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  1. what the hell.. this is fucking genius.
  2. Server and location: S2 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5:30 ish Your in game name: Benjamin Flint Names of allies involved: Brandon Donati, Samuel White Name of suspect/s: Eric Coleman, John Moody. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me, Eric Coleman, and John moody were standing in a shed around a fire talking to get warm, I see john moody grab a grenade and unpin it, I thought he dropped it inside so I run outside and suddenly blow up. I was also offended by his comment towards me in teamspeak after what happened and my brother has Aspergers so I took extra offense to the comment that was definitely not needed.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-RP1-NVFL-BADRP-0200-3-25-16 Why the verdict is not fair: I think I was overall not acknowledged by the staff involved with the report, and they didn't ask for my side of the story enough, to them it was a completely different slate, if they had asked me to come into teamspeak and explain into further detail, I would've and it would be a lot clearer. I do not understand why was I given a ban for BadRP when my RP was overall good in the situation, and it was my NVFL that got me punished. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What I did with the grenade was successful, I agree if it was unsuccessful it would've been NVFL because 5 guys vs 2 guys and a grenade, we were very overpowered and overmenned. However, I killed them, and managed to get away from the situation, prior to going into the town, we knew that they were there. Knowing that, me and my friend (Bubba) discussed no matter what happened, do what you have to do to get out alive, don't worry about me. We both had agreed to doing this. I got away with the grenade blast, and managed to escape, it was only the time where I decided to turn around and go back into town (the point where they shot me and killed me) that was the mistake, I could've easily got away with some altered and right judgements. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A possible revoke of the ban, or a shortened punishment. What could you have done better?: I could have gone along with the hostage taking or robbery and not risked a ban of 5 days for NVFL.
  4. are you stripping your buddies gear so they can come back and get it?
  5. My POV: my friend and I walk into lopatino, and start talking to some men. We knew it was up to no good when they started asking for "tax" and saying they were tax collectors. I know after giving them things and them wanting more it was going to end up badly. They say they have friends coming to talk to me and for me not to leave, another man from behind the wall starts screaming hands up and I put them up, and then I say "I'm not going down without a fight" pull a grenade, toss it on the ground and run. By the way you all were acting there was a slim to none chance of me getting out of their alive because the way my character is played he doesn't take much crap from anyone. I run back around and pull my glock, to put shots back on the men standing over my dead friend. After I run out of ammo in my mag I turn and flee. I get engaged on by a man with a SVD and run to a nearby house, I Hear someone start to run around the house and talk to me so I pull my second grenade and toss it around the side of the house hoping to get the man trying to kill me, but it goes off and kills no one. I then start to flee as I'm taking more shots, I tell him he will rot in hell with his men, and I take AK shots to the back, ending my life. If there is anyone confusing or OP wanting to talk to me in teamspeak just let me know.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Execution-of-compliant-hostage Why the verdict is not fair: There was no reason for us to know that this man was dead outside, realistically we would not go outside and check if he was there? I feel that what I did was justified and correct, if not, sorry about that. "Bandits have a duty of care to their victim(s) unless execution is justified and role-played" The execution was justified, we screamed at the man outside to close the doors, multiple times before I gave him a timer. There was no way for any of us to know he was dead. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I do understand what you guys feel is RDM but I feel like what I did was perfectly fine because we could not tell if the man outside was dead or not, he could've just been trying to stall us. we already had high tensions with this group for robbing us the other day and I executed this man because the man outside did not follow my demands, I know he was dead but at the time there was no way for us to check if the man outside was dead or not, and we were not sure how many of them there were. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Take away ban and take away ban points. What could you have done better?: waited longer and checked if the guy outside was dead, not be so quick to execute a hostage.
  7. baker

