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  1. Ive been caught in the middle of two groups firefighting before and the best way Ive found to get out of it alive is to: Actually give two shits about your life.. Ive seen too many people just walk into a firefight and act like rules are protecting you. Don't run/walk with a gun in your hands.. you'll get hosed. Stick to the road if possible and jog on outa town. Also pressing F2 if its a close quarters battle/siege and standing still is probably the only thing you can do if you're stuck inside a building or even a settlement. I've never seen it but you could always try in Text chat *Screams* Hold your fire! Unarmed Civilians are coming out! or *Screams* Hold your fire! Unarmed Civilians are leaving the area!
  2. I started gaming when i was in the 3rd grade playing Duckhunt, Super Mario Bros, Excite Bike and Contra on my NES, Then I was gifted a N64 when I was about 12 for Xmas, GoldenEye and Perfect Dark consumed alot of my time then, I then bought my first gaming PC with my earnings from a summer job and bought Half life 1. Oh my the mods for Half life back 14-15 yrs ago were amazing.. Natural Selection, Day of Defeat and the legendary Counter Strike that spawned a franchise. It was pretty neat to see CS go from a small time mod to how big CS:GO is now. I also played Battle Field 1942 and all of its expansions in my latter years of high school and college.
  3. cheers for the dank Avatar!

  4. Welcome back! Im sure you've re read the rules since you had to re whitelist. But like Elmo said, there have been a few changes and additions since you left. There is also a Map here that is public IC knowlege to anybody if you fancy going to a settlement. If you have any further questions pop into the Helpdesk in Ts.
  5. Great video beni. Definitely an accurate description of some of the events this year.
  6. Cheers for the feedback, Im glad to of been of help to you, and hope you'll have fun RPing here.
  7. To me the VOIP range is very limiting.. Today i hopped in and saw a person with no guns being chased by 3-4 infected. I thought i might help him out as he was only 20-30m away... he couldn't hear me shouting at him to bring them back towards me so he just kept on running.... I honestly felt bad for the guy and wanted to help.
  8. I just tried to do this as well and I couldn't get it to work in the few houses I tried.. I guess were stuck with the Stone oven or a tripod to cook that precious chicken.
  9. This seems to be a common problem with the new site since moving over. Its something buggy with Cloudflare at the moment, Im no web coder so i cant say for sure.. I haven't heard of any word of a timetable on the fix but I'm sure it'll be Soontm.
  10. @Metz I have spoken with an admin about your issue and it looks like everything has been cleared up and you're now good to play on our servers. Now if I could get you to check the reply that best solved the issue, that would be great. Welcome to the community!
  11. @Zorbz I'll assume what RedSky suggested worked for you? I noticed the Image you posted in your feed shortly after his post. Im glad this got sorted out for you. If you would be so kind as to mark RedSky's reply with the check mark next to his name. Thanks
  12. I know we've talked over steam and tried trouble shooting the problem. It looks like an issue with a background program interfering with Dayz causing a memory leak, and being on the RP servers with oodles of stashes and people around its going to chew through more memory than a public server as chow had said. Try out this guide i found on the Steam Support site. it may be the cause of this issue. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1274-uohk-5653
  13. I had a good time riding out to Jesmond farms today, some good RP from everybody there. Also thanks to lokir and his people. We enjoyed watching you spar with Renier and get him some experiance behind the blade.
  14. You need gold and silver to produce irregular alloy. Which in turn is used in the smelting of vostascus steel. You need ALOT of both to make a sizeable amount of vostascus steel.
  15. When the servers eventually get wiped and we're forced to start a new would it be possible to have a "starting bonus" for groups? Example : The GMs will build your group, 2-3 buildings like a warehouse, barn and stables and maybe a pair of horses to get groups started again? This would help the rebuilding process speed up at the beginning. Just an idea.
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