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  1. MKM


    Question here. The four ground foundation factions as mentioned can consist of max 30 member each. Even if we slim it down to 10 each, that´s 40 in total. That leaves only 10 slots open for the rest. Alternative solution. We create the four factions, but on the forum only. Each faction is carefully created to fit in the lore, and then it´s up to us to request to join in on all those optional solutions. What is created is what we play after in game. With this alteration, 40 more slots are opened up and in total all 50 can be claimed by players. This does make a lot of sense. I like all your posts Grihm, you're like the only guy pro-faction here and I support you. Overall I think we should at least give it a try. I am completely new here and getting into some existing groups is pretty tough, just saying. Like I said I'm new here and so from my very short experience here I can say that RP for has been pretty poor, but that could simply come down to the fact I did not have that many interactions as of yet.
  2. Ohh wow, now I feel kinda stupid, did not realise this, had no idea there were so many... Sorry guys All good, man. The search option can be tricky at first. Streaming is definitely an interesting way to spread the word. There are also some downsides to it as well (stream sniping, meta gaming, etc.) But at the end of the day twitch is about sharing content and most people use this for enjoyment rather than to mess with people. I personally enjoy sharing my characters story with others and I imagine that is why other streamers do it to. A community channel is an interesting concept though. It is plausible to have multiple streamers who are able to access the same twitch feed, it would just be a matter of logistics. (who can stream when etc.) Personally I enjoy the freedom of my own channel but I agree it's an interesting idea. That being said the above list of streamers (thank you Dalton) shows a lot of hardworking people that as a community we should support aa much as possible. I have had a lot of fun watching people stream RP, it really gives you a sense that alot is going on around the bubble you travel in. thanks for replying We could also get streamers to play together and they switch in between who streams, because it's easier to stream with a friend the way you have more to talk about. Thank you for your thoughts man. David
  3. Ohh wow, now I feel kinda stupid, did not realise this, had no idea there were so many... Sorry guys
  4. Hello, I'm new here so I hope this hasn't been discussed before, though I did search and couldn't find anything related. I was thinking of reviving the Twitch channel of our community. Streaming is becoming a bigger thing every day and DayZ has some streamers but not anything quite as big as it could be, we have those who stream DayZ sometimes, but there isn't a channel really dedicated to it. This community has so much potential, not only to present itself to all DayZ players but to provide the ultimate DayZ experience for the viewers and the player. Wouldn't it be awesome to stream a mission of the UN soldiers? This does not mean that anyone goes out of character and to the viewers it's almost as if they are watching a movie from the perspective of one individual, may it be lieutenant Joe Banks or Daisy Lewis. This would also provide the community with some more people which I see isn't a problem lately but still it would add to the growth of it. Consequently that means more donations + the money that would be made if this went popular on Twitch, but that is a bit far fetched at the moment. If anything this increases the excitement of roleplaying as your character is watched by hundreds or thousands of people. Sure the videos on youtube are great, but going in live without the option of editing is a much bigger challenge and so much more fun for the players and viewers. Lets be honest, roleplaying isn't for everyone, but everyone likes a good story and if you are able to add in some action you have an amazing stream that would attract many viewers. To be able to make such stories is what sets DayZ apart from so many other games. Not only do we get to enjoy roleplay ourselves but we get to share our moments with others. As DayZ standalone will eventually get all the updates and really provide the ultimate DayZ experience it will attract many players and many are going to start streaming, but now is the time to start, as one of the most serious communities we should the pioneers of this. I know there are many streamers already but there isn't a channel dedicated especially for DayZ Standalone, that could be us. And there is not that much that we have to do, simply record what we do and try to do a lot of it. We would though need a funny guy to actually stream and do all the interactions with the viewers. I may be way out of line with this since I've only been here a few days but just imagine how much more action and content we would create since I know people would love to participate in the live streams. These are just my thoughts and please share your opinion on this matter. I saw we have a DayZRP twitch channel, and there is also this guy Henry who just today had his 2nd stream on twitch on our servers. it's a shame we don't use it, at least I think so. I apologize for the long post and appreciate you taking the time to read it.
  5. -IGN: David J. Novak -Age: 20 -Country: Slovenia -English skills: intermediate - advanced -DayZ Mod Experience: none -DayZ Standalone Experience: played since launch -Roleplaying experience: MMO's mostly, first time in a survival game -In-game role: no need for heroes, brains before muscle, teamwork and tactics are key to success, I like to provide support for my group (from flanking to save a pinned down friend or bandaging a bleeding ally. My role often depends on the situation and what is required of me. -Clan and group experience: only with groups of friends to around 6 people -Additional notes: I play on the S1 EU server, from around 7PM - 1AM ECT. -Contact: PM Hope we can be part of many adventures together. David
  6. MKM

    Rifleman's Guide to Developing your First Character

    Thank you for the tips, really helpful. A lot of hard decisions ahead