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  1. Pretty much as Osaka said, if you see someone troll post don't bother replying, just report their post
  2. Your brother would need to register on a separate IP, or talk to an admin, you can play using the same IP, just not registration.
  3. It takes alot of getting used to, when I first joined the server I ended up dying about 8-10 times in a row, from zombies alone.
  4. I'm English, I take no offense the to swastika, depending how it's used of course. It was used way back in history, before the Nazis. I mean come on it happened in the past anyway, Don't hold grudges it's really not worth it.
  5. Clan Panel future

    I like the idea of clan skins, free with a lease per clan, would be nice. The only problem I see is with the war system - Unless you can make the server generate kills and deaths by clan tags - And shot on a GUI for admins or staff of a certain rank, rather then then having to trawl through the logs. if not it's going to be messy to monitor. Other then that keep up the good work staff/devs.
  6. DayZRP 1.2.0 Skins Part 1

    Dem latex gloves.
  7. Welcome man, enjoy your stay here, hope to see you in the server!
  8. Welcome to DayZRP! Enjoy your stay.
  9. Sounds fun wherever it would happen +1
  10. Timers do seem slightly fast, if they could be slowed down even slightly, would be good.
  11. How to fly a heli

    That was so epic man, last time I flew one of them.. I didn't make it out of the trees.