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  1. Braxton Helbring was born in Ryde, Britain 1963. He grew up in a small household along with his family and him being the middle child. As the young Braxton grew up into his early teenage years, he stuck by the sides of his cousins Rodney and Toby. Their family, the Helbring blood is corrupted, violent and a nightmare. He was involved in fights during school along with his two cousins. The bullying, the fighting, the way they looked at life itself, to them they just saw it as their own playground, to do whatever they pleased. The three boys during school were feared and they were known. They kept to themselves as they didn't want to affiliate themselves with anyone else. As years go by in school and during the midterm of grade 10, Braxton picked up on how his two cousins would come to school with bruising, this was unusual. Braxton supported the two but they didn't say much in response. He was quick to pick up on the fact that it was about their old man. Towards the end of that year a gruesome incident occurred with his two cousin's at their household. "He had enough" - Toby informs to Braxton. It was all a mystery. A few weeks later with no sign of Rodney, Toby had left school and made his way overseas with an older close friend. Braxton stayed put with his family, continued with his schooling and ended up getting a job down at the local pub once he was at the age of 16. He missed his cousins and during hard times and of desperate needs, he really missed them. Braxton in good time eventually met a girl named Gabby in the local pub he was working at. He had continued on saving and stashing away the money that he earned working and also carrying out jobs with a small thug group that worked for the local MC. The work had made him a fair pile of money, he was paid well as it took unwanted eyes away from the MC. Gabby's wishes were to travel and Braxton was influenced by her wishes, he's always had an interest in seeing the world but the most desired place they wanted to see was Russia. A great portion of Gabby's family are Russian and she's never seen where that great portion of her family grew up. Braxton was all for it and as soon as the two were out of school and had time off work they packed their things and headed over to a small town in Russia named Chita. Within the first week of spending their time together, they were camping out in a nearby forest with a pack of hippies and fellow tourists. Gabby and Braxton laid down and held each other in their warm embrace by the crackling fire, they listened to the hippies play their instruments and sing passionately in their native tongue. Chapter I: First Light The distant noise of crickets as the campfire gradually dies out, Braxton woke up with a cold sweat along his brow and his jaw shook, realising the nightmare he was still stuck in. He stared into the dying campfire as he laid there on his right shoulder, gripping a diary close to his chest. In accordance to listening to the crackling fire he relaxed his lazy eyes as if he was to fall asleep again, only to be startled by a distinct noise. Braxton looks around his little camp area as he hugs himself with the diary still held close to his bare chest, inhaling heavily and then refocuses his eyes back onto the campfire. Once again, Braxton hears the distinct noise again and looks to his right to spot one of the creatures waddling their way towards him, puffing out the needy groans and violent screeches. He looks away from the creature appearing to not even be concerned, only then to stand up and approach it whilst keeping a tight grip around the handle of his machete. As Braxton gazes upon the fire after reading a couple of the pages to himself, he reflects back on the past year being a lonewolf, deep in thought about his beloved Gabby and his cousins. Running a finger along the blade of his machete, he sets down the diary to his left and begins sharpening his weapon. Halting his actions and pausing, he remembers a certain memory about the short time he spent with the hippie group and his girlfriend. Pondering upon the memory, a tear rolls down one of his dirty cheeks. Braxton did not raise a hand to wipe the tear away, he stood idle by the campfire with the creature behind him dead and face down in a pool of mud. He realised that this moment was valuable even though it was dark, that he has his memories and it's up to him to create a future with what he has got in which those memories are not lost. He sighs. Slumping himself back down onto the damp ground, he picks up his bottle of booze and begins drinking the lonely night away, his closest friends being only the nearby shoreline, the crickets in the distance and the campfire at the end of his feet. The tear gradually drops off the bottom of his jaw and lands down onto the cover of the diary he held in his lap. Running one of his thumbs along the golden colored imprinted text down the bottom right corner of the diary, he took another swig from the bottle. "..Gabby" - Braxton quietly mumbled as he read the name off the cover. As he then tries to keep his mind occupied with something else, he couldn't help but think about the one night that changed his life forever. Raising the bottle back up to his lips to take another drink, he wipes his mouth clean and then withdraws his revolver from the inside of his jacket, pushing the end of the cold barrel against the side of his head. He wanted the pain to stop. He pulls the trigger after feeling the first bit of light he felt in a long time, only to be fooled by the moonlight and the chamber to his revolver being empty. So he had thought, checking the chamber to find two bullets still inside. Was this luck or a sign? He thought. Twisting the bottlecap back on his drink, he stored it away along with the diary and the revolver. With two quick stomps to the fire to put it out and a sling around his right shoulder with the backpack, he made his way down the railroad track under the moonlight with the only thought that his world was far away from everything. If you made it to the end, thank you! I'll be posting more and constructive criticism is always welcomed.
