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  1. The first time we were going to put the items back, but as I said, we got caught by the friends of the pub who had the pub owners on the radio saying they're were immediately coming back. At this point the items had only been on the ground for minutes and I did not fear them despawning yet. That's when I returned the tent and did not touch the items further because I did not want to make the pub owners think I went back in to take more stuff. The second incident where we returned, after the initiation on Anthony miller, we did indeed put any items left on the ground back in surrounding storage containers and made sure to not let items on the ground despawn. The ONLY reason we did not put back items the first time was because we were caught and didn't want to touch their loot further. There was no intent to leave items on the ground for the first incident, it was only because we were caught and I was under the impression the pub owners were close by according to Kane on the radio. There were other various storage containers in the room with the items, but I did not want to return upstairs after I returned the tent because I did not want them to get the wrong idea. Some containers included barrels, crates, and lockers.
  2. I have spoken with the man who killed me in the Helpdesk with @Jade moderating. Seems like a genuine accident and Im willing to drop the report. No hard feelings.
  3. Server and location: S1 Severograd, near the soup kitchen/bar. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): (UTC): 2020-10-23, 23:43 Your in game name: Mathis Castellanos Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Didn't have time to react to record (Didnt have shadowplay enabled) Detailed description of the events: I spawned in at Medvezhi Lugi and made my way over to Severograd for food and water. I entered into the town when I heard a some gunshots, but nothing crazy where It would seem to be a firefight, seemed like just people shooting zombies. As I enter a random house across the way from the bar, I open a door and was immediately shot in the head with no warning, and my weapon was not even raised. The logs will show me spawning in and dying relatively quickly after spawning. If it is possible, the POV of the one who killed me should be brought in. Edit: I want to also say that I had no reason to believe someone was in this house, there was no zombies in it or circling it and did not hear gunshots coming from the house.
  4. I've said already, i wasn't heading out the door. I was checking the first floor for anything left when I noticed Kane standing outside from the window, I wasn't leaving yet.
  5. I would like to add Kane's story is totally honest. Thats exactly how it went down.
  6. After being caught I figured IC why would I go back and start touching all of the gear, if anything it would give Kane a reason to think I snuck something into my backpack or took something while putting the items back. So after I had trouble putting the tent down I asked if I could leave it on the ground and like I said since they were there watching over the bar I figured they would return the items into the containers they want them to be in. Also, IC I believed him because he seemed to be talking on the radio IC to you guys and was telling us that the owners of the pub were returning so that's when I put the tent back to avoid a conflict. I met him at the entrance cause I was standing in the first floor and he was literally at the doorway. To be honest, when we left I figured you would go upstairs. I saw you going in and out of the bar with Deebz for a few minutes after we left and I had no reason to think you guys would'nt go upstairs since you're good friends with them. I had no way of knowing you didn't go upstairs and after I was caught I figured yall wouldnt want me to touch anything further.
  7. @cjackson821 You should talk to Kane and clarify with him that I in fact did tell him i had trouble placing the tent and asked to leave it on the ground upstairs.
  8. No, I wasn't leaving immediately, my mistake I misspoke. I had bumped into Kane right at the entrance and was not leaving just yet. All I meant was that I had the intent to leave with the tent. Miller was still inside when Kane discovered us there and ended up running outside behind his back. We were going to return inside to return the items on the floor back into containers but before I could Kane was at the entrance and that was when I had asked him if I could return the tent to which he responded yes. I promptly returned upstairs to try and place the tent but I couldnt find an angle to pitch it so I asked him if I could leave it on the ground and he said yes. I did not touch the items furthermore so that Kane would not believe I am taking any other items, I figured he would return the items since he is friends with yall.
