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  1. I think that you're right. They should at least try to Rp like say they want to make the best of his loss or something like that. If you have a chance, try to get them into Rp by talking to them about why they don't seem to care about his death.
  2. After almost half an hour after the gunshot, Olivier picks up his radio once again, breathing heavily "This is Olivier speaking, again. I was attacked by a stranger who managed to enter my safe place without me hearing it. He overwhelmed me at first but luckily, the bloody fool was a bad shot and only managed to shoot me in my upper right leg. This might cause some trouble as I need to move now that my position has been compromised." he suddenly stops and moans because of the wound before continuing "I guess some morphine is the best I can do right now, but that won't cure the wound. The other person, Alice, it would be really nice if you could inform me of your position because I'll need to pay you a visit soon. After that, I'll start making my way to green mountain. With some luck I might find a vehicle which still works, that could speed up my trip." He looks behind him at his enemy, who has been handcuffed and has duct tape on his mouth to prevent him from talking "One more thing: my 'buddie' over here is still very much alive and kicking. I managed to knock him out with my shotgun's butstock. Using the handcuffs which I found in a nearby town's police station and some duct tape, I took him prisoner. What should I do with him: leave him and let him try to get of his handcuffs himself (they do look rusted so they can break pretty easily) or should I punish him? I want to hear what you guys would do. Please respond soon, Olivier out. " he puts down the transmitter and sits down for a while, thinking about what to do. He then start starts eating his favourite meal, beans
  3. After a while, Olivier Dumas picks up his radio and starts speaking "Hello miss, nice to hear another friendly soul out there. It's been a while since I heard someone talking on my old radio." He places his trusty shotgun next to him before continuing to talk "I currently live in a small town called Dubrovka and I have been managing quite nicely over the past days. I managed to loot the entire village without running into any trouble. I even found me a proper bed, and after hiking for over 7 days, that's something you really enjoy, having a good sleep." He pauses for a minute, not knowing what to say, before continuing once more "Listen very careful to what I'm about to say. Do not, I repeat not, travel up north to the bigger cities the on the east coast, like Berezino and Svetlo. They're completly overrun by those things which makes survival up here pretty dang hard. If you do think about coming, do not use the main roads up north, as they're filled with ambushes. Those people doing that have no sympathy left for other people and will do anything, and I mean anything to survive. You wouldn't believe the things which I've seen. I... You suddenly hear a door open and a male voice shouting something in an unknown language. All you hear after that is a gun being fired being followed by radio silence
  4. Well, as you survived it, you can choose wether you remember anything or not. It's all about RP, so you can go Fallout NV style and remember it or not. If you remember it you sure can ask them, while playing, with proper RP who did it. If you chose to not remember it, you can't ask them, as it might be seen as some kind of death, and so you lose all memories leading up to your dead, even those guys seeing you die.
  5. No problem! Wish you best of luck and hope to see you soon on one of the servers! Remember the name, Olivier Dumas.
  6. Hey man, your character switches over from one server to another, on all four of them. They are all connected to the same hive so your character is available on all four of them. Hope that helped you!
  7. -snip I suggest you read this before re-admitting your application. I read it and it really helps: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rules-clarification-kos-sharing-and-baiting
  8. I read most of it, and yeah, your only problem seems to be what they stated. I suggest you read the rules again and talk a bit more about sharing ( give examples, they love that). I also advise you to read everything on this link as it helped me a lot, as I had exactpy the same problem as you: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rules-clarification-kos-sharing-and-baiting. If you need to know anything else, feel free to PM me or go on the community's teamspeak channel. Also, don't worry about your character's story and your own, they're more than good enough. If you want some extra help, I might be capable of giving you some tips so just send me a PM (private message, some people don't know what it means). Well, I wish you good luck and hope to meet you soon in game!
  9. Well, they accepted my second application. I guess the best I thing I can say right now is thank you all for helping me with it.
  10. Ok thanks MrEcho for clearing that up. I probably described it the wrong way in my first post which lead to some confusion.
  11. Ok, I'm going to try and tell it in another way. So you're the bandit and you hold someone up who's part of a group but they aren't there at that exact moment but close (couple of buildings away). So the bad guy holds him up and he does everything the bandit wants ( drop the gun etc). Then the good guy's friends come walking in guns blazing at the bad guy. Now my question was if you have the KoS right to kill his friends (defend yourself) if you are in that case the bandit. I hope that this clears it up a bit
  12. and what about you? Do you need to hold them up as well before you get KoS rights or can you take them down immediately as they're being a direct threat to you?
  13. Hey guys, as you can see I'm new to this community. I have a question about the KoS rule which has been lingering on my mind for a while now. So if you hold someone up, warning him/her and all, and he/she has friends nearby (they maybe went looting that other building across the street) which come to help their friend in need after they finish looting their building, do you then have KoS right on those guys as well or do they have the rights on you but not otherwise? I think it's pretty confusing when you start thinking about it, with being threatened and KoS sharing etc. What do you guys think about it?
  14. Trying to get accepted as well. Have recently send my second application. Hope to see you all soon!
  15. Thanks for all the help guys, appreciate it. I'll change some things in that part. English is not my native language which might explain some of my mistakes.