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  1. *Demos sits with his back against a tree, pulls out a cigarette lights it and smokes deeply. As he finishes he pulls out his radio and his the transmit button* Hello~?~~ ive spent some good amount of time getting here~ i can see your stronghold from here~ i am tired now though~ it took me a little longer to get here. I ran into some...entertainment~ Teehee~ In any case~ once i rest a little~ have some dinner~ im going to walk through your front gates~ this will be some fun~~~ Hahaa~ ahh if only she could be here to have fun with me~....If only my last friend could be here with me as well~.... never the less i hope everyone in there when i walk in is ready for some fun~ Oh and before i forget~ ive started a new hobby~~ hopefully someone in there is good singer~ Tah tah for now~ *Transmission ends*
  2. *Demos lights a cigarette and inhales deeply...He relaxes back in his chair and looks at the concrete ceiling...His back cracks and he sits up and leans in next to his microphone and presses transmit* Hello....my name.. hu...my name.... Ive done alot of things in the past few months...If killed alot of people... my sanity is well...lost... for the moment ive regained some of what i was...just enough to broadcast this.... i know this will sound crazy...but im going to tell everyone i possibly can before i...well...revert in a sense... Ive killed for pleasure...ive killed for survival...hell i even killed cause people where standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.... im nothing special...just a little broken... To elaborate a little... the last thing i remember was someone really special to me dying in my arms..then i wake up to a bunch of bodies chopped up and burned in the same building as i am sleeping in... I know...ive done terrible things...i will do more things...things that will make more people than what already want me dead, want me dead... i ask for help....please....i dont know how...i dont even ask for anyone to care....i realize hearing some guy over the radio that is known for torturing people for honest help is kind of sketchy... But maybe hear some of what lead me up to what is now me will help you understand... *Demos clears his throat* Sometime ago i was sent to this area to find to people.. Some what of a bounty i guess you could say...Well those people had died sometime before i had even arrived. I was promised a way home... but....i was abandoned... After sometime be here i did somethings just to survive....things that where justified...well...thats what i tell myself....i still have nightmares... Then one day, a woman, who was hungry tried to robe me, ha...i still remember...she was scared..she was desperate.. Well i can say things on that note ended well, i gave her food, and more importantly she gave me friendship... She was someone...someone who gave me something i find more valuable than life it self.. She gave me love... She gave me something that... *Demos begins to tear up* She gave me hope.....Hope that i am worth something...Hope that one day i would be as i dreamed... normal...with a normal life....with a normal family...maybe even children...but most importantly...love.... Well... *Demos whips away his tears* To make a long story short...she was killed..i managed to survive...i wish i didnt.. i honestly do..i hate life... i hate my life... I hate everything about my life!... I wish....it could end.. but...for some reason.. im to much of a coward to die.. i do remember bits and pieces of the things that i have done... i remember the people... i remember the children... im glad i dont remember all of it... what i do remember makes me want to blow my brains out... but i do not.. So i ask...someone...stop me...or save me..i beg of you...before ... befo- *You hear coughing and struggling, and even some choking* *silence in-sues* Mmmm......What a bad boy you have been~~~ Heheehe~ *the laugh sounds from the same person but is alot creepier* Ahhh~ poor mee~ poor mee~~~ all day long with this~ How do you think i feel being stuck in that thick skull of yours all day~~ haa soon it will just be mee and meee alone~~~.. Oh whats this?~! you where broadcasting now where you? ill take care of that *Transmission ends*
  3. Ed picks up the radio that Lt. Hicks had thrown in the woods after hearing yet another terrifying broadcast. By the time he is adjust the dial correctly Ed missed the first half of what the insane man said. A shiver would go down Ed's spine and his palms would sweat after hearing the sounds of the victims screaming. After a while Ed would gather his thoughts and press the transmit button. Ed releases the transmit button and picks up the radio. He would then carry the radio back to the railway station. *Demos hears the transmission, he laughs slightly sets his coffee down then picks his microphone up and hits transmit* Ahhh~~ what wonderful anger~~~.. It can all stop if you all would just tell me what i want to know?~~ I will stop transmitting to you~ and you will never hear my name at your precious stronghold~ that if we are all honest isnt that strong as a whole~~~ All i want is info on my friend~? Oldrich Herman~ he spoke so highly of how nice people you all are?