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    S1, Attempted RDM, NVFL

    I deny nothing and accept my punishment for my actions, I've never received any other reports in all the time I've played however the decision of what to do with me is obviously entirely up to you However I did RP after being capture I did RP, obviously I wasn't going to give my name up that fast cause if contracted why would I tell everything right away. I eventually gave a false name and RP with a story until shot in the head
  2. I would like to see some sniper riles weapons, like a hunting rifle, DMR things like that. Not too many military types though. I want riles you could actually find in a home. Some military weapons would be good but just keep thins balenced
  3. Combatas


    I actually love the points you are making and the story you have provided does most definitely help, nevertheless, we are not and entire "Mexican" cartel. In my opinion I think it would be best to just have a few Mexicans, such as the higher ranking members. Currently we had little intention of making this a full Mexican group simply because of the feedback showing that people don't want Mexicans. Now of course we would need a few to make the realism the but the groups as whole would not be simply because we are in Russia and it would not make sense to have a huge group of Mexicans.
  4. Combatas


    yea that's us, I'm just curious to see what people think about a Cartel in general Making a story will be tough but not impossible, and as for recruiting, its actually not very hard. People seem to love RP as a drug member or being on drugs. If you've heard of Redwater Cartel, we're and unofficial group but we seem to be doing pretty well as of now. Not to mention our best and most frequently sold drug, "Sweetwater"
  5. Combatas


    It wouldn't have to do with Mexicans, for more I posted a larger response up above
  6. Combatas


    Actually, the cartel wouldn't have to be associated with modern day Mexican type of cartel. Rather we would act as a kind of Mafia type of figure but better represented as a cartel. This would allow us to appear as a more threatening type of group in the apocalypse considering it is an apocalypse, a full one Mafia group would be somewhat unrealistic since they were mainly big because they had the primary goal of providing protection and arbitration . The idea of a mafia is still being discussed amongst others, and we like this idea, but we mainly sell drugs and that's kind of why we aren't sure about converting. We would like to provide protection and such as the Mafia does but this would be more of a side thing. However Mafia was a little late in the drug trafficking business which is why they are less relevant in todays world, and as our main selling product being a drug, it would be more fit to call us a cartel
  7. Combatas


    How would you guys feel about a Cartel group in DayZRP. They sell drugs and can provide protection for the right price. Hold ups happen but aren't very common and will only happen if our enemies provoke us. We kind of like to keep things in the apocalypse in order, meaning those who deserve it, will receive more power then others, and everything will remain in balance. However trying to mess with them will be a big, big mistake and a proper punishment will be put upon those who oppose them. We would not be entirely Mexican and actually majority of us wouldn't be due to the fact that we are in Russia. Only the higher ranking members would be Mexicans since this is a Cartel. Currently our leader isn't Mexican but we have a way around that. So are you for the cartel or against it
  8. I think it would be cool if they added something that's a little more quiet, like a car or something. Then you can drive around without letting a whole city know where you are
  9. hello I am Eli, and I am friendly, please come find me
  10. so far playing on these severs is way better and very enjoyable, keep up the good work
  11. finally resubmitted my app, lets hope thing go well and it actually makes it to where it needs to go before something happens to my account again.
  12. This gets old with all of this waiting, I applied the first time and was denied. However this second time I believed I corrected the one mistake I made and then my account got deleted, so now I have to wait until the applications open up again. This is bull