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  1. I've never heard your name before sorry 1/10
  2. I give Mortimer Finch permission to speak for me, as I do not have a stable internet connection currently. Edit: My internet situation has been fixed, I retract this statement. The report still stands, however.
  3. Server and location: Server 2, Elektro Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 02:45:00 3/20/15 Daytime or Night-time: Night time Your in game name: Dennis Kraemer Names of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspect/s: Didn't get a look at him Suspects weapon/s: Revolver Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I logged onto DayZRP to get to my buddies that were at Vybor. I was quickly looting the Police station when I hear a voice call out "Heellp mee". Of course I run out, with my axe in my hands, to see what's going on. Shortly after I run out, I desync, and someone appears besides me and begins firing. I took damage, and I begun to bleed, before Battleye kicked me for my client not responding. There was not enough time for a proper initiation to be held, I don't think. It was in the span of ~5-6 seconds after I'd run outside, and the attacker must've been following me, as he wasn't outside, where I thought the voice had come from. After a lot of waiting, I relogged, and I had not been killed, but I had been badly damaged. However, it is still RDM/KoS, as he didn't have enough time to initiate on me.
  4. These entries can be found scattered around Chernaurus, wherever Dennis may stay for a longer-than-normal period of time. "Entry 1: My name is Dennis Kraemer and I've begun a journal for the sake of keeping sane. Considering I'm rolling around with Aiden Hayes most of the time, this journal is needed. He never shuts up. Speaking of never shutting up, there he goes again. Looks like he's going on about finding someone named Justice. We're heading out now, will write when I have another chance." "Entry 2: Something I forgot to mention in my last entry; not only does Aiden talk a lot, he also is a murderer. Granted, it was them or us, but he shows little remorse. It's almost like he doesn't even recognize it's real people he's killing. I have nightmares about him killing me, simply because I had more food." Entry 3 is written shakily, and it's almost as if Dennis is crying. "Entry 3: Aiden forced me to kill today. He got himself held up and I had to stop them. I killed three. They haunt me, it's almost as if I can hear them asking me why I killed them. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry." Entry 4 is written a lot calmer, and smoother, than the rest. "Entry 4: I've begun to make a home at Novo. I am helping others, and it's helping my guilty conscious. Nothing will make me forget, however, their faces. Nothing." //Feel free to write your character's reactions to reading these! I'm curious to see how people react. //Oh, and feel free to write OOC tips on writing, could use 'em!
  5. I was hanging around Green Mountain alone when this soft spoken yet oddly unnerving man walks in. We begin to talk, I tell him my name, Dennis, he tells me his, Noah, and then he asks me about any groups. I only know a few, so I tell him of the Blood Pack and the Masquerade. I go into detail about all the things I've been told about the Masquerade, pretty gruesome stuff. After hearing all this, he says he's feeling rather tired, and is about to leave. Before he does, he asks me if I'd like to see a magic trick. I say sure, and on his mask goes. A chill ran through my spin as he told me that he was Masquerade and that I'd do better not telling lies. Damn near pissed my pants. I was sure he was gonna kill me or at least wound me for all the shit I said. All around amazing roleplay. 10/10.
  6. Bone112

    Favorite weapon?

    I personally prefer the Mosin, as I like to know what's going on in a town before I head in. Remember the three rules to staying alive in a zombie apocalypse kids, Observe everything, Trust no one, Always check for bite marks.
  7. Bone112

    Rifleman's Guide to Developing your First Character

    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely try some of that out! Another thing I've started doing is trying to get into character for 30-45 minutes before I even start playing. I think that's been helping, plus I'm just getting more comfortable. It tends to confuse my roommates too, which I find pretty funny. And good luck with your App! Hopefully I'll see you in game before too long. No problem, I hope it helps! And yeah, really getting into your character's head before you start playing makes a big difference, at least for me. Enough practice, though, and you might even catch yourself thinking like your character even outside of game, haha. And thanks man! Was 16/424 yesterday, now I'm 63/349. Not sure why, but I'm cool with waiting as long as I need, seems like this is worth it!
  8. Damn! Shoulda caught this thread before I submitted my application. Luckily, we get three tries, right? Although, I'm fairly confident I nailed my application, just have to wait. Great thread though, thanks!
  9. Bone112

    Rifleman's Guide to Developing your First Character

    Hey there! I felt as though I should reply and try to help you out, even though I'm currently only in the process of getting my application reviewed. I have, however roleplayed for a while, so tell me if this helps out. Instead of getting into your character's head, get into your own head. Think about your responses, and if need be, explain in OOC that you need a second to think of a response. How would you respond if A, B, and C, happened to you? Once you've got how YOU would respond, use that as a base/reference for how your character would respond. You just watched a man get ripped apart by a zombie, how would you respond? You'd probably turn in disgust, or even gag a little bit, depending on how steely you are. Now think of how steely your character is. If they're squeamish, they might gag or even throw up, because dear lord that's a lot of blood. Hope this helps!
  10. Hello! Good luck in getting your application accepted mate!
  11. Hey man! Wish you luck in getting your application accepted!
  12. Good luck in getting your application accepted mate!
  13. Bone112

    [BHM] The Black Hat Militia

    This group looks perfect for me! If I'm accepted and if no group decides to message me from the thing I posted on the looking for group thread, then I'll definitely apply! Can't wait!
  14. Hello! My name is Bone and I'm currently waiting to get accepted, here's hoping it's soon. But if I get accepted, I'm excited to join you guys in game!
  15. IGN: Dennis Kraemer Age: 16 Country: America English skills: It's all I speak, so, fluent. DayZ Mod Experience: Very little, as I got into DayZ a month or two before Standalone was announced. DayZ Standalone Experience: I currently have 37 hours into it, so I'm slightly experienced. Always room for improvement, though. Roleplaying Experience: I started roleplaying when I was 10, started paragraph roleplaying when I was 13, and I currently run three roleplay blogs, all in paragraph format, on Tumblr. I have a few OC's some from their own universe. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I like to sit on the hill and watch with binoculars and provide sniper support with, obviously, a sniper. I personally believe I'm a decent shot, but that's up to you to decide. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope! Additional notes: I'm a bit scatterbrained and I have a terrible memory, if you want me to do something you may have to tell me more than once. I apologize in advance. Best way to contact you: Skype: Bone1124 Backstory: Dennis Kraemer is an American male of German descent. He is white with a slight tan. He was born and raised in America, however his mother was Native American, and considering her family was a lot closer than his German father's family, he spent most of his life visiting them. He still maintained a Californian accent, however, despite his constant exposure to his Native American family. He only knows a few words in his mother's tribe's language, as he was never formally taught. Dennis was raised to know how to hunt and to give thanks to the creatures he's killed, thanking them for their meat/fur/bones. He hunted with a bow from age 7 to age 16, where he switched to hunting with a rifle. He was given a chance to meet his family on his father's side when he was 20, and he leaped on the opportunity. The family he was visiting lived in Lower Russia, in a place known as Chernarus. This was how he was caught in the start of the apocalypse.