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  1. The problem persists but i believe you may close this thread. I'll stick to S1 and S3.
  2. The problem is still persisting currently, yes. On the EU servers, i usually get between 5 - 15 ping, it displays my potential ping to the US servers as around 100-130.
  3. So which one is it? To begin with you said you didn't want anyone banned but to sort out the unconsciousness; then suddenly you have changed your plea? Maybe because you were hoping not to be dead when the admins kicked you, but yet when you logged in you were? Changing your story isn't going to help this get anywhere.
  4. I don't think I have been in a single hostage situation, either as the aggressor or prisoner, where the prisoner was not knocked unconscious. The simplest method of torture I have only seen anyone grasp is to punch someone in the head until unconscious. This is used as either a method against retaliation from the prisoner, or simply to show (s)he what the consequences of what they had done could bring if they took it further. I've seen dozens of people do it, as most people believe knock outs in a controlled environment are next to harmless. People fight each other until knock out IG (So obviously no one really makes that much of a deal about it).
  5. This still does not make much sense. People took items they desired and the food they needed (most of which was used to keep you in good shape), you then resisted to comply and was killed. I do not see the reasoning behind complaining about the gear, you were not stripped of your items over a misunderstanding, you cut up a body and with prior comments about wanting to eat someone gave us very good reason. I'm not going to continue discussing it back and forth like this any further.
  6. So you are okay with being killed, but believe it was unfair that your items were taken. It's a little confusing, seeming you died you would have lost the gear either way.
  7. I do not see why this is made as a report, it is more suited for the Troubleshooting sub forum. We have spoken to some admin and they have told us to wait till you wake up. We have given you tons of food and medical supplies; leaving ourselves with next to nothing. There is barely anything we can do as you it is a bug.
  8. Hello, i was a member of Blackwood present. I'd like to say that about 20 minutes before this situation he said he wanted to cut someone up and eat them. He also stated that he should be elected as the leader as he has "The biggest p*nis" (Tons of Sexual RP). He then went to cut this person up after he committed suicide. So, due to his earlier comments about wanting to eat someone who he was having a feud with, we told him to get in the prison cell. Now, Blackwood has very strict rules that its members are not to eat human meat / be cannibals. So there is a fair reason why, and i think it applies to most human beings, that when someone makes comments about eating someone and then cuts up a body in front of a large group; you know what his intentions are. The OP was stripped of his items, and people may have taken what they currently needed ( Persistence is on, its hard as hell to get food and so on). We looked after him, as we did the other hostages. However, before the server crash the OP was handcuffed. He then abused the game mechanics by attempting to punch one of us whilst we tried to put another pair of handcuffs back upon him (He's admitted to doing so in his POV of the situation). He then started spamming OOC saying this is Fail RP (Evidence: http://i.imgur.com/JMGFEL5.jpg ). Multiple people, including myself told the OP to stop spamming the chat and to just make a report. It was also stated by the OP that because he had all his stuff removed there is no need to live (Along these lines). Everything i have said can be backed up by chat logs. (Server restart prevented me from getting all desired screenshots).
  9. Server and location: S1 - North West Airfield ATC Tower Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13/04/15 22:49 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name: Brody Delgado Names of allies involved: Chow Magnusson jacob Page Joe Bastone Name/Skin of suspect/s: Name: Jacob Peters Attire: Gorka pants, olive bomber jacket, Red Armband, Chernarussian of the Red Star Military beret, red dry bag, black tactical vest. Suspects weapon/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A (Disconnect logs will prove) Detailed description of the events: Me and my team mates were entering the North West Airfield and saw an individual with a red armband and a black beret; for our group (Blackwood) this is our attire and we do not allow others to wear it so we began to approach him. He hadn't noticed us until he entered the ATC tower, where Jacob said "Hello" to the man. He replied with "Hey give me two seconds" where he climbed to the very top of the ATC tower and logged out. Now this is BadRP and possible combat log (As he logged out, he most possibly understood that we would question him strongly about what he was wearing and depending on the RP, initiate [We have had many impersonators around lately]). If he had to go somewhere urgently, a simple "/ooc" would have been suffice. EDIT: He logged back around 10 minutes later, stating he needed "A quick nap" (Maybe hoping we had moved on?).
  10. I've tried accessing the management page before, but as i previously stated i am at university; which has its admins prevent unwanted access into changing settings that effect not only the individual but the others that use that same WAP. I'm not here for much longer, but i'll have to see if this persists when i return home.
  11. No i haven't yet; my thoughts are maybe it is due to the internet service i am connected to? I am at university, and some of the servers i can't connect to in general and receive the "Connecting Failed" message. I thought it might have been something else seeming i can connect to S3 and S1. Sorry, i meant it installed a file, but when i tried to connect to S2 i still received the "Connecting Failed" message.
  12. For a moment i felt joy as it started re downloading one file, but then i still got the error message lol.
  13. Using the new ui, my game froze trying to join S2 and S4.
  14. Unfortunately that didn't work; however i did like the fancy ui that came with those launch parameters.