~~ As it sits i will be there in one day~...That is one full day to prepare for my arrival~ You have till then to tell me~ if you know anything~ *he says whimsically* Mmm maybe i am not clear enough~...Maybe my point is not across just yet... Just to prove i want you all to hear this~~~ *you hear movement, and the muffled screams of multiple* Ahhh my entertainment~~~ Lets make this a grand performance~~!! *you hear more movement* Now children~~~ Tell us your names~? Boy: M-my name is James... Girl: I....im Jessica.. Girl: ...Josephina... Ahhh~ Brother and sisters~~~ What a marvelous plot that must have brought them to me today~~~... Well seeing as i dont have much time left on my record~~ i shall get to the point.. *the sound of grind iron reminds you of an old metal knob being turned, followed by a low hiss....the sound of children screaming echo* Now~ to be quick~ make sure to scream loudly~ FOR ALLLL~~~~~ TO HEAR~~~~~~ MY NEW MASTERPIECE~~ *The sound of a zippo lighter and the "ting" of its metal base hitting metal, a loud "woosh" of flame and the sound of screaming children inn sue* *The maniacal laugh of Demos echos* *after a solid 5mins of this the sound of flames die down and so does the laughter till silence* Mmm.....maybe you want me to come....maybe you all want this fate for all of you families.....it wouldnt surprise me....~ Teehee~~ who is more human~~~ me?~~...or any of you... you'd figure such nice~ and good~ people wouldnt want this fate...or even the possibility of this happening to their friends or family.... i guess i mite enjoy coming down there.... Well....für jetzt Abschied~ i shall see you all soon...very...very soon.. *Transmission ends*
  4. depending on your experience with dayz standalone and the kind of gear you want, generally between 5-8 hours. you could get lucky though. When i say kind of gear i mean, a 12g shotgun is easy to find along with a regular vest and normal stuff wont take long, but a AK with high cap vest and full military gear could run sometime depending on 1. your experience, 2. the server you are on, 3. Dumb luck that everyone has. an example of dumb luck is, finding a tent in the middle of the woods filled with military gear, an example of skill and experience, robe someone with better stuff and be like "ha never had any ammo~ sucks to suck~" or run around and get stuff at points of the map that you memorized.
  5. More insanity. *Lucas overhears the transmission but does not respond back. He sits there for a moment in silence as a few tears roll down his face. He screams "FUCK" extremely loudly before hurling his radio into the trees in a fit of anger before composing himself and walking back into the main camp.* *Demos props his feet up on a desk and crosses them, then reaches over to the standing microphone grabs it and pulls it up to his chest and hits the transmit button* Helloooooooo~ ive been patiently waiting all day~~ i heard you all where good guys~ where they wrong?~ was Oldrich wrong for telling me you all where the nicest people he had ever met? I neverrr~ would have dreamed such nice people would enjoy listening to the death of such innocent people~.. Maybe i was wrong to~ to think it would be simple~.. All i asked was if anyone of you had heard from my friend? Do you need his name again? Do you need it spelled clearly to you?~ Oldrich~ Herman~~~ he is a czech man~ about~ mmm roughly 6ft give or take an inch~ very kind to all~ even little me!~ *he says with whimsical tone* Ahhh yes~ he spoke so very proudly of the Ministry and the 501st~ he told me~ "they are such nice people, they have a dream of making things of how they use to be, before all this mess happened" Ahhh such kinda words~ like Beethoven to my ears his words touched my heart~. I wont ever transmit to you all again~ no longer to hear the distant screams of love~ no longer to have the fear of someone so refined steeping foot into or around your encampment~~.....Only if you tell me what i need to know~. Have you seen him? Have you spoken to him? Do you know anything that can help me find him?~ If you know nothing then speak~ let your words pass through my mind~ and youll never know of me again.. If you know nothing, i will do the same~ but if any of you know anything about my poor precious Oldrich~ and you do not tell me~, i will do to you as i am about to do to this evenings entertainment~ But before i get to that~ i assume you all would want to know why i want him so badly?~ yes?~ Well~ he was kind~ when others....others where cruel.. He taught me something...The difference between humans and monsters~ You see humans enjoy watching~ and hurting ~ and even killing one another,...monsters are simple~ they kill to eat~ nothing more~..Many times ive been called monster~ but i do not kill to eat~ isnt that strange?...what a thought... Well before i take to much time~ i want to all to hear the joyous sound of my last bit of entertainment~ but dont worry~ i have more just the town over.. Oh look~ more friends to make~ why dont you all listen~ *Demos sits up and rests the microphone by an open window sill, you hear distant children playing. Demos then pulls the microphone back to his chest* Ahh~ i do adore children so full of life~ so entertaining to the thought~ so innocent~....maybe...if i have to wait any longer on a response ill go over there and have some fun with them...lets see.... one...two....three........mmm i cound 5 in total.. Well on to this evenings entertainment~ Oooh~ and you all get to hear the