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  1. We will need to wait for like 2 months more imho due to the holiday season... We will see.
  2. I don't know why didn't noticed this guide earlier... Well done and still up to date!
  3. ocet

    Life is Feudal (Medieval MMO with castle/town building)

    There was a hotifix yday if i well remember. And it worked for me even before. Hmm...
  4. ocet

    Life is Feudal (Medieval MMO with castle/town building)

    I'm getting 10-15fps no matter what settings i'm using. Anyone willing to play LiF? I'd like to find server to play on, but, i don't want to play alone.. cause it simply makes no sense at all.
  5. ocet

    Life is Feudal (Medieval MMO with castle/town building)

    If i only have a group to play with again... everyone i knew abandoned this game. Last time i played it shortly after early acess release.
  6. Southern part of Poland since the day of birth!
  7. Loading... and shooting my trusty 1860 Colt Army
  8. ocet

    .59 Experimental Update #1 now live

    WOBO made spear yday on stream Long wooden stick + bone It's like pitchfork but looks cool. Also you can now eat cooked meat and not get sick. Berries with new models: http://imgur.com/a/Hy55k EDIT: We can now make holes in barrels and use them as stove/furnances.
  9. Looks like my first char needs to get back. Szymon Olszewski, polish paramedic from UN.
  10. And we're going to add i think.. two (?) more songs somewhere in the future. Also i'm going to make translations of the lyrics.
  11. ocet

    Radio Sounds for Teamspeak

    They said that modding will be in SA. With usage of steam workshop.
  12. ocet

    Radio Sounds for Teamspeak

    Just wait for modding on SA.. we need ACRE from Arma 2/3
  13. Hunter jackets at: I suggest checking old "gun house". Small one with the blue window frames. Hunter pants: New school building. I usually check only PT hall.
  14. Nicely done Majkel! Just a little sneak peak: That was our idea.. and there will be coming more right after!