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"let it die"

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  1. Corry


    astro A40 TR and mixamp with AT 2020 mic and then when im lazy i use airpods
  2. Corry




    hhhmmmmmm what group is this 

    1. Ducky


      Nationalist Renewal Movement of France

    2. Shnitz



  3. Corry

    Settlement Protections

    i mean we didn't just throw bodies in, we used tactics most of the time split into two units, depending on where we was say a town for instance we would circle it and keep it so no one could leave then we would send our more comfortable PVPers or the feared Bulgarian death squad into the town to fight and maybe have one or two people as over watch sniping then when in doubt send in the mass numbers
  4. Corry


    wont be around tomorrow so merry Christmas from myself and the rest of the zbois plz unban allow us to roam once more 

  5. Corry


    i knew there was a away to get dayz working with DK2 but is there away to make it work with Oculus CV1 No automatic alt text available.

    1. Falk


      hands up 

    2. Corry


      it would be sick it would work with oculus touch or Vive controllers but im looking for it like this 


  6. Corry

    • Corry
    • Ducky

    I am embarrassed by this profile filthy commie 😉 

    1. Ducky


      times change comrade, forgive me for my sins

    2. Boris-kun


      Communism is amazing

    3. Corry


      Image result for helicopter tickets

  7. Corry

    201 Chernorusskiy Aviatsionnyy Shturmovoy Polk (CASh) [Recruitment Open]

    nice to see a kolovrat back in use, good luck on this guys
  8. Corry

    The Iron Legion of South Zagoria (Legionary South Zagoria) (Recruiting)

    wow is this zbor
  9. Corry

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    great to see this back good luck guys bring back some order to south zagoria also Camp hope never existed dont know what you are talking about
  10. Corry

    Future plans?

    wander if we would have to pay for them aswell
  11. Corry

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    see my argument is you wouldn't have a post apocalypse setting where everyone was PG SJW snowflakes, its just not realistic enough and would break my IMMERSION but i can understand why you and psi syn would want a pg server its all about that getting monetised these days and making green, if you do have a problem with the RP then report it for bad RP
  12. Corry

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    Good luck guys im sure myself and the Rest of the Zbois will watch with great interest. Slava Chernarus! Glory to ZBOR!
  13. Corry

    favorite initiation lines?

    My fav one will always be, “By order of the national renewal movement and directive of Miroslav kovac you are to put your hands up anyone caught failing to cooperate will be shot”
  14. Corry

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    god zbor was pussy cat nationalists in comparison to liska
  15. Corry

    One Group

    the family, OG one of the most unique groups there ever was Praise the maker. Black wood, probs one of the best militia groups to walk was so intimidating bumping into them wearing full black fully geared. chedaki, really shaped up RP and introduced many other groups that wouldn't have been around if it wasn't for them ZBOR/RAD of course i will put this, only need to say Zelernogorsk was one of the best RP projects ive been apart of and we was so close to making it a functional city , Rolle please allow us back we good boys now
  16. Corry

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    nice to see the liska bratrs back, this will be amazing for the new people who never got to see this group with its 10/10 rp cant wait to see results of removing foreigner
  17. Corry

    In game Premium poll

    Didn’t realise I was playing a battlefield game
  18. Corry

    Hello... again

    i remember you welcome back
  19. Corry


    you look stressed player, you appear to be in pain, you need a vacation, here take a trip on my train.
  20. Corry

    Lore poll

    I am with ducky on this, Slava chernarus, but I do want to say I think a new reset would be a good idea to go into beta with considering beta is a drastic change to the game making it pretty much a new game in general so it would make sense to start again
  21. Corry

    o7 folks

    o/ major you done good m9
  22. Corry

    Fallout 76 Thread

    New fallout game gonna be sick
  23. Corry

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    brings tear to my eye, God save the Queen #freetommy
  24. Corry

    Svoboda Movement

    read thru the re done lore, really nice work. might be interested in joining my self if you accept ex ZBOR
  25. Corry

    Svoboda Movement

    brings a tear to the eye, slava Chernarus.