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  1. Deaner Lore


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  2. Dean Nercke born in Norfolk Virginia lived with his family of 4 and had a basic happy childhood with loving parents and his straight laced older brother. After graduating highschool Dean enrolled in the University of Richmond and began his studies in developmental psychology. A month into his classes he met a lovely Russian girl named Ibecca Stanislavsky and within a week of hitting it off over mutual interests and psychology they began dating. Dean worked part time at a butchery downtown to help pay for basic expenses and quite enjoyed the leisure lifestyle and after 3 years into college he dropped out and became immersed full time in work. after 2 years Ibecca graduated and he proposed to her, she accepted but told him she was going to return to Orenburg her hometown and Dean decided to go with the love of his life. Dean said goodbye to his family and left to Russia. After jumping through a great many hoops to obtain a permit to stay in country while he applied for citizenship he met Ibeccas family and they were delighted to finally meet and after half a year they finally wed. Ibecca found a high paying job to be a developmental psychologist down in the Republic of Chernarus that was eagerly hiring for a new school teacher/counselor in a town called Electrogorsk. They obtained all the necessary documentation to move down and within the month were settled into an apartment. Dean managed to secure a shop venue and decided to open up a butchery like back home while his wife worked at the school. Between work and home Dean took up the hobby of riding motorcycles and loved the freedom he felt when he rode across the roads of Chernarus. The politics of the country didn't matter to him so long as he was happy and his wife was. That blissful life changed when the country went into turmoil in early 2020 sending Dean into worrying for his family's safety for the first time. The Fenzied flu put his wife out of work and by the beginning of February put his butchery out of work with a mandatory shutdown order. Dean and Ibecca spent the next month holed up in their apartment while the country fell apart and the people became mad. Finally Dean decided they were going to flee as north as they could, the two packed their bags hopped onto his motorcycle and left. The two didn't get far before a police vehicle speeding around a corner jsut north of the city slammed into the couple and sent them flying. The accident was horrific Ibecca didn't survive the impact and Dean was launched into a nearby shed. His motorcycle was destroyed and the police only saw one body and hastily cleaned it off the road and went to go report what had happened. Dean suffered immense head trauma and amnesia not knowing who he was and what he was doing all he knew is that his head itched and itched he had to scratch it. Dean had managed to lodge a handful of screws in various places into his helmet through his cranium upon the impact with the sheetmetal shed. With a helmet stuck upon his head and many of his higher brain functions irreparably damaged he walked away only thinking only of meat and itching his head as the tattered name-tag on his jacket only read Dea Ner.
  3. image.png.941f1a2f7b755f762be7d5697717d133.png

    Unearthed a relic from 2015... among many many others

  4. gnomeworm2.png.f79db0889203687ba6c31951a1a416d6.png

    The Gnworm Is Born

  5. image.png.59e60e085fb0486b2880ea7487b0a9bc.pngThe Meat Cycle

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  7. Those Sweet Sweet White-names
  8. So Rolle Are you going to be decreasing these particular loot spawns so the only way we can get these items in game are through your Overpriced item shop??
  9. You Are Role playing in a "Post Apocalyptic World". There are no rules or societal bindings that restrict a person from doing or saying what they want in this scenario. Frankly there should not be any restrictions to what you can or cannot do in this type of world you are RPing in. People should do what they want to do In character, how you respond to it makes Rping in a community like this interesting and fun. Complaining about every little thing kills the vibe of "World over, no rules how do I survive" type of thing. Its kinda what killed this community in the first place.
  10. Lots of Old Names Returning... 

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  11. I mean you killed your playerbase with the previous set of rules and moderation ...so new rules could make this community an Actual RP community again so im all for it. Scrap the hindrances on hostile RP and limiters around initiation rights and dynamic group kos rights. Just redo all the rule changes 2016--> Present.
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