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  1. TS is updated and i'm not using a VPN or Proxy but i'll try turn off any other addon's i have. Yep that worked! thanks for the help.
  2. I can't connect to any TS channels because I haven't done the security update yet because it isn't letting me. My steam is integrated and i'm on TS, when i click "Set TeamSpeak Group" it comes up with "The TeamSpeak client is not using the same IP. You must be logged in on the same computer on both the website and TeamSpeak!"
  3. Mike Sanderson POV: I was in Kab rp'n with people i know and these guys showed up with some trolly RP by farting on people etc. Then one of them started being racist towards Jiro by saying he has squinty eyes and was also pretending to speak Asian. It then led to Jiro being killed later on because the man wouldn't quit annoying him and threatened him and since Jiro was a friend of mine i tried to avenge his death and failed by shooting the killer with a R9 pistol but missed most of my shots. I then started to run while being chased down and shot at, i eventually escaped. Also before all this happened They robbed someone with out initiating and just handcuffed him and took some of his things.
  4. Server and location: Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): not sure 11:40 maybe? Daytime or Night-time: day Your in game name: Mike Williams Names of allies involved: none Name/Skin of suspect/s: Milton Makarov and he had a friend who handcuffed me Suspects weapon/s: some sort of pistol and his friend had a mosin Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):none Detailed description of the events:So i was up at GM with Milton and we were gonna go to Zeleno and he said he had forgot something and told me to come back up and i saw a man running down the hill and i got suspicious it was obviously his friend and they were gonna rob me but i dodged it by trading with him and i went to zeleno with Milton. Milton disappeared and then found me later on and told me to get on the ground and drop everything and his friend came out. their was some rp they got what they wanted and told me to break out when they got over the hill which wasn't far. I broke out about 20 seconds after they ran grabbed what i had left and went to seek revenge then about 5 minutes later i checked the server list and they had logged out.
  5. yea i will don't you worry, just wanted to get some peoples opinions i shall go do it now thanks guys.
  6. running with a guy in Zeleno and his friend shows up and robs me (which i don't really care about it makes things interesting) it's the fact they robbed me then logged off 5 minutes after not giving me a chance to seek revenge and felt like they were more interested in the weapon i had rather than rp which is disappointing.
  7. Rip Alfred! had good times in the tour bus. 3
  8. Trogga

    Invalid Execution/Killing compliant hostage

    My POV is we were at our pub "Shelby's" and one of them was drunk and started getting aggressive so we told him to leave. we then went to Staroye about 45 minutes after we told the guy to leave the pub and saw two people up at the church and it was the two guys that were at the pub.then one of them ran to three of us and we questioned him where his friend went. about 2 minutes later a bullet flies by and didn't hit any of us, we ran and told this guy to get on the ground and one of us started to handcuff him and he got shot in the chest so it was clear what was happening and the guy looked like he was pulling a gun out and and i shot with about two bullets around his arm and he went unconscious and i went to get Markus back up but Marty was already helping him then Marty put the unconscious guy down. Later on about 10-15 minutes later Markus told us over radio Raines was shot so we went to help him i opened the door and he shot a few bullets and he closed it.i opened it again and we both shot each other and i died.
  9. The first death went I unconscious and people were helping me up and server crashed annnnd dead.. second was more annoying due to the bad loot cycling that has been happening on the server lately. I was walking around in the camo building at Bashnya and dead due the amount of items on the floor. previous night i spent 4-5 hours gathering every thing i needed to make a ghillie suit after the first death, hopefully the wipe happens this Wednesday and we have a new update that fixes this current loot system. -Ronald Melmore
  10. Trogga

    NVFL S2 GM

    and i did RP. they may have been times i didn't because they have stuffed up the VOIP volume in the latest patch (which i was trying to fix at the time) so i may have not heard everything you were all saying which is disappointing because i did enjoy most of the RP we did.
  11. Trogga

    NVFL S2 GM

    i didn't leave the first time when i sat down because i had people backing me up (Axel and his friends) and wanted to continue RP and then the others left and you guys started threatening me so i decided to leave then since i knew it wasn't safe. you guys weren't "herding" me out me out i decided to leave when you guys started threatening me,you all kept following me and i slowly walked out backwards and then initiated.
  12. Trogga

    NVFL S2 GM

    Roman was with me... i complied with you and left GM after you told me to 5 minutes before the massacre happened, like you wanted. you guys still followed me and told me to drop my items even though i complied and left. this is the second time you have robbed me and my character just was fed up of life and maybe thought he could escape the situation which is why i had no hesitation of killing you and trying to escape. the first time you robbed me was just not a good enough excuse to rob someone because i didn't accept your "gift" and that was the same reason today and because i kept staring at you. you were also trying to bait me into the forest alone at times and i'm pretty sure baiting is not allowed.
  13. My POV: i'm just gonna make this short because my POV is very similar to everyone's POV. so we ran to Stary Sobor because we heard gun shots and thought it would be a good idea to check it out and we found you. We didn't know who you were and if you had friends so we thought it would be good to give fake names. We proceeded to go to the church to pray to the Anomaly which we do regularly, we were not intending to troll or offend your religion and if that's how you felt i'm sorry for that. In my opinion this is not bad RP if it were me stuck in that church i would have thought finally something different from "hey whats your name, whats your story?" etc. Than you left and we followed you out for a second and we decided not to follow you anymore so you didn't feel like we were going to harm you and we had two people from our group trying to tell you that. I i know what bad RP looks like, like when someone asked if someone in our group was a streamer and etc, that's what i see bad RP as.