music i found on this MP3 player i found~ such wonderfull music and still with a little battery~ *demos plugs a cord into his MP3 player and turns it up so that the microphone can pick up the sound but not to loud that you cant hear what is going on in the room his in or what his is saying, a rhythmic tone begins to play* //////https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unCVi4hYRlY///////// Ahhh~ wonderful music~ and not only one guest to enjoy this with but two!! *you hear movement and the sound of cloth being moved* Oh good~ you two are awake~ i do hope the burlap was not to stifling over your faces~ Man: Where are we!! what have you done with our daughter!! Woman: Please let us go! and give us our daughter back! please i beg of you! Man: You sick son of a- when i get my hands on you! Ahhh~ thats what i want anger! RAW ANGER! GIVE ME MORE!!!! Woman: Please! Where is Elena!! Please tell me! Oh~ Elena~ she wasnt as fun as i hope you to will be~ Man: What did you do to Elena you ass! *Woman begins crying* My dear do not cry~ you will ruin the performance~ NOW LETS GET THIS SHOW STARTED!!!!!!! Oh and before i forget~ im going to turn this up slightly before i go~ *Demos turns the music up increasingly loud to the point that you can barely hear the man and woman in the background screaming and begging for mercy* *As silence of screaming and music stop you hear the sound of his breath next to the microphone* Ahh what a good evening~ well if you dont respond or tell me what i need to know~ ill be there in two days~ a full one to entertain myself with those children over there, and another to walk, or you could tell me~ and you will never hear from me again~ that is unless you want me to come? Teehee~ Anyway have pleasant dreams~ Byyyeeee for now~~ *Transmission ends*
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfrt906b268 if you like anime and AMVs then share them with me and everybody else~ OwO
  7. *Lucas presses down his transmit button shaking with rage* "Listen you sick son of a bitch you think you're in control, you're the hunter but the fact is you're not. You can't break us and when you're face down in the dirt begging for mercy you will not receive any. What goes around comes around you piece of worthless trash." *The transmission ends* *Picks up radio and hits transmit button* pfftt~......HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA~~~~~~*the laughter continues until the person begins to cough* Ahhh~ you are entertaining~ Say do you know my friend?~ Ive been looking for him~ Now~ to put a point on the end of your transmission~ Im not looking to do any harm to such~ NICE~ PEOPLE~~~~... but~ if you want fun~ ill give you fun~ but if you dont know where he his~ and you honestly havent heard from him in sometime~ or have never heard of him in the first place~ then~ tell me what you know~ and nothing else will happen~~~ BUT!...~TeeHee~ if you do~ and you dont tell me~~~~ i will just have to find out through other~ methods~.... hehe~ and from your anger that may host some entertainment for me~ but~ nether the less~ if you dont want the bother of dealing with in your words~ a-sick-person~ that will be begging for mercy~ then just tell me what i want to know~ I do pose this one question though~...you called me a hunter? mmm to my understanding i do not hut~ i do fish once in a while~ and i do enjoy playing with flowers~ but hunting noooo~.... I guess a proper way of classifying me would be~....butcher? noo how about~ Conductor~ i like that better!! it has such a twist to it! do you agree? i believe it is~~~ MAGNIFICENT!!~ oh when i get there i do hope one of you will join me in a tune or two~ teehee~ if i do come that is~ only if i dont get what i need here~ over my...mmm....confiscated? noo....mmm whats the word~~~....looted? noooo.......mmm... oh well~ its a radio i am using as the original owner is well~~~ teehee~~~ entertaining me~ *he says with a whimsical tone* just to see~ for a test of my own~~~ im wondering if there any music lovers as myself around~~~ so i send this transmission off with another tooon~~~~ as i have prepared an amount to JOIN~~~~~~MEEEE~ IN MY DANCE~~~~~! *you hear the crack of a record player and the music begins to play*/////https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGcEYALnk8s///// AHHH~ magnificent!! A MASTER PIECE TO THE EAR~!!!!! COME MY DARLING~~ LET ME UNTIE THOSE SO YOU MAY SING WITH ME!!!!~ *you hear movement in the background of the transmission and the sweet voice of a young girl as the music continues to play* Now just to let the audience hear you~ Tell us all your name and age~ Elena: im...Elena.....*you hear her whimpering* and i am ....12 years old... MARVELOUS ELENA~~ AND TELL~~ WHAT YOUR SINS ARE?~~~ Elena: I...i..i stole from people...to- NOO~ ELENA~ there is nooo~ reasoning behind it~ just continue with them~.. Elena:I .... i hurt them.... OOOOH YOU DID WHAT MY DEAR? Elena: I was scared...and they came... so i had to hurt them... OOOH~ my dearest Elena~ your sweet voice echos through my SOUL~!!! for your sin of defense i forgive theee~~~ but for you sin of theft you must learn your lesson my dear~~~~ TO~~~ NEVER~~~ STEAL AGAIN~~~~...... *the sound of heavy machinery moving* Elena: NOOOO please!!! I beg you....NNNNOOOOOOO not that!!! please!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!! NOOOOO!!! OH IT IS TO LATE MY DEAR~ THEY WILL NOT COME THIS FAR~~ *You hear the girl scream in pain and the sound of snapping bones* Elena: AAAAAHHHHHHH PLEASE!!!! GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAGNIFICENT ELENA!!! *as the sound of her screams finally die the sound of hard soled shoes come closer to the radio and the creek of a chair* ahh~ well...that was fun~ hope to hear back from you all~ i have a few more songs if you all would like to hear before i come down in a day or two~ Till then~ best of wishes~~ Demos~~ *the transmission ends*
