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  1. Hello, Just passed my 4 year anniversary here and I figured I'd try to make some what of a comeback. Been craving some RP but havn't really taken the time. (Also waiting for VineRP) So, I guess I'm back and I hope there's no whitelist wipe or anything stupid like that. Hope to see some familiar faces around and also new faces! /VK
  2. VaneKyle

    The Pact [Recruitment Open]

    So the last Salvatore can finally find Dante? The one who abandoned us? Have fun boys, might pop by TS and talk!
  3. Reinstalling is always the last resort though. When dealing with corrupted files you usually need new ones. Eighter find and delete them, then replace via verify. Or simply reinstall the game( usually the easiest thing to do, just got to make sure to manually delete dayz leftovers.)
  4. I think you're going to need to reinstall the game. After uninstall delete dayz folder under Steam\common. Then install the game again. Edit: could also be under steam\steamapps\common Edit2: I guess you could also try to find The bin.bpo file and delete it then verify installation again.
  5. VaneKyle

    Connecting Failed: Confirmation of Changes Restart

    Alright, first a silly thing you might not have tried. Turn your router off for 5 minutes then back on. Does it work now? If it didn't, try this. Navigate to "Services" in Windows. (Windows button + R -> Type services.msc -> Press enter) Locate "UPnP Device Host" disable it and now try to join a server. If it didn't work go back and enable the service. Now you would need access your routers WebUI. First disable UPnP(This can cause issues with DayZ and other steam games), you also want to check that you don't have a DMZ feature enabled.(This can also cause issues). If you need any help navigating your router feel free to PM me and I'll help you with that part.
  6. Is this pasta? It smells like pasta.
  7. VaneKyle

    Staff team changes

  8. VaneKyle

    Goodbye for now

    Bye man, we'll meet again!
  9. <?php $date = "2015-06-06 14:00:00"; $rem = strtotime($date) - time(); $day = floor($rem / 86400); $hr = floor(($rem % 86400) / 3600); $min = floor(($rem % 3600) / 60); $sec = ($rem % 60); echo "There are "; if($day) echo "$day Days "; if($hr) echo "$hr Hours "; if($min) echo "$min Minutes "; if($sec) echo "$sec Seconds "; echo "remaining..."; ?> script src="jquery.js"> Countdown is loading.... A chance...
  10. They said "put your gun down" and "holster your weapon". (I wouldn't consider this hostile in this situation.) They just wanted to RP I think, or just wanted him out since he just walked in there with a shotgun in his hands.
  11. Håll dig på andra sidan bron. Kan skicka protein pulver till dig på annat vis. Also:
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