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  1. It's not really a town, just a few buildings near Three Valleys, the barn just down the road has been the cause of so many of my mishaps, that I just completely ignore it, no matter what it tries to tempt me with!
  2. When I made my first friend in game, and were subsequently shot at by a group of bandits. We were barely geared up (only one gun between us), but by the end my new buddy had died saving me, and together we took out four of them...followed immediately by a server restart. My first real armed conflict in SA
  3. Appreciate the guide and the tips others have added, definitely useful for us new to it. I do have something that I would like to check with you. What is an example of character backstory that's either over the top or not appropriate? For example, I'm tossing up a few ideas on how mine should go, and am thinking to try and use a gameplay feature/aspect to start it off? I don't mean something like a top notch cop/soldier familiar with ALL guns etc, I mean what is within the realm of belief when it comes RP in a Zombie apocalypse situations?
  4. Hello everybody, if the title didn't give it away, I hail from the land down under, South Australia to be more precise. (We don't actually throw shrimp's on the barbie, 10 points if you know why ) As for a little bit about me, I'm 23 and have enjoyed gaming for about the last fourteen years or so, but only in the last three have I been able to break into the PC area. Just recently I found out about DayZRP and have found it to be very intriguing. What I find so interesting and enticing is the engagement with others and more social nature that brings this intense and evolving dynamic atmosphere to the game, which is what I think game trys to provide. I'm usually more of a skittish survivor, I've only been in a handful of firefights, I tend to let others pass without making my presence known unless it's unavoidable. Never actually held anyone up or been held up my self (had many pot shots taken in my general direction though...). Only recently been playing with friends and have been having a blast working as a group, so hoping to find more experiences like it, look forward to seeing you out there! Cheers!