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  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-s4-kos-near-green-mountain?pid=1077056#pid1077056 Why the verdict is not fair: I dont think the verdict is fair because we werent there to bait them, my friend went to go cool himself off in the pond as he was in the ghillie suit, and they even talk about robbing him before he was there, so how are we baiting if they were punching him in the head and saying they were going to rob him before we had even talked to them. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I dont see why i got banned for baiting if my friend went down the the pond to swim in the water and to ask for spray paint, all i was there for was overwatch to make sure he didnt get robbed and he ended up getting robbed so i took shots at the robbers. Plus the guy in the black punched my friend in the head and im pretty sure he couldve died for that because its a hostile action. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get unbanned for something i didnt do. What could you have done better?: Better coms between my group.
  3. My POV: Jakob went down to the pond and I followed him and went into the trees for overwatch as there was about 5 people at the pond and I didn't want him to get robbed, my friend Keith followed shortly after when Jakob was saying he was being hit in the head by a man wearing black. I immediately started flanking around to a better position seeing as i was only about 50 meters away from them in a pine tree, meanwhile when i was walking towards the forest( keep in mind i was only about 150 meters when Jakob started to get robbed) to get a better view of the whole thing Keith yells in TS saying Jakob is being robbed and open fires on the target prematurely in the black because he thought we were all in position, about 30 seconds later after Keith was killed, i see one of the group members standing around Jakob holding his gun up at him, so I took shots at the robber, and i believe i killed him, after giving away my position i flanked around all the way back to GM near the road and by the time i walked down to where the robbery was happening, a group of about 10 guys had already killed the rest of the robbers. After that the server restarted and i had to go eat dinner so i stayed off the server as the 10 unidentified men said they had already killed all the robbers.
  4. Oh, i was threatening for a report because they were in the tower for about an hour just constantly saying everyone drop your weapons, and i felt like it was bad RP, but what i didnt know was that all of them werent in the tower.
  5. I don't even care about this report anymore, i was just mad that they did a good job at hiding that he was in the group, so it can be marked as solved. I realize that i didn't follow demands.
  6. If you were going to leave, then why did you run into a tree then pointed your weapon towards the tower? I am sorry but as stated above you were killed for non compliance. I wasnt even pointing my weapon! I moved to the left outside the tree, and you shot me in the head. How was i not complying if i did not know you were apart of the group and you did not initiate on me? You wouldve had to have stated that you were with the group otherwise you can just kill me for no reason? That makes no sense. I left around 5 minutes after i said that OOC
  7. I did not say i was going to get them, i said i think i am going to leave and you shot me in the head. If you were going to leave, then why did you run into a tree then pointed your weapon towards the tower? I am sorry but as stated above you were killed for non compliance. I wasnt even pointing my weapon! I moved to the left outside the tree, and you shot me in the head.
  8. I did not say i was going to get them, i said i think i am going to leave and you shot me in the head.
  9. Server and location: Server 4 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time and Date 24-03-2015 2:30 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: Jack Beckham Names of allies involved: Steve Sparkson, Alberto Vargas, Keith Steele, Jakob Vinter (Funeral Parlor) Name/Skin of suspect/s: Green drybag, Green Gorka Clothes Suspects weapon/s: Shotgun Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): -NA- Detailed description of the events: My buddies were at green mountain and they started to get robbed while i was in the forest watching them, they managed to escape when the robbers weren't looking and we decided to go back and try and kill the robbers. The robbers were sitting in the tower for a good 1 1/2 hours and not coming down as we demanded with 12 people surrounding the tower. My friends were shot and killed eventually and we kept telling the robbers to come down but they would not comply. So i then left the area into the forest and someone had followed me, he asked "Are you going back into the fight?"(russian accent) I replied "I don't know, i think im going to leave." Then as i walked to the left he shot me in the back of the head with his shotgun, i believe it was the pistol grip mp-133.
  10. You need to make this part more clearer, I'm confused with what you are trying to say. Are you trying to say that if somebody in your group initiates on someone and your not within 500m you don't share KoS rights? Or are you trying to say if one person initiates and the victim doesn't comply then your friends don't share KoS rights? I believe you are trying to say the the first one however you worded it poorly. I suggest revising it. Another thing is that the whole thing seems to be a copy and paste with a few word's changed here and there. I suggest rewording most of it so that it's in your own words. You seem to have everything down so far. Like i said before, try to reword everything and try to clear up the part i quoted. After which you should be alright. If you have any more questions PM me. Good luck on your application, Hope everything goes smoothly. Thank you! I will try and make some revisions if i understand what you are trying to say!
  11. Hello everyone! Yesterday i opened up a thread for some help on group KoS sharing. Now it is my time to re-apply and i want to make sure everything is correct before submitting and make sure i have not missed anything! Killing someone else must always be justified by the roleplaying and actions specified in the KoS rule, there are several situations in which you can kill another player. You must first make contact before initiating another player you must also make your hostile actions clear to your target/targets you must also make each demand clear before harming the target for non-compliance. You can take revenge actions against a player 2 hours from the time the action was taken against you as long as it isn't conflicting with other rules. You can only take KoS rights when both the following conditions are met: You were within 500 meters of the hostile situation at the time of occurrence or you were recently apart of the involved parties group. For example when your group is "defending" against an attacker EVERYONE in your group has KoS rights if they are in within 500 meters. If your group is "attacking" if your group is not in the initiation range and your hostage resists and shoots you your group does not get KoS rights because only you were holding up the player but the player does not have KoS rights on your group because they were not being held up by your group. Those who control the freedom of their victim/victims must do everything they can to keep their victim/victims alive and in good health unless they have good reason to execute their victims, otherwise the victim can only be executed if they are not following demands or if they pose a direct threat. The bandits are expected to leave their victim with a realistic chance of survival, providing sufficient food and drinks during and after the bandits let the victim go, and defend them from external threats like zombies. You must ALWAYS confirm your target before shooting, if you are uncertain hold fire because it is better to hold fire than risk a KoS. When you are initiating on vehicles you must use voice and text to avoid misunderstandings. You are not allowed to bait a player to get revenge rights against them for their actions. Sorry it is so long! I just want to make sure I am very detailed and get accepted this time! Thanks everyone! Looking forward to the feedback!
  12. Thank you everyone! I feel as if my question has been answered! <3
  13. Not really but i have asked Beckett for help in a PM for a more in depth explanation without them giving me the answer to the rule. Also, remember that you can come on to TS and talking with a staff member about it also. Thank you! I will do that if i still have questions afterwards!