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  1. Guys, Ciao mean Hi, Hello. So the title can be simply translated to "Hi everyone!" (as Artz wrote) If I were leaving I would have written "Addio" btw, thank you all for the welcome messages ^^
  2. Kokomo733

    best kills you had?

    Hardcore server, kinda freshspawn (found a backpack, food, drinks, axe, no weapons but 15 gauge and a couple of snaploader, AND a hacksaw) Near balota. Reaching the school, hear someone shooting with an m4, they hit me, but no serious injury Run the hell inside the school. Directly go to the 2nd floor inside that little room where you can most probably find a gun, and there I found an IZH-43 In the meanwhile I hear someone on the ground floor, 2 or maybe 3 ppl I decide to saw off the IZH-43 because I don't know, probably because I panicked Load the sawed-off with 2 gauge, 10 seconds later guy come in, 2 shot in-da-face, he's dead Not even the time to take a breath and someone shoot and hit me, recover rapidly but now I got broken legs, but still alive Patch myself up with rags and reload the Sawed-off with a snaploader, sound bug made me make no noise Wait there 3-4-5 and even more minutes pointing the Sawed-off directly to the door. I haven't heard anything after the previous shot. Decide to go out About to crawl out of the room, 2nd guy come In, shot twice in the legs, he's dead. Now I need to find some morphine (This happened before the introduction of the splint) The second guy had 2 morphine injector : D Take guns, both of them were nicely geared, military stuff, take their military clothes Run out of the school happy as Hear shooting You are dead
  3. Hi survivors! My name is Andrea and I'm 22. I've started playing DayzSA about 1 year ago, and now, after I get tired of annoying kids and player-who-only-kos-without-even-trying-to-say-a-word *anger expression* , I'm looking for some real Dayz role play. I've never tried RP before, but I'm sure that I will like it and it will be much funny : D (If my request will be accepted) Ciao a tutti! Bye!