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  1. What vehicles would you like to be added?

    First a bicycle and a boat and some civilian cars. After that a heli
  2. Any good character ideas?

    People really appreciate if your character is well thought-out! Last night i met a doctor. I started asking him about the "virus" and he was maticulously prepared! Gave me great info on it and could stay in character even in a tight spot. Gave examples of previous diseases and the difference with the zombie virus. He could have just said he didnt know anything, but instead he created one of my most memorable moments in Dayz. Of course it was all made up, but my point is, he had thought someone was going to get asked and found an answer for it. So think thourougly about backstory, think of questions you may be asked. Hunter - how do you skin animals? Medicine student - How do you fix broken legs? Local Chernaurussian - Directions, history of the place, towns etc? And of course, if you choose to be a civilian, dont storm cherno with AK's, grenades, natural leather vest, capturing people, killing people and so on.
  3. Would be awesome if they added adrenaline. I lifted myself out of a burning car through a hole in between the roof and the door while having broken my collarbone in two different places. (cause of the seatbelt) I also tried to continue to play football after i broke a small bone in my foot. All because of adrenaline. In dayz you could use it to get out of a tricky situation, start limping right away, but after maybe 3 minutes you start feeling worse effects. A more severe limp and after a while you can only crawl. I also like the idea of fixing a leg with BOTH morphin and a splint.
  4. this is insane

    This what happened to you? http://www.dayztv.com/video/dayz-how-to-get-a-vybor-spawn-dayz-standalone/
  5. New buildings, what do you want to see?

    I agree with Nicolaj. Something to make it look like people actually panicked and left in a hurry. Sure theres debris and some broken down cars but otherwise everything looks pretty neat. some small tent-camps in the wild left by people trying to get out of cities. Otherwise some sort of shelter/bunker that is full of zombies. Sports arena Really big hospital with multiple floors, treatment rooms, surgery rooms, emergency room etc. A science lab A mall.
  6. Improvised silencers

    Supressors are not designed to be silent. If you stand 3 feet away from the gun it wont sound very different from a regular gun, but at 200 feet you will hear noticeable difference. You cant go into a room and drop an enemy without the rest of the room hearing it, but you might drop an enemy without the neighbours hearing it.
  7. I usually wait until the time of the server is on f.ex. 10:01 and multiple players have joined. That has always worked for me. Too many times have i joined the server too quickly and lost everything.
  8. Did they buff dehydration?

    I speculated at this as well. While running with lots of gear i get dehydrated alot more frequently. Carrying a gas-cannister filled with water is actually a good idea for long trips. Me and my friend were running from Novo til Kamenka to search the new prison island. So he took a gas can filled with water, and i had 2 canteens, food, ammo etc. That way dehydration was never an issue. We had 20 litres of water for the trip. Works really well with 2 or more guys.