    Execution of compliant hostage

    Alright, so we run into a man in stary named Daniel. He was a trader and had ran into our friend Bennie, and Bennie planned to bring him into stary to meet us! Daniel proceeded to tell us that he was meeting up with a friend and we start to RP and talk and I ask him for his bag, and he says "No, I think I'd like to keep it." So we start to develop a conversation and then I hear Kozlov say "PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW" and I immediately tell him to stop over the radio, and then a few minutes of talking pass and he starts to get anxious and move around like we're going to shoot him or something, so we initiate on him. "PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND DROP YOUR WEAPONS" we say, and then we move him into the church. We talk to him and then the church doors fly open and we get shot at. Kozlov returns fire from his AK and the shadow dips outside the church. I hear kozlov say that he got shot in the foot and then I call out "SHUT THE CHURCH DOORS IN 5 SECONDS OR I WILL EXECUTE YOUR FRIEND!" "FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE" and the church doors were not shut. I turn to this man and execute him with a swift bullet to the head, I feel that what the shotgun guy did was a blatant example of NVFL and pure ignorance rushing 3 men fully armed in military gear with just a pump shotgun. Thank you for your time! EDIT: I will not be answering anymore questions or posting to this thread unless asked to do so by staff.
  8. The only reason there are so many reports at GM is because so many people go there, higher population = more situations and mess ups. It's simple, say if 5 people are in Cherno and 1 makes a report, but there are 25 at GM and 5 make a report. It's not a bad place, just so many people are there.
  9. Link to source of punishment: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Possible-NLR--74875 Why the verdict is not fair: I feel that the verdict is unfair because I did wait 1 hour to go back and when I got there, I did not speak to anyone because I remembered it had only been a hour I left to pogorevka where I got followed there and had to RP. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Well I spawned on the coast, ran down the coast and up through zelenogorsk to GM, and It felt like it took forever like dayz usually does when running. I get to GM and I look at my phone and see it had only been a hour so I immediately leave, and when I do leave I get followed down to pogorevka. Which is 1000 Meters away, and I am forced to RP. What would you like to Achieve with this appeal: I would like to have my ban lifted and ban strikes removed. What could you have done better?: Well I feel that I should have kept better track of time and not even went near GM, I do believe I did what I should've and just left and not spoken to anyone. I have learned my lesson from this and will check the time thoroughly throughout my journey next time. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  10. baker

    Possible NLR

    First of all, I was not trolling with RP, I was lagging so I could not hear him properly and I was asking to go to the church because I was getting cold and I asked if we could start a fire in there, and in the grand scheme of things It does look like I only waited about 55-ish minutes to head back but from when I traveled to meet with friends in Pogorevka which is 950 meters from GM, I understand what happened and sorry for that, I understand that I did break NLR But I am very sorry and the only reason I did break it is because in the heat of the moment It felt that the 45 minutes I took to get there felt like forever, because I ran from Kamyshovo all the way down the coast, and then up through zelenogorsk. If you'd like clay I can talk to you on teamspeak and apologize and go into more detail on the situation, sorry for this and I understand it is my fault.
  11. We've talked in TS and all came to a conclusion that this can be dropped, please close this thread!
  12. I was not told one time to keep my mouth shut, and If I was I'd like to see video evidence showing that I was told that! And also, was there a point for robbing me?
  13. Your friend was in a fistfight and someone shot at him, In the confusion of events he shot at Malvik and in return, Malvik killed him, I was there watching bud.
  14. Server and location: S3 GM Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 3:00 GM Daytime or Night-time: Nighttime. Your in game name: Kyle Lamia Names of allies involved: Malvik Venskia Name/Skin of suspect/s: Full Ghillie Suit and lots of other people. Suspects weapon/s: AK / AKM? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any) N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None on my side sadly. Detailed description of the events: Well I went into GM and after Malvik was KOS'ed I was taken hostage, and once they gave me 3 different places in the jail to go, they said "GO TO THE CORNER!, NO. NEVERMIND, GO TO THE ROOM! OH, GO BACK INTO THE CORNER! and at that point me trying to waddle around the jail while tied up has gotten me pretty angry, seeing as they just randomly killed my best friend. I say "Well Shit man where do you want me to go?" and once I am in the corner I look at the man in the full ghillie quickly say "Wow, You look like you just crawled out of your mother's snatch." and then a man with a AK variant puts one bullet in my head. And I would've stopped talking if one they told me to be quiet or they told me to stop talking shit.