off the radio and pulls his pack closer to pick up.
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