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  1. Annnnnd this! But with the amount of glitches with V3S imagine the amount of deaths during flying and landing. Can't wait to blow up on first contact with a blade of grass.
  2. Would be interesting to see RP wise as not many should be able to fly a helicopter....would definitely increase the amount of former pilots lol
  3. huenana

    Open Broadcast, Marriage advice.

    After hearing the message, Bobby picks up his old radio, sitting beside the fire. "Uhh, yeah, hello there I suppose......" Bobby pauses to think for a second before resuming. "Listen, I don't know or care much about marriage and such, but ask yourself the following......How much would you regret losing the person in question?" He puts the radio aside for a moment, grabs his canteen and downs a big gulp of water. Feeling refreshed, he picks the device up yet again and speaks out. "We're living in a cruel world. Now, I'm not saying that you should push love away, but.....we've all lost so much....are you prepared to lose some more?" The young man places the radio back to it's original position and continues cooking his meal.
  4. Dogs perhaps, although any kind of animal you would be able to 'control' seems kind of a far fetched idea seeing as with the current state of the game it's a mission to even gut a pig. Maybe somewhere far in the future.
  5. huenana

    Game why...?

    sonic is real
  6. My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
  7. The curse got the better of us. This time.
  8. Would be cool to be able to stick a potato on the end of your gun for a one-shot suppressor. With the current AI it's basically impossible to hunt animals with a bow since they run away as soon as you get within like 200m
  9. huenana

    Quinn Bauer's Story (SEASON 1)

    Absolutely fucking brilliant. Just did a marathon of all 7 episodes. Loving it so far, keep it up man.
  10. they'll be revealed as the story goes on
  11. "FUCKING RUN MACCA, SAVE YOURSELF!" Red shouted, as he collapsed onto the dirt in a heap. His shouts of caution were followed by piercing screams as he was torn apart by the dead. Bobby didn't look back. He fucking legged it. After what feels like hours of running, an exhausted Bobby finally reaches an abandoned, rotting old farmhouse. He kicks open the door and blocks the motherfucker up with a bookshelf and a sofa which he proceeds to sit on. Screams of the dead echoing in the distance, his mind was now in tatters. Red was the first person he had met after the world had gone to shit and now he was all alone again. Bobby bursts into tears, grabs a book from the bookshelf and launches it across the room. It hits a window and breaks it. "Why me," he ponders, "why the FUCK am I still alive!?" He grabs the old shotgun he had been carrying around since the start of the end and pushes the barrel right up to his chin. As he is about to pull the trigger, he hears a distorted scream coming from the other side of the house. "Must've alerted the bastard with that fucking window," Bobby says to himself. Bobby grabs his shotgun and begins walking towards the voice. He reaches the door containing the sound and kicks it open, ready to fire his weapon. As the door opens, the weapon slides out of his hand and drops on the floor. He gazes at the room in disbelief. "Oh my fucking god," Bobby whispers out as death stares right back at him, screaming and snarling at the young man. Bobby opens up his backpack and pulls out an old but nevertheless sharp kitchen knife. He walks up to the infected and pushes the knife through her skull. Then he proceeds to cut the rope the young girl was hung with. Upon inspecting the body, he spots a piece of paper sticking out of her pocket. A message is written on the piece of paper. To be continued.
  12. growing potatoes would basically mean growing illegal silencers