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  1. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Nice green outline my friend 8/10 oks bigger version:
  2. Share Your First Day On The Server

    Logged in, Akim Kozlov was up north, I never met anybody but I ran around the towns really sketchy incase anybody jumped out all in all fun even though I was alone
  3. Question about whitelisting

    Thank you, it answers my question perfectly! Set it to solved please
  4. Question about whitelisting

    I got denied (sadly) but it was only for the KoS rule, so if I make a new app am I allowed to use the other parts of my app (Background and NLR rule) in my new app?
  5. Maybe they're more than just teddy bears... Maybe they're our only hope for survival... Maybe its illuminati or maybe its just some bear that sometimes holds paper for me.
  6. I am freezing!

    Get matches Make fire You could abandon your clothes in favour for different ones.
  7. What weapons would you like to be added?

    Some snipers erm... More shotguns and ermm... Basically add all the guns in de world Rocket please.
  8. First encounter with an UN Dog!

    Guess somebody doesn't like the UN Was very brutal... Now I know never to go near the military places
  9. Imagine the RP...

    All I want is zombies to be less awkward in melee combat, all you do is just run around it and try hit its head.
  10. Never had a terribly bad time. Though any airfield makes me edgy as hell. In the mod I hated everywhere, because I had to run around like a crazy to get l00t
  11. [L] Legion [Recruitment OPEN EU]

    Very unique and very intresting, hopefully it gets accepted. Gloria Romae!
  12. Favorite weapon?

    I like the MP-133, Blow out some brains for days, Never really tried out any side-arms, but my favourite melee in style terms is the pitchfork, could form the CFR (Chernarus Farmers Revolution) if we got enough farming hoes and pitchforks, and some lovely peasant clothes.
  13. Dayz RP vs Real Life

    The thing is, how is a rotting corpse meant to kill you, you could probably punch it and skin would fly off it Onto the topic- I'd hide in my home, and I would build an underground city and live in it and die. the end Sad story.
  14. What clothing do you wear?

    I wear whatever I find. Normally I try to go for camo stuff, but if I can't then I go with a certain colour- mainly black.