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  1. Pretty much as Osaka said, if you see someone troll post don't bother replying, just report their post
  2. Your brother would need to register on a separate IP, or talk to an admin, you can play using the same IP, just not registration.
  3. It takes alot of getting used to, when I first joined the server I ended up dying about 8-10 times in a row, from zombies alone.
  4. I'm English, I take no offense the to swastika, depending how it's used of course. It was used way back in history, before the Nazis. I mean come on it happened in the past anyway, Don't hold grudges it's really not worth it.
  5. Stubbles

    Clan Panel future

    I like the idea of clan skins, free with a lease per clan, would be nice. The only problem I see is with the war system - Unless you can make the server generate kills and deaths by clan tags - And shot on a GUI for admins or staff of a certain rank, rather then then having to trawl through the logs. if not it's going to be messy to monitor. Other then that keep up the good work staff/devs.
  6. Stubbles

    DayZRP 1.2.0 Skins Part 1

    Dem latex gloves.
  7. Welcome man, enjoy your stay here, hope to see you in the server!
  8. Stubbles

    Hello from the Colonel o/

    Welcome to DayZRP! Enjoy your stay.
  9. Sounds fun wherever it would happen +1
  10. Timers do seem slightly fast, if they could be slowed down even slightly, would be good.
  11. That was so epic man, last time I flew one of them.. I didn't make it out of the trees.