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  1. Markus was born in a smaller city named Karlstad in sweden from a normal income family. When he turned 16 he studied in school to become an assistant nurse and when he studied he worked in an dementia housing and thats where he found his passion for healthcare. When he turned 20 he did voluntary millitary service but before he conscripted he met his girlfriend. He served in the millitary as a normal infantryman and a mounted royal guard. After his 9 months long service he returned to his hometown and got wartime placed in stockholm. Markus started studing to a nurse and he moved togheter with his girlfriend. When the infection started in Chernarus he got placed as a soldier in Stockholm and his girlfriend was on vaccation in Thailand. Markus stood in the frontline when the infection hit Sweden, they where able to hold out at first but then things started going south. When most of his platoon died or ran away he took his oppertunity and deserted. He got rid of his uniform only keeping his rifle and made his way back to his hometown only to find his family and friends dead or infected. Seeing this he made the decision to travel to Asia to find his girlfriend, he got on a boat when he reached the black sea but after a storm he got stranded in Chernarus.
  2. Tobzor511

    Mod Survival Probability

    Idk I don't think so since everytime I check how many players are on the server it's always like 2-5 players.
  3. Tobzor511

    unrealistic rule "Do not kill any hostages immediately when an attack starts."

    Well since I was in that situation I have to agree we didn't have much time to do anything with the "hostages" and me getting killed really made it hard for the other guy that was with me he could fall back and probably get shot down by the ones we iniated on or kill the hostages and get to saftey which made a lot more sense to me. I understand what he did was a rulebreak but I think this rule could be changed to that they become hostages when they pose no threat to you, for example they are tied up or have no weapons. And yes he could have put his hands up and surrendered but in the heat of the moment thats not the first thing you think off.
  4. Tobzor511

    S1: Killing of Compliant Hostage, North of Sinistok - 01/05/2016 5:35pm

    So my PoV: So before all this happend. I had recently met up with John and his friends after we had picked them up and gotten back to our base two of them logged and so did I, after a while I heard from John that the car had might have been stolen so I rushed back to camp and saw the car so I ran torward it and wrote "stop the car". As they stopped I approach them with my gun up. I lowerd it and we started to talk while John got into postion in case something would happen. I asked them who they are how they knew about the car and if they knew who owned it since John and the other I had met up with said that they had other friends so I thought that it might have been them. After I had confirmed that they were not John friends I started to become more hostile and decided that I didn't want them to leave with the car. So then all that happend the reason I let them to enter the car is because realistically I would have the advantage. I never thought that they had a sniper otherwise I wouldnt have done that. And I'm sorry that the iniation got so messy me and John had very limited communication thats why you got so many orders . And I knew ooc that you probably were good guys and didn't want to steal the car or anything, but my character is always extremly cautios to people he don't know that's why I acted the way I did. As I see it they wern't hostages since they were still a threat to John since they still had their guns. So as you shot me down then of course John will shot back. If you want we would love to speak about this in TS
  5. Tobzor511

    S1: Killing of Compliant Hostage, North of Sinistok - 01/05/2016 5:35pm

    Going to post my PoV later.
  6. Tobzor511

    Ads on the website

    Its such a small add so i turned my adblocker off for this site, and I get adds from a clothing store that I usally shop in so im totally cool with this! The bad part with this is that I don't have any money to buy clothes
  7. Like Alex said if there are problems with people that can´t connect to TS then that should REALLY be looked into, but if that gets fixed i think that maybe the community should have a vote about TFR since it enhances the rp experince much more.
  8. Tobzor511

    DayZRP introduces new Premium packages!

    Good iniative there Rolle, really what the servers needed
  9. Tobzor511

    Interview with MedicineBunny

    That was a fun read good job!
  10. Tobzor511

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "If not even the light cant protect me, then how is the darkness any worse?" -Said by Tobias when asked why he is walking in the night
  11. Tobzor511

    Jedi or Sith?

    Grey Jedi for sure
  12. It was awesome playing with you guys! Really looking forward to that backpack
  13. Have no clue who that dude is but looks cool 8/10
  14. Tobzor511

    Calling All That Cherish Violence [Open Frequency "36.2"]

    Tobias picks up his radio "Man you seem a bit insecure about yourself, you should really rethink your life" Radio goes silent
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