  2. NLR stands for New Life Rule. The NLR rule deals with character death, you lose all memories of the event and the actions leading up to it. This can include the person who killed you, other players involved and where it happened. When you die, you are forbidden to return within a 1km radius of the location of death until 90 minutes has passed. Your previous body and/or any other bodies involved with your death may not be tampered with, new lives should be separate from the old. If I was killed and lost my equipment and supplies I would lose memories of the events leading up to my death. During my new life, if I was to come across my killer, I would not be allowed to take revenge on him for his previous actions. If I was asked over Teamspeak who killed me, in terms of NLR I would not be allowed to state the killers name or otherwise use previous life knowledge to my advantage. Should the NLR timer be in effect before a server restarts, the timer will still be in effect when the server comes back up. -------------------------------- KoS stands for Kill on Sight. KoS and the importance of role play over rule play: Your reasoning for killing another player must always be justified in roleplay. For example, If I were to shoot Mr Smith from 1km away without making initial contact, for no reason at all, that would blatantly be KoS and I should expect to be reported. Approaching the player and making direct, clear contact is needed before you can make any sort of hostile action against them. If you are a bandit and are seeking to loot, it must all be done through roleplay. You can't just shoot someone without all that important first contact, no matter the reason. Luring other players into events where you can take advantage, metagame or trick them into combat is also against the Rules of Play. - Similarly, both text and voice chat should be used when initiating on a vehicle to avoid any misunderstandings as this could potentially lead towards rules being broken or bad RP experiences. - If my friends and I were out for a certain someone who wronged us, we would always need to confirm the target if we think we can see him/her in the distance. Confirming the person you are after can avoid rules being broken, one being KoS for this matter. When taking hostile action against a player you must state your demands clearly. It is important to state each demand before harming the player, complying with your demands or not. Taking revenge against a player for his/her hostile action can be done within the Rules of Play. A 2 hour time period from when the hostile action took place is available for the purpose of revenge, as long as this does not involve or conflict any other rules. After the 2 hours are up, the confilct is considered nullified. If your group is within 500 meters and you directly witness harm befalling any member, you may come to his aid without breaching any rule. If you see friends geting robbed you have right to intervene, however if your character has no real reason to intervene it would be another story. Despite all this, it is ALWAYS better to intervene first verbally through roleplay to completely understand the situation versus just attacking the opposing party. When it comes down to sharing KoS rights, you need to meet both of these terms: - You were recently apart of the involved parties group. - You are within 500 meters of the hostile event at the time of occurrence. If you were to hold a player hostage, you must do everything in your power to keep them alive and in decent health. Only if a player you are holding has made hostile actions against you, do you have reason to treat them adversely. (Unless role playing capture and evade etc. But no serious harm should come to them). If a bandit decides that he wants to take the risk of robbing someone there are a few restrictions he must adhere to: If the victim complies, you are given no right to kill them as they have done nothing wrong. In accordance to this, if your victim remains alive after you have finished robbing them, then you must supply them with food and water to survive on their own and to also make sure that they have a realistic chance for survival for when you leave them. You also must protect them as you have a duty of care for your hostage. Protecting your victim against external dangers while they are within your care. Killing any zombies that could threaten them or other events that could threaten their well-being. -------------------------------- As someone completely new here, really eager and wanting to play, I just wanted to say thank you to the people that helped me out on this.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Spoke to Volke in a staff channel on Teamspeak and he referred me here to make a ban appeal. Why the verdict is not fair: I didn't get to actually use my last attempt rightfully when applying for the Whitelist and I know exactly what I did wrong in my application. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So just like any other ordinary person that has submitted their Whitelist applications, I was rejected the first two attempts with sending it in. Being notified by a person in my Teamspeak channel after the second rejection that I could only have one more attempt, they who are all Whitelisted and can vouch for me (Hilde Kosiolek, May Snarlfang, John Crowley and [NFC] Phillip Frost) helped me out with what I had done wrong in my second attempt and it was as clear as anything with what I did wrong in explaining the KoS rights. It was right in front of my eyes and I couldn't see it until Hilde and Phillip pointed it out to me. Whilst waiting throughout the next day for the timer to expire I worked really hard polishing up my application in a Word document for the last attempt and received help from the people named above. I occasionally kept refreshing the page to keep on top of how long I had left to apply. The last time I saw left was 5 hours remaining. To what I thought was 5 hours later I had then refreshed the page because I thought the timer was up and time to submit my last attempt. Whilst my friends were still in the same channel at the time, unfortunately it had actually sent off I think a duplicate copy of my second attempt, using up my only and last attempt which was obviously rejected for the exact same reason. I panicked and asked my friend Hilde with what to do, she told me to go to the helpdesk channel in Teamspeak. I spoke to Volke and he politely helped out, telling me to send a message with what happened to the Admins and to make a ban appeal if anything was to happen. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be taken off the Blacklist, I really want to play here and I want to use my last attempt in order to be accepted in. If any other player reads this, make sure you just simply navigate to the Whitelist if you are wanting to apply again after being rejected. Do not refresh the page while waiting for the timer to expire. What could you have done better?: I could have been a lot more careful with what I was doing.