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    Fast Bear

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      all bears are fast aint they?

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  3. If you thought that was bad you should see the rest of the base 

  4. Hebee

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    Thoughts and Prayers

    1. OGpatch37


      Some people just dont understand what is outside their PC bubbles tbh

    2. Hebee


      When something that someone is apparently born with is referred to as a choice in a message telling you about how you are being offensive. I am dead. Check your privileges. 

  5. Right man.. Also all my old Squad Run Deep photos are on my old comp. expect those someday to return.
  6. Boon Of Dog's March North The Spaghetti Monster(Idk who was leaving these notes but they were everywhere) When @Darkside Went to go diffuse a outhouse landmine.. @Kevin When we were all thugs and bullied people who didn't have fashion at GM When Communism Cleared A Forrest @Duster Shoo ping Yao's Pimpin Apartment (When he wasn't dead) @Hebee @Kevin @Lemon The 501st Berry Picking Hangout @Kevin (Most of these you were with me sooo..) When you were unconscious for literally 45 minutes and I built fires around you and prayed... Then you woke up @Sylvester Todd When The Masquerade Robbed that poor guy who just started the bus route as well as all his passengers. Finally... The Masquerades shanty town.. FORT ZUCCHINI @Sylvester Todd @Hebee @Duster @LarryLobsterGuy @Kevin @Lemon Back when DayZRP was fun ya know?
  7. OGpatch37

    CitadelRP.com - new community

  8. Btw Throwback @Dew


    1. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      Bruh I have been looking for this picture for years my guy.

    2. OGpatch37


      I had it Saved broski

    3. Joe is dead

      Joe is dead

      That shit was so lit.

    4. OGpatch37


      Literally, Had to light myself on fire for our shows

  9. Rust RP? I mean banned players coming back for money so anything can happen right?

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    2. Joe is dead
    3. Nihoolious


      GTA 5 RP > Rust RP

    4. OGpatch37
    5. Nihoolious


      Top tier role play trust

    6. Hebee


      No Nihoolious. Fuck GTA

    7. OGpatch37
    8. Nihoolious


      Bad taste in roleplay

    9. Kevin

      Rust is a prestigious roleplay game, where all the real tallent goes tbh

    10. Hebee


      Tbh discord kevin the whole gang is here 

      and i mean the WHOLE gang. 

    11. Kevin

      Sleeping with my gf right now

      Ikr, what a loser.

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      Big ol loser, missing out on Shoo

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      missin out bebe

    15. Kevin

      Idk man

      I have a 12 year old sister, so I can go another day without chillin w/dusty 


  10. Still Cant navigate these forums

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      Its okay, one day old man. 

    2. OGpatch37
  11. Lachlan Getty, Born in Birdville Australia, lived an ordinary life until he was 10 years old when his parents applied to become U.S Citizens. Lachlan’s Parents owned a Small Market and sold a variety of goods before they decided they wanted to pursue a different life in America with some family. It took time but after waiting for a year they gained citizenship. Convinced they could start anew in the country, they went overseas and settled in Georgia. Lachlan’s family purchased an orchard and began to grow a plethora of Apples to sell and eat. The family prospered for a time. At the age of 16 Lachlan enlisted into the U.S Army Underage posed as 18. His family was shocked but accepting of his decision, Lachlan wanted to contribute to his new country and home. Lachlan Was sent overseas to Vietnam in 1974, a Year before the war ended. Lachlan lasted less than a week.. two days after landing at Sóc Trăng Airfield, he was struck by a passing jeep and broke his neck, right leg, collarbone, 6 ribs, and both arms. Lucky to be alive he was medically discharged and sent home. Lachlan’s family was supportive in his time of crisis, helping him heal mentally and physically. Two years after his accident Lachlan decided to move to New Mexico chasing dreams of being an entertainer in Las Vegas. Years later His dreams proved to be nonexistent. Running out of money and drive, he gave up on his dream and moved to Roswell. Becoming a fruit vendor in town, he imported various fruits from all over the world. Becoming a local stop, to get varies of “exotic fruits”. Until fateful night in 1987. In the middle of the night Lachlan Awoke to strange lights and sounds, then waking up the next day outside in the desert. He couldn’t recall how he got there and what happened, believing he was abducted after talking with some locals he packed his things and fled the state. After getting into touch with an army buddy who came to serve and a intelligence specialist abroad in Russia during the cold war, he learned of a place where he could go and sell fruits in peace, Chernarus. Lachlan said goodbye to his family in Georgia one last time and went overseas again. He did not know much of the language but began to try and fit in, this new odd country. Purchasing a stand in Stary and a home in a nearby town, Lachlan got to work doing what he did best, selling/trading fruits. He had arrangement to receive daily shipments of fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, and bananas, even the occasional stock of mangos. For the first time in a while Lachlan felt lucky. Sadly his luck did not last after years of living peacefully selling fruits and learning about the rich culture of chernarus, he developed early onset dementia. Sometimes forgetting what time, place, even country he was in. Not having any loved one or children didn’t help, nobody to remind him of what is true and what is not. Only himself and the customers to keep himself sane at times. All Lachlan did know is that he was an expert salesman. Soon however not even his expertise in fruit sales could stop the Armageddon that was coming, and the wave of death that followed. How he survived the first weeks of the infection are miraculous, the stress of real time events helped his situation within his conscious. Able to tell right from wrong, present and past more easily, but many times he slipped into a fog. However gathering what little wits he had left he fled west with a bundle of fruit trying to find any safe place to hide from the chaos.
  12. Some of my beanz are missing...

    1. SweetJoe


      they rot with time, you know?

    2. OGpatch37


      Shame, they will be missed

    3. Kevin

      hey b

      me too

    4. OGpatch37


      there ya go

    5. Kevin

      miss u

    6. OGpatch37