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  1. opportunity missed then... i shouldve done that
  2. Murdock James Mayhem, overall a pretty normal guy really, he was the son of two doctors (ironic cuz he doesn't like doctors), he grew up in the midwest playing video games with friends and being a complete internet junkie. He never got into trouble with the law, mostly because he was never able to be caught. Murdock’s life didn't really get interesting until he graduated high school. Murdock decided on going to college in LA to become a graphics designer and concept artist to make characters for video games, In his free time Murdock liked to learn how to pilot planes and helicopters, he never got as far into piloting as he wanted to, but he could maneuver planes and helicopters pretty fair, while he was in college he found an interest in geography and history, so he took those classes at a different university that the one he was going to for graphics design. Now Murdock wasn't a bad guy, but he had special skills he used to steal papers from his history and geography teachers to sell copies to students for them to “study” and he was good at it, all of it, he became very successful, and his sophomore year he got asked to work at multiple game creating companies. During his sophomore year he met a charming young lady named Jennifer Maures or Jen for short (yeah gotta put a love intrest in there somewhere to make this a tad darker and give a reason for him to… you'll see), they both had interests for each other so they became a couple. during Murdock’s Junior year Jen was asked if she wanted to study abroad in Chernarus (because she was a geography and history major), she said yes and went to study in Chernarus. Murdock and Jen stayed in close contact. During Murdock’s senior year he was able to sweet talk one of his professors into letting him visit Chernarus to see Jen. Successfully he landed in Chernarus and was able to live with Jen in an apartment in Elektrogorsk. Murdock was only planning to stay for a few months but then the epidemic broke out and no planes were leaving the country and they were told to stay in their sanctuaries until help arrives or the epidemic keels over. Many weeks went by and no help came and the resources were getting low so Murdock decided to go out and loot abandoned buildings. After ten hours of looting Murdock made it back to the apartment to find it wrecked and ravaged, the cabinets were rummaged through, chairs from the table were toppled over. Murdock noticed the sound of voices in the other room, he peeked through a crack in the door only to find three bandits holding Jen hostage. Before he could react a fourth bandit snuck behind him, resulting in Jen and Murdock being held hostage by the bandit. The bandits talked about keeping them hostage against the army to trade for weapons and food. Murdock was looking frantically for a way out, hoping they wouldn't find the kitchen knife in his pocket, he found his opening when two of the bandits went to loot a house. The other two bandits were standing behind Murdock, one for him and one for Jen. Murdock grabbed the kitchen knife from his pocket and stabbed the bandit behind him in the throat, a clean kill… the second bandit wasn't so easy, Murdock threw the knife at him and it nailed him in the side, it was enough to put him into shock but not enough to kill him, the yelp from the bandit alerted the others. Murdock grabbed Jen and bolted. the other two bandits stormed out of the house and opened fire. Murdock ran away unscaved, but was running too hard to notice Jen wasn't in the same condition. Carrying Jen in his arms he ran to Kamyshovo and only stopped to catch his breath, until he noticed he was carrying the corpse of what was once his lifelong companion. he sat there for the rest of the night, cradling the body. Daybreak… Murdock looked up, stood… a different man… the same, but very different… he was going to beat this… he was told to… and thus begins the adventure of Murdock James Mayhem
  3. Name: Murdock J. Mayhem Age: 19 Height: 5'4 Weight: 138 Hair: bright blonde Eyes: sky blue Pre-Outbreak Profession: college student/ concept artist/ pilot Demeanor in Three Words: bright, do-er, open
  4. mopeds, harleys, compact cars... id like to ride the pigs... or the elk... ride that into battle
  5. I'd say my favorite weapon combo is a black mosin and sawed off shotgun, but my favorite weapon has to be the engraved 1911, that's just my gun
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