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  1. Regardless, this issue seems magnified by more players. I've never had an issue with it when there are 60/70 people on.
  2. Why was your friend so desperate for you to say it again? But yeah, nothing person, you're right, they were stupid in that situation, SOME communication and RP would have been nice, my point is I feel people use that word at any given time it could be, gets pretty dull.
  3. Not really, I still like I said remember DayZRP's roleplay to be better BEFORE everyone was calling each other fs and ns. I find it very jarring, edgy and forced. You can easily show distaste of even hatred without using those words.
  4. No, I'm sure I'll play on the server again and do this rather than being so emotionally driven.
  5. I enjoy DayZRP thoroughly, without change, I cannot see myself playing on DayZRP in the long term. This thread is all about opinions on the matter, but yeah, in my opinion it shouldn't happen. I get why people think it should, don't get me wrong, but regardless of whether I did or didn't have the job I do, my fondest memories of DayZRP were prior to the rule change. Never did I wonder, "if I could be call this guy a faggot, wouldn't that be REALLY cool?" I don't expect shit to change, but I do like talking to people regarding the topic, it's an interesting one.
  6. Right, because having opinions about how a video game should be means I'm immature. May as well have had the first post, this post right here, and then /thread, right?
  7. You do you, we live in a world of snowflakes, if DayZRP wants to be THAT community full of IC racism and homophobic statements, that's fine. But yes, I don't enjoy being called a faggot IC or OOC.
  8. I guess we will agree to disagree. Ah well, thanks for the talk fellers.
  9. I mean yeah, 4 run ins, 4 deaths, 1 accidentally, one swarmed by 4 groups, 1 KoS'd even though RP could occur, 1 no value for hostage (not that you even need to give this). I will run across you guys again, I'm sure, just saying how I feel.
  10. I enjoy talking to you guys, we're all having fun here. I get it won't get me anywhere, but ultimately, I'm talking just trying to understand, I'm learning! I don't expect people to cater to me, I'm expressing my opinion. I'm not even the person who made this thread, if so, sure, have that opinion.
  11. Yeah dude, I seen someone have an orange arm band, better call them a faggot! This man made me take his clothes off, better call him a faggot! Explain the epic roleplay in this clip: I come from a pretty poor/shitty area IRL, but not everyone is racist and homophobic lol. Seems like everyone is that here (IC).
  12. Nice, another hater who doesn't even know me. Yeah, join the sheep dude. But no, I have never been perm banned.
  13. At this point, I would actively avoid the group, yes. Too many shitty run ins. I do like development of "faction vs character" but since literally every situation has lead to my death, accidental or not (I think about 4 times now), I would rather avoid them to be perfectly honest. It's more than 1 situation, I could name them all if you really want.
  14. >in your infinite privilege No, it was more so that part. Your statement makes no sense. >Perhaps if you comply instead of taking on 20+ guys for the benefit of those watching you play, you could find out why in roleplay Did I or did I not ask to end it without violence (WITH ROLEPLAY)? Answer is yes, so no, your "truth" doesn't really hurt too much. Not a glitch, just double carrying or whatever. I understand it was a mistake, I seen the PoV. All I'm saying is it still didn't make me want to talk to that group again (no one PM'd me to even communicate it was a mistake). Yeah, I guess, it's just a bit problematic that in the 3 hours I played yesterday, I heard that word around 6 times, it does come off as targeting, but yeah, it's all good, I know it won't change, just expressing my thoughts. How many times have I been banned from DayZRP again?
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