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  1. So, ive been here a while now and im still struggling with the roleplay . I know all the rules and how to act and what to do and not to do. But im actually struggling on the interactions with people. Ive heard so many people roleplaying and doing so in an excellent manner, emphasizing the voice accents the way they move the in game character the lot. But this is where i struggle, I think it could be a confidence issue as i suffer from social anxiety ( hey just being honest ). I dont have the confidence to jump on the mic and roleplay my heart out so to speak with accents and even thinking of thing quickly off my head i just really struggle with it, Ive been on my own most the time, had the odd interaction with people but never been able to keep any decent roleplay going as i always end up with a brain fart and being a nervous wreck over the mic lol! How could i overcome this issue or how could i possibly work on the issue as im at a loss and really want to start getting involved alot more. Really hope i can get some help or some advice with this Thanks
  2. Thanks for that bit of info guys, Unfortunately it happened the one time i needed a bloodbag typical lol!
  3. OK, so not been here for a while due to personal circumstances and am just getting back in to RP. I was previously at Alter on S2, i made my way towards novy/stary soboar. On the way i met a nice fellow and woman, not sure who they where. i also met a guy called Hovis who i continued onto stary soboar with. we both needed blood bags and we had found some. but the blood bagging wasnt working so i was told wed have to log off on back on again for it to fix. so i did just that and upon log on i was back inside Altar but with all the gear id just picked up from stary/novy. Now it kind of annoyed me a little as i should have spawned back inside the barn where both hovis and i disconnected? not sure whats caused it but its the 1st time its happend to me so if any1 has advice or knows why this happend please feel free to let me know! Cheers
  4. That looks good! on a side note i got ACEX_SM and STMOVEMENT working, cheers for all the help!
  5. Think i might wait for it in the next patch, As ive had a go but now cant join due to wrong Signature key or something lol. Cheers for the Info Rolle!
  6. Thanks for that, will give it a shot shortly.
  7. Ok so ive seen over on this Thread that you can have ACEX_SM This sounds awsome and ive never know about this before, is there a guide on how to install it, as im not sure if i need This and This To install the mod, i dont want to download anythin that isnt really nescessary and that could potentially stop me joing DayZRP. any help is appriciated, Thanks
  8. i had this problem, my mic would work in ts or skype but not in Arma, My problem was my mic goes through my xbox360 pad and shows as another deivce in playback and recording devices (Headset earphone/microphone XBOX360 for windows) . I solved it by make sure the DEFAULT COMMUNICATION DEVICE is set to my mic on my xbox pad. assuming its the same for other mics id try setting you mic to default and try again in arma. hope this helps
  9. If this all comes together this could be very hand for all of us, and especially 'The Travellers' Looking forward to Seeing what comes of it.
  10. technically you dont need the full version of ArmaII so you can actually save yourself some cash, It can be done with ArmaII FreetoPlay & ArmaII Operation Arrow Head. Check this Link : http://kodabar.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/how-to-install-dayz-with-arma-2-free.html This is how i personally have played dayz from day1, ive only ever owned ArmaII OA and the free version of ArmaII, Do bare in mind if you use the ArmaII free version some textures are lower res than that in the bought game. But it is hardly noticeable in my personal opinion. but all is explained on the above link. anyway welcome to DayzRP hope to see you about soon! http://www.arma2.com/free
  11. might head on up that way and check out whats going on.
  12. well i uploaded my 1st part of the event, although Ive started in reverse order and uploaded the "After event". Ive done this as people have already uploaded the event stuff and people most probably haven't seen what happened once most people left. Not sure on who the pilots where, but i know i was with Blizzard i think it was, Unfortunatey i died at the end due to the Blast from the crashing osprey, and i think blizzard died shortly after due to a Satchel lol. hope u enjoy. [video=youtube]
  13. such a good pic just because im in it!, im the guy sat next to the hazmat in the gurella outfit with the thing on my face. all in all i had a uber mega time!, shame i died at the end after the event though. Im uploading a vid of the Shenanigans that took place once the event was over, was kinda fun watchin the ospreys crash. Until one took me out in the blast LOL
  14. well i had fun, even got it all recorded, had some fun with blizzard and another guy watching some1 fly the ospreys about once most people had gone, unfortunately crashed them both, one killed me in the blast LOL. ill post up some footage as soon as ive edited it and uploaded, in all it was fun and id defintley attend the next.
  15. grumgtiii

    PC Repair Mission

    i had this issue when i upgraded to my gtx660, i had a 750w psu, it worked fine with my gts450, as soon as i put the GTX660 on the 12vrail seemed to spike and cause the pc to shutoff without any warning. the psu works fine with other cards it just seemed to spike on my gtx660, ive had a 670 on it and it was fine, i swapped it out for a coolermaster silent pro 500w modular thing and its been perfect ever since. also a good app for wathcin temps etc is Speccy http://www.piriform.com/speccy also CPUID hw montior is another good one http://www.cpuid.com/softwares.html edit: also another thought, have you chcked to see if your memory is seated proerply, i had this also, wouldnt boot and when it did itd die within a few mins, took my memory out put it back in and it booted fine and has been fine since