  8. *Demos Picks up radio and clears throut* Oi~ anyone out there.. I have something interesting to tell~ *with a tone that sounded almost musical* You see~ i know something you dont know~ Teehee~ *you could swear that sounded feminine* There will be some people there in a few day~.... scaryyy scaryy~ HAHA~ i wanna come watch what happens~ *as you hear a deep in hale you start to hear crying in the background* Hey~ dont cry, im trying to send a message to these kind people here~ *the crying gets louder than followed by a gun shot and silence* Now now now.... i lost my train of thought...Oh yeah~ you all have been very nice to me~ but i will ask one favor~..haha~...*A deep silence ensues*..... DONT DIE WITHOUT ME WATCHING! haha~ *his laughs became so heavy that he lost breath for a moment* *you hear a deep inhale* Anyway~ its not like i want anyone to die~ i would hate to not be able to see such nice people~ ANYWAY~....again.. ive been a little ways north having some...fun...HAHAHA~...aww they dont make idiots like they use to. I will be around the area soon enough~ and i hear my good friend has gone missing~ you all wouldnt know anything about it? Mmm? aww come on tell me?! i know one of you was talking to him?!..*The speed and loudness of his voice insist* *you hear another deep breath and a calmness resumes* I almost forgot~ his name~ *a tone that resembles music* OLDRICH HERMAN~~~~~~~~~!!!!! you see the guy and i had a thing~ Noooo not that kinda thing~.... In my dreams maybe~ Teehee~ but something happened to him~ and id hate to find out such nice people~ would all~ well... ANYWAY~ yet again~ if you seen him tell me something~ anything would do.. WELP~ thats all for now folks~ But i guess i can send you off with a tune~~~ *you hear the crack of a record player and the sound of piano plays* >//////////https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvFH_6DNRCY//////// Ohhh~ why not one more tone to follow suit~ COME MY DEAR DANCE WITH ME~ HAHAHAH~ *you hear a girl in the background screaming and the sound of a chainsaw start* Girl's Voice: NOOOO NOOOO!!! PLEASE SOMEONE!! AHHHHHhhhhg........ *her voice dyes as the chainsaw reaches its peek height in sound* Aww anyway~ ill be stopping by~~ byeeeeeee~ *the transmission cuts*
  9. Demos


    been watching Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, i would suggest it to anyone
  10. Demos


    im kinda feeling the same way, shit does happen. And from what i see from the circumstances i kinda understand why i was killed, wrong place wrong time type of deal. All though i would like some repercussions cause i do feel i was killed for no reason, that involved no RP and no hostile initiation, on my part, that deserved me getting shot. I will admit it is kind of frustrating losing a character that i put more than a full week into.
  11. Demos


    I dont want any gear loot is easy to find, i understand though the reason why i was killed because of the situation and confusion of the whole event. But no i did not fire a single shot and i would as well love video evidence or at least a admin to look at the server logs.
  12. Well just a really weird coincidence then. Good luck, hope justice is served Id like to thank you for taking the time to reply to my report.
  13. Demos


    I admitted guilty to KoS'ing you although it was by accident. You turned around and walked infront of the guy I was shooting at. Not much other to say than sorry for hitting you. Does anyone have video evidence? Possibly. i understand how you feel dying for no reason sucks, but i guess at the end of the day it is just loot and kinda easy to find in a way, depending if you have no life like me and will spend hours getting good stuff.
  14. Demos


    I had a Steyr AUG and i did not fire a single shot, i was standing there. I would like an admin to review this and possible check the server logs to prove that i did not shot at all if possible. I understand from your point of view though, at the end of the day it is a game and i only make a report of it because i did not understand fully the situation and through past experiences its better to make a report and understand all what happened in full that leads to events. Thank you for your time
  15. The truck did take fire and was hit several times, i apologize if you honestly did have the truck and werent trying to steal it, but the fact is a few people where KOSed for no reason myself included. I honestly dont know what those people where thinking, if you where the person taking shots it was obvious you where going to get away, as it sits those trucks take so much fire to kill the person inside and from the backside there is next to no chance of killing the person driving away. My thing is, i wasnt involved in any dispute over a truck i was just standing there and got shot.