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  1. [IRRELEVANT, WILL REWRITE SOON] Ivan made it out during the outbreak in his own city. Ask him... He'll definitely will tell you... History? Well, Ivan's grandgrandpa was a soldier in WW1 on Austrian side. Then his blood was mixed with jews during WW2 but in the end, his family ended up on the territory of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Ivan became a soldier after school, he wanted to serve his country. [ Once the outbreak happened, he managed to get across the border and ended up in Svetloyarsk, and it was pretty empty His challenges are on his way...
  2. Sure you do not have to state your name, it's about interaction. So the things I've got from you during the RP were: Not much for a hostile RP is it? But yes, quick and efficient lol.
  3. I did. Your friend even answered "Bobby" or something like that, not his ingame name though. As well as I continued asking you for a reason behind this and you kept silent.
  4. What's solid in 3-minute-silent-robbery? And yes, my char was naked with pants lying on the ground as well as the riders jacket and a backpack once I was uncuffed.
  5. Server and location: S1, Novy Sobor scrapyard Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11/06/2017 13:15 - 13.30 Your in game name: Vlad Zhyvotko Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Jesus Svensson and one more. I can be wrong about names since the screenshot I've taken is screwed and has no ingame data, unfortunately. But my character was handcuffed though, I think logs can show the names. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): unfortunately a screenshot is screwed Detailed description of the events: I was entering Novy and a man came up to me waving hands in a friendly manner from a distance. I've asked how things are going in Novy, he replied something about zombie problem. Then the second guy showed up from a treeline and suddenly they told me to get on the ground at gunpoint, I've asked what's a reason for that, they've replied something like "because we say so". They handcuffed me, strip my character naked, took some stuff like my axe and a scorpion. During all this there was a complete silence, and me trying to RP about the reason behind all this, asking names and so on. They seemed pretty well geared (one had an AK with scope and a silencer, the other had a blaze). I don't have anything against GearRP since everyone wants more/better stuff in postapocalyptic world, but 3 minute robbery with no RP and stripping a handcuffed character naked is embarrassing.
  6. And I can not join the servers as well. But I can see them in the server list online, wierd..
  7. Can not connect to TS via ts.dayzrp.com Is that just me, or..?
  8. Hey, I was reading a report and the verdict section, and I have a question. It's stated that if you're having a connection issues you should contact staff on TS or whatever. How can this be done if you're having connection issue? Or you should let the staff know ASAP and that's it? What if a report is already there? Just in case. Thanks in advance.
  9. waterstealer

    [S] Skryty - Chernarussian Mafia [Recruitment Open]

    My first group so far, so glad that it's not focused on robberies and gearplay. There's always more to RP as a criminal.
  10. Thanks! I'll address that to those in need The issue is still there, just checked. That's what they see after passing a captcha
  11. I'm currently in Poland and can not face the issue myself, but on 5th of Jan one of the friends got message
  12. Hello there. Currently couple of my friends are saying that they can't open dayzrp.com, but see the servers in the list ingame. What is the issue with web access? One of them has to re-whitelist his account to a new system and he currently have no way to do it. Thanks in advance!