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  1. I did not know where to post this, so forgive me for posting this in a possibly wrong location. This is not what you will use for whitelisting, you will only use the "story" portion, my example story is neither complete or done to whilelisting specifications. Use your own, create your own. Brandt Janson Story: (Written in Character’s perspective) My name is Brant Janson. I was born in Canton, Ohio. Here, now in Chernarus I am a man driven to the woods and wilderness, I prefer a small sidearm and a bow. When I am presented another survivor, I asses the threat level then I will either speak with them, or flee. When confronted by another person, I will be ready to defend, yet will wait until action takes place. I team up with other people, as long as they accept my presence. Story to be edited and include intricate detailing. Physical Aspects: Gender: Male Race: Caucasian Nationality: American Weight: 160 - 170lbs Height: 5’9’’ Birthday: 13th of May Age: 21 years Conditions(s): Unknown Psychological Aspects: Temperament: Easygoing Attitude: Optimist (Usually) Condition(s): Unknown Personal Aspects: Name: Brandt “” Janson Favorite weapons: Bow, .357 revolver. Best Friend - Dennis Tash Mother: Kourtney Patterson Father: Marlowe Janson Siblings: Older Brother ( 28 ) - Garrick Janson Other persons: Unknown Education: Graduated Major in Phycology - University of Manchester Occupation: 112B UN Military Forces, Service Terminated to MIA. Skills: Leadership, Team cooperation and cooperation, Firearms Training, Survival Training Language: English [/i]Nothing used is based off any real person or situation. (Locations are real) Additional Information: Please to not use any of the things in my example here, I worked hard for it (in progress) and you should just use the basis for your own character, besides what the fun in having character you didnt create?? Tip: Use this website to generate names. It works great! http://www.behindthename.com/random/ I have a Template (.txt) attached to this post. I did not know where to post this, so forgive me for posting this in a possibly wrong location.