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  1. Okay, thanks. I'll join TeamSpeak now. Sorry for the trouble.
  2. Hello everybody! I have two questions. The first is about standalone rule questions, and the second is about one of the lore questions. -questions snipped-
  3. Daniel112211

    [S3] BadRP - Green Mountain

    Okay... I was trying to cover up for one of my friend Steve. I called him on TS earlier today (and send this link to him), and he confessed that it was him that did the screaming - he just find it a little bit funny, because it did not harmed anyone (according to him). If we are talking about "BadRP" a little bit. He just all of a sudden scremmed "Oh yeah!". If I remember correctly it was the guy in the bandana that was Steve. I confessed that I was trying to cover up for him. I heard the story from his side after I posted this, so I didn't knew it was him at that time. But it is the truth that I can't remember the screaming at all - I must just have forgot it... But at this point, I know that it was Steve.
  4. Daniel112211

    [S3] BadRP - Green Mountain

    I personally don't remember any screaming whatsoever. What I do remember is that me and two other guys (Steve and Ivan) where sitting in the tent, and suddenly you guys just bumped in - that's why Ivan closed the tend. As I said, I don't remember the screaming "Oh yeah!". But I can guarantee, that it wasn't me screaming/making sexual noise if anyone taught that. As I remember we were sitting up the tent to discuss, if we should move away from Green Mountain or not. Again I could be wrong, that's just how I remember it. "So I have started recording after hearing strange noises" you said you started recording after you heard strange noises. So there must be more than one "Oh yeah!" scream right? - I could be wrong, as I don't remember the noises... I can confirm that it was me, Steve and Ivan in the tent.