  9. When we were there and I picked up the tent to leave with it, we ran into a guy named Kane (didnt get his last name) right infront of the pub who said he is friends with the owners of the bar. When he said that I told him I would be happy to go upstairs and return the tent which I did do. I had told him I was having trouble pitching the tent back up in the same spot and I asked him if it would be ok to leave the tent on the ground for now until his friends (you guys)came back. He told me that would be fine and we chatted for a little bit. Richard and I became friendly with Kane and Debra (a female with kane) and ended up parting ways shortly after. I honestly figured Kane was going to put the items back in the containers and figured he probably doesn't want me, a stranger, touching the items any more than I did. Miller and I were the ones scavenging the bar and when Kane had found us miller ran because he did not want to be thought of as a thief since he is a scientist IC. When Kane went to question Miller I pretended not to know Miller as to not implicate him. Kane ended up walking away from Miller and everyone went their separate ways for a little. Then, over the radio, Miller tells me that someone from the bar (Kane) had locked him in the police station, telling him to come out with his hands up so they could question him, also saying that they had people in the hills watching over him. We took this as an initiation and Richard, my paramedic step-brother IC, ran back to the area to see what's going on. We got back to town when we bumped into Kane again who said he had unlocked the door for Miller to leave, but we did not totally trust him after that incident. Later that night, Miller IC was not happy about being cornered in the police station when we did not act hostile towards Kane and we decided we would go back and see if we could take any other supplies for our camp that would be left there. When we returned we actually made sure to put items on the floors back into containers before we left. Again I want to reiterate, When I was leaving with the tent initially at 04:46:11 and met Kane I kindly put it back upstairs and because I couldn't pitch the tent I left it there after asking him if I could leave it on the floor and he said yes. I also did not want to touch the rest of the items on the floor because I did not want Kane to think I was taking more items.
  10. Mathis was born in New York City to an average run of the mill middle class family. Growing up with proud patriotic parents who worked in the government, Mathis saw his future in the military. He believed that the best way to impress his parents was to do the most patriotic duty of all, defending ones country. So on the day of his high school graduation Mathis, without hesitation, found a local army recruiting office and started his path down a long career he had been dreaming of as a kid. Many late nights as a young boy Mathis watched war movies and documentaries about the great wars of history and he would have a wave of emotion come over him each time. He knew and felt within himself that this was what he was destined to do. To protect those who could not protect themselves and to defend ones country. Fast-forward 6 years out of basic training and Mathis had become a lieutenant in the US Army. His parents had never felt prouder and Mathis had felt the accomplishment he was looking for, but things turns sour quick. With the rise of the Frenzied Flu, US relief forces were dispatched to Chernarus to aid in the containment effort. He was sent with a detachment of specialized forces to contain the spread to the west coast of chernarus while providing humanitarian aid. They soon became overrun and Mathis was forced to flee after witnessing his brothers get mercilessly ripped apart. He has been wandering chernarus, alone, beaten, and slowly losing his wits and mind. While he has become a dark shell of the man who used to be Mathis Castellanos, he still holds to the hope of restoring order to ther world and hopefully truly make his parents proud.
  11. Miss you buddy

    your ol' pal,

    Skinner ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Murdercool


      WOAH. where have you an Miller just come from all of a sudden ??? Iโ€™m still here man. What are you boys doing, making a return ?? ๐Ÿ˜ƒย I miss you both too, Fish and Skinnerโ€™s legacy still talked about OOC today ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

    2. Bryan



    3. LoneWolfy


      Just redownloaded the game and the mods... keep a lookout for skinner's brother, on the hunt for his brother Charlie.

    4. Murdercool


      YES. SKINNER IS BACK. I brought back Fish for an event yesterday, he might make another appearance. Maybe our unholy duo can wreak havoc once again in Chernarus ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

    5. LoneWolfy


      Still dont know if Im going to be charlie skinner, or his brother who will be a different psychopath entirely. But im looking forward to hacking some limbs off with you again >:)

  12. I never said the sets would be cheaper than the individual items, but the sets should be worth less than buying a full set of individual items. That way its more fair for the purchaser so they dont have to pay way too much for a set. Also if both individual items and sets were sold you could still continue with the idea you're proposing.
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