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  1. image.png.941f1a2f7b755f762be7d5697717d133.png

    Unearthed a relic from 2015... among many many others

  2. gnomeworm2.png.f79db0889203687ba6c31951a1a416d6.png

    The Gnworm Is Born

  3. image.png.59e60e085fb0486b2880ea7487b0a9bc.pngThe Meat Cycle

    1. Larry


      Deaner plz

  4. Fisherman that worked on various vessels until boss say cousin needed help in cherno cuzz fishermen on strike or something. Boss flies him over to work on said fishing vessel with bosses cousin things do the ol bad and society collapses. Ill finish writing this later
  5. Blingee


    1. Shroud


      Where have you been young lad

    2. OGpatch37


      Just been off playing different stuff and waiting for them good good mods for DayZ to surface, so not much

  6. Those Sweet Sweet White-names
  7. So Rolle Are you going to be decreasing these particular loot spawns so the only way we can get these items in game are through your Overpriced item shop??
  8. You Are Role playing in a "Post Apocalyptic World". There are no rules or societal bindings that restrict a person from doing or saying what they want in this scenario. Frankly there should not be any restrictions to what you can or cannot do in this type of world you are RPing in. People should do what they want to do In character, how you respond to it makes Rping in a community like this interesting and fun. Complaining about every little thing kills the vibe of "World over, no rules how do I survive" type of thing. Its kinda what killed this community in the first place.
  9. Lots of Old Names Returning... 

    1. FalkRP


      Seems so

  10. I mean you killed your playerbase with the previous set of rules and moderation ...so new rules could make this community an Actual RP community again so im all for it. Scrap the hindrances on hostile RP and limiters around initiation rights and dynamic group kos rights. Just redo all the rule changes 2016--> Present.
  11. Rip my man Hebee, and rip Sylvester status posting abilitys. Sad Sad World 

    1. Zanaan


      Wait... you didn't get banned? O.o

    2. Lyca


      What happened to his status updates? 

    3. Zanaan


      Status updates were made donor only. And Todd is notoriously still a whitename

    4. Lyca


      Ohhhh... that's right... I forgot about that :( 

    5. OGpatch37


      I am just a silent onlooker to this train-wreck that surprisingly ongoing 

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