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  1. currently moving house. what a hassle. ugh. 

    1. Ranger163


      Where you at


  2. Hail Exodious.


  3. I need more cannibal friends :( 

  4. *Private Freq* Jock Callout

    *Jack sitting on the blood stained floor of a lonely house out by Stary Sobor, wearing his clown mask and staring at the ceiling, hears the man talking from Jock's radio laying on the floor also covered in blood inside. He would then look over to the radio making this noise, stand up and walk to the other side of the room to Jock's radio, leaving bloody footprints across the floor. Picks up the radio pushes down on the PTT and after a short pause, begins to talk in his usual gravelly voice* "Hhhi thhherhh. Johhhck ihs out rihhght nohhw *he laughs* hmmhhh. Cahhhn I help you? Gihhve me yhhour location and I'll come talk with youhh, yehhhs? *he laughs again* hmmmhh. *Jack releases the PTT and sits with the radio in his hands staring into Jock's radio for a reply*
  5. New Premium model

    Good idea, more affordable. I like it.
  6. had a lot of fun being an emperor of gorka with @lukzo2024. shame I didn't get to cut the guys toes off in time next time Then after being gatted back to the coast,I met Dylan and 2 others, that was hilarious! cheers for the RP lads. Had a great time.
  7. *Jock grabs his radio from his vest pocket and pushes down the PTT* I can wait at the Green mountain 30 minutes for you. I'll head up there now. *Jock releases the PTT, stuffs his radio in his vest pocket and heads out the front door of 'The Lodge'*
  8. *Jock pulls the Radio back out of his vest pocket and pushes down on the PTT* Endeavour, I appreciate your offer of transport. I've noted your frequency and I'm sure we'll be in touch over the next few days with a couple of jobs. We all appreciate the help. *Jock stuffs his radio back into his vest pocket and sit's by the fire*
  9. Sams Workshop (Open frequency)

    *Jock very busy, quickly grabs his Radio and pushed down the PTT* I look forward to meeting with you, Travel safe. *Jock releases PTT , stuffs his radio in his vest pocket and gets back to work*
  10. Sams Workshop (Open frequency)

    *Jock hears this and it pleases him* *Pushes down the PTT on his radio without hesitation* Hey there, friend. This sounds like a nice wee thing you have going here. I myself am In the same trade. I'd like to get together and have a chat, maybe we can work together out of 'The Lodge'. Head West of Green Mountain to an old summer camp, I'll be there the next few days. Ask for Jock. *Jock releases his PTT *
  11. *Jock pleased to hear this pulls his Radio from his vest pocket and pushes down on the PTT* Hey there lad, I like what you have to say. Good to hear that there is more out there who still see's the good in people. *short pause* I think It'd be worthwhile coming down the hill to 'The Lodge', West at the foot of the mountain for a chat. I never caught yer name lad, If you decide to come this way, ask for Jock. I'll be around for the next few days. *Jock releases the PTT and stuffs his radio back into his vest pocket.*
  12. I think this is a great Idea, would lead to some interesting RP i'm sure. would be a great place for travelers like myself to stop off at and feel safe.
  13. Had a good time traveling with @Mace today! 
    done a spot of fishing too. :D


  14. *Jock hears a voice buzzing from his left vest pocket and digs out his radio to listen in* *After listening to what Mason has to say, Jock pushes down his PTT and begins to talk in his Scottish accent* Hello there Mason, I hear you're working on an outpost, I too have been working on something similar. I'm glad to hear from another who still see's the good in this world. I think we should get together and have a chat. Maybe over some steak and a couple beers. *short pause* Head to 'The Lodge'. It's an Old Summer Camp, West of The Green Mountain. Ask for Jock. I'll be around. I hope to hear from you soon. *Jock lets go of his PTT, cracks a small smile as he stuffs his radio back into his left vest pocket, Picks up his axe and continues chopping firewood*
  15. 'change, spare change?' :P