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  1. I never said the sets would be cheaper than the individual items, but the sets should be worth less than buying a full set of individual items. That way its more fair for the purchaser so they dont have to pay way too much for a set. Also if both individual items and sets were sold you could still continue with the idea you're proposing.
  2. Exactly @Mexi. You pay for a few basic assets to the game and end up spending more than the game itself.
  3. Hello everyone! It's good to see the server starting to thrive again and to see so many old faces returning as standalone is finally progressing. Anyways, it has come to my attention since I've been gone so long, that there is an item shop back on the website now. I was so happy to see it back as i missed the ability to purchase outfits like on mod and to be able to truly RP the way you want your character to be. However, it personally seems ridiculous to me that individual pieces of clothing are being sold for so much. Granted there were outfits on mod that were 10 euros and even more if i remember correctly. But the thing was is you were getting an entire outfit for almost the same price as the individual pieces of clothing are being sold for now on the shop. To cut to the chase, it seems like it would be more fair to adopt the same kind of shop we had in mod. Where essentially you can pay for an entire outfit. I believe there should be clothing bundles for sale on the shop, where all the pieces to certain outfits are sold together for a decent price. Instead of having to piece together a uniform and spend a lot of money. Let me know what you think in the poll!
  4. -User was warned for this post-
  5. Just your typical douchey Frat kid.
  8. Mate I dont see why you need to give me attitude, im literally re-iterating everything I said to you to Caesar and his comment (And others reading). As to my comment, " Ironically, most people who have been arguing against this could've theoretically taken this quiz more than 5 times now just today", This is not meant to poke fun at people with differing opinions, it's just true that all while we have been arguing this we could've taken this test, which apparently is so difficult, time consuming, and annoying 5 times over if not more. I should've added myself to that category because I have been arguing just as much as you. So please, I would like everyone to have a civil conversation void of negative attitudes. And there is a difference in what i said about validity of argument. Anyone is entitled to their own opinion, how they wish to argue that opinion and provide reasoning is a different story. Thats the entire premise behind debates. Who can achieve a more valid and concise "Argument", not opinion. I never said peoples opinions are invalid. Infact, Saunders has the same opinion as you regarding this idea, yet you clearly see my response to him being positive, encouraging some of his ideas. He stated his OPINION but didnt give an ARGUMENT behind it which is why I didn't respond back with my own argument. So extend me the same courtesy of civil conversation I extended you. Do not put words in my mouth, telling me that I think your opinion is invalid when clearly I dont. Everyone has a say, everyone has an opinion. Argue it how you will. Our conversation was not a waste of time, like i told you in that conversation I enjoy speaking to people with differing opinions and talking it out in a mature way and I believe we did just that. I also joined your channel and started off by apologizing, saying that we may have gotten off on the wrong foot and I reassured you I meant you no disrespect. But you keep giving me a slightly condescending attitude. At the end of our convo I said I would let the forum ferment, see how it goes, and we parted ways off Teamspeak. To avoid any further and possible altercation/flame war between us I am now done commenting on this thread as well.
  9. I still cant comprehend how many of you see this as a turn off to newcomers. Are we that lazy where we cant just take a 2-5 minute quiz with no punishments once a month for two months upon joining the community? Do you think that will make or break someone from entering the community? 10 minutes of their time on the forums in the span of 2 MONTHS? I have more faith that people wont care about a friendly reminder system like this because it is simply just an added feature to help newcomers who forget or overlook intricate details about major rules and rules unique to our server. We need to assume that alot of people who join this community May have not ever played in a RP/moderated community and that they aren't familiar with major rules let alone the more intricate details unique to the community. Now many would argue, "Well thats what the white-list is for...If they dont read the rules thoroughly during their white-list its their fault and they will just get banned!" ... Now I ask you all. When you all joined the community when the rules were not always fresh in your mind, would you have rather had a system like this that could keep you on your toes once a month and in turn stay IG, RP, and develop your skills as an honest member of the community? Or would you rather get banned, possibly revoke your white-list, and possibly even get turned off from staying in the community, which is an argument being used against this idea? All while that could be prevented with a simple non-punishable quiz that may enlighten you of a detail you may have forgotten or even not known about because the possible question in this short quiz wasn't in your whitelist test? You guys cant say I'm not making very good points. Also, the only valid argument i've seen is that this new website doesnt currently have a working automated messaging system implemented, (Idk if thats true or not), which would mean it would need to be coded and added. Dont know how hard that would be but thats the only valid argument I've seen. Yea good point. Ironically, most people who have been arguing against this could've theoretically taken this quiz more than 5 times now just today... Its not that much of a hassle.
  10. Thats the point I was trying to get across but everyone keeps saying it would make newcomers feel like idiots and it would be too much of a hassle. Is it that difficult to take a test which is 5 multiple choice that has no punishment and takes a max of 5 minutes? That you would only take twice after whitelisting in the span of 2 months? Nah it's not. Dont think of it as a test, more so a reminder, refresher, and quick guide for people who may have forgotten specific aspects of the rules unique to our community. Nobody reads the rules on a daily basis and sometimes newcomers who aren't familiar with the rules may forget certain aspects without realizing it. This would remind them of things if they forgot. If they truly memorized the rules than the quiz should take them less than 30 seconds and in that case who cares about a 30 second test.
  11. Go ahead an post a suggestion! I'm all for that dude. My philosophy is that banning new members is counter intuitive and contradictory to promoting a growing RP community. Keeping new RP'ers in game results in the growth of their skills as a RPER, development of their chara, and extended interaction with other players. Also, banning someone in their firsr few weeks sometimes discourages people away from the community, making it seem thatbwe are stricter than we really are. Helping new people feel welcome and in game WHILE upholding the rules is always the best. Maybe a new member should get maybe a one month grace period where any bannable offences theyre found guilty of will result in the required lesson. Or just their first offense. But some might say pepole can abuse that to break at least one rule and get away with it. Either way I like the idea. Go and develop it! Edit: don't mind my spelling errors I'm on my phone and can't be bothered to fix them atm. Even if it's after a bannable offense? Or did you